Friend for Life: The Extraordinary Partnership Between Humans and Dogs
Friend for Life
The Extraordinary Partnership Between Humans and Dogs
Paperback      ISBN: 147222499x
For fans of Ben Fogle and dog lovers everywhere, this is Kate Humble's heartwarming exploration of the relationship between man and his best friend. There is one animal that is familiar to all of us, whoever we are, wherever we live. Even if we've never had direct contact with one, we will have seen one, or at the very least, heard one. For those of us who live in the western world it is more than likely that one sleeps in our house, possibly even on our bed. I'm talking of course, of the dog. Yet, this animal, which lives alongside five hundred million of us all over the world - as an invaluable partner and a trusted confidant - presents us with one great unsolved mystery: how did this relationship - the most complex and enduring of any between human and animal - start in the first place? Kate Humble is a life-long animal lover. Now living on an idyllic farm in Wales, she has achieved her dream of surrounding herself with as many varieties as possible. But, as with many Brits, the dog has always held a special place in her heart. Here, she uses her journey with her sheepdog puppy Teg to frame her examination of this very special relationship. Written with warmth and love, and packed full of stories about rescue dogs, guide dogs, service dogs and medical dogs, this is a must-read for anyone with a four-legged friend.
Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know
Inside of a Dog
What Dogs See, Smell, and Know
Paperback      ISBN: 1416583432
Alexandra Horowitz offers readers a fresh look at the world of dogs--from the dog's point of view.
Ultimate Dog Grooming
Ultimate Dog Grooming
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1770855173
Provides tips on all facets of dog grooming, including grooming for the show ring; gives instructions on grooming for more than 170 breeds; and features advice for starting a dog grooming business.
City Walks With Dogs New York: 50 Adventures on Foot and Paw
City Walks With Dogs New York
50 Adventures on Foot and Paw
Cards      ISBN: 0811867080
Whether vacationing with a canine companion or simply straying from the neighborhood walking routine, dog owners will love to discover so many pet-friendly attractions and routes they never knew existed. Pick a card, grab the leash, and tell Fido it's W-A-L-K time! Walks include: SoHo and the West Village Central Park Brooklyn Bridge Roosevelt Island Park Slope's Fifth Avenue
Animal Healing: Hands On Holistic Techniques
Animal Healing
Hands On Holistic Techniques
Paperback      ISBN: 0738757772
Use Powerful Natural Techniques to Heal and Communicate with Your Animals Enhance the health and happiness of your beloved companions with this comprehensive guide to holistic healing and therapy modalities. Animal Healing demystifies vibrational energy and offers detailed information on how you can sense, establish, and attune your awareness to animal energy. You'll learn to activate wellness on all levels and deepen the unbreakable bond with your animal's heart, mind, and soul. Providing in-depth descriptions and case studies that illustrate the healing modalities, Niki J. Senior sheds light on the true nature of animal health and disease. Through ground-breaking methods and exercises, she helps you use gemstones, crystals, flower essences, and other natural remedies to effectively heal your animal. Praise: "As a professional vet, I found this book an enlightening approach to holistic animal health and understand how complementary and veterinary methods can work in synergy."
The Horse Lover's Bible: The Complete Practical Guide to Horse Care and Management
The Horse Lover's Bible
The Complete Practical Guide to Horse Care and Management
Paperback      ISBN: 1770852557
Reviews for the hardcover edition: An extremely useful book for the general rider. --Horse Country Written in accessible language... reader-friendly layout includes color photos on every page. --Sci-Tech News This comprehensive and up-to-date reference takes a different approach to horse care and management by providing insights into the reasons why horses behave the way they do. Following the author's good counsel here, riders and owners can ensure their horses receive the best care while developing a valuable, lasting rapport with them. The book's straightforward layout guides the owner and rider through the full range of issues, from assessing and purchasing a horse, to maintaining its well-being and ensuring its fitness, preparing for competitions, dealing with illness and injury, and much more. Checklist summaries appear at the end of each section. Step-by-step photographs and quick-reference boxes complement the comprehensive text. The topics include: - Assessing conformation, temperament, ability and breed characteristics - Evaluating equipment and tack for both English and Western riding - Analyzing horse behavior and natural instincts - Stable design, field maintenance and nutrition - Buying, stabling, exercising, grooming, training and showing - Shoeing, tacking, traveling and breeding - Step-by-step clipping, trimming, plaiting, show turnout and quarter marking - Common ailments and traditional and alternative therapies - A handy year-round plan of preventive health routines - First-aid and emergency procedures. The Horse Lover's Bible is a thorough and outstanding handbook for any rider, and especially valuable to new owners.
Cats are the Worst
Cats are the Worst
Hardcover      ISBN: 1452178895
Cats Are the Worst is a hilarious call-and-response book about the biggest grievances of humans and cats living their lives together. For every complaint humans have about their feline friends (knocked over glasses!), cats have one about their humans (unprovoked vacuuming!). Whether it's shredded furniture or messy litter boxes or fur on everything, there are times when every cat owner wants to shout, "Cats are the worst!" This playful book shows what it looks like if cats could shout back, "No, humans are the worst!" • Each lively exchange is as funny as it is familiar • Filled with watercolor illustrations that perfectly capture every moment of cat-titude • Book cover is cleverly designed to look as though it's been clawed by your feline friend From over-shedding to under-petting and everything in between, Cats Are the Worst is a relatable laugh for anyone who might agree that cats are the worst—but also, maybe, a little bit the best. • A funny gift book for cat lovers of all stripes, as well as anyone who has experienced the highs and lows of living with cats from Bexy McFly, the creator of the best-selling feline publication Pussweek • Perfect for those who enjoyed Simon's Cat by Simon Tofield, Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed (and Other Heartwarming Letters from Kitty) by Jeremy Greenberg, and I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats by Francesco Marciuliano
Hedgehog Wisdom: Little Reasons to Smile
Hedgehog Wisdom
Little Reasons to Smile
Hardcover      ISBN: 1631063804
Let's get quilly! Based on the popular Huffy Hedgehogs Instagram, Hedgehog Wisdom is filled with pictures of the most adorable prickly pets as they dress up, chow down, and make you laugh out loud, all while promoting positive thinking and good vibes. Though spiny, huffy, and timid, these little pincushion creatures are too sweet for words, and will win your heart in no time!
#weratedogs: The Most Hilarious and Adorable Pups You've Ever Seen
The Most Hilarious and Adorable Pups You've Ever Seen
Hardcover      ISBN: 1510717145
“It’s about time WeRateDogs gets the credit it deserves for its complete accuracy and human service to rating dogs.
Puppy Bible: The Ultimate Week-by-Week Guide to Raising Your Puppy
Puppy Bible
The Ultimate Week-by-Week Guide to Raising Your Puppy
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1770851933
An owner's guide to giving a puppy a successful start to life. Puppy Bible is uniquely designed to guide new puppy owners on a week-by-week basis from the all-important planning and decision stages, up to those exciting first days at home, through the first six months of a puppy's life and beyond. The book is divided into two parts. First, a clearly illustrated, week-by-week planner that educates the owner about a number of important topics, including: - The puppy's physical and mental development - What the owner should do at every stage of the puppy's growth - Newborn: 8-week countdown to puppy's arrival - Toddler: weeks 9 to 12 - Juvenile: weeks 13 to 18 - Adolescent: weeks 19 to 24 - Six months and beyond - Common problems that may occur. The information in part one is cross-referenced to part two of the book, a comprehensive encyclopedia covering all areas of puppy care with detailed expert advice on a wide number of topics, such as: - House training - General care and grooming - Health - Breed-specific considerations - Behavior - Socialization - Obedience training - Diet - Socialization and troubleshooting - Canine first aid. When it comes to puppies, it's important to do it right from the very first day. What happens in the first sixteen weeks of its life sets the tone for the rest of the dog's life. While Puppy Bible is designed primarily for those first 16 weeks, it will be useful at any stage of the dog's life: training needs occasional reinforcement, general care and grooming are always important, and a source of first aid care is essential.