Organic Gardening
The Wildlife-Friendly Vegetable Gardener: How to Grow Food in Harmony With Nature
The Wildlife-Friendly Vegetable Gardener
How to Grow Food in Harmony With Nature
Paperback      ISBN: 1612120555
This one-of-a-kind book shows you how to create a peaceful co-existence between your vegetable garden and the wildlife who consider it part of their habitat. By understanding and working with the surrounding environment – instead of continually fighting it – you’ll reap a larger harvest with much less stress and effort. Tammi Hartung explains how to start with a hardy and healthy garden, create beneficial relationships through smart planting, attract helpful insects and pollinators, intentionally create habitats for wildlife, and much more.
The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming
The One-Straw Revolution
An Introduction to Natural Farming
Paperback      ISBN: 1590173139
Masanobu Fukuoka’s book about growing food has been changing the lives of readers since it was first published in 1978. It is a call to arms, a manifesto, and a radical rethinking of the global systems we rely on to feed us all. At the same time, it is the memoir of a man whose spiritual beliefs underpin and inform every aspect of his innovative farming system. Equal parts farmer and philosopher, Fukuoka is recognized as one of the founding thinkers of the permaculture movement. But when he was twenty-five, he was just another biologist taking advantage of the unprecedented development of postwar Japan. Then a brush with death shattered his complacency. He quit his job and returned to his family farm. Over the decades that followed, Fukuoka perfected his so-called “do-nothing” technique, a way of farming that dispenses with both modern agribusiness practices and centuries of folk wisdom, replacing them with a system that seeks to work with nature rather than make it over through increasingly elaborate–and often harmful –methods. Fukuoka developed commonsense, sustainable practices that all but eliminated the use of pesticides, fertilizer, tillage, and the wasteful effort associated with them–and his yields matched those of neighboring factory farms. His farm became a gathering place for people from all over the world who wished to adapt his ways to their own local cultures. Now, more than thirty years after they were first published, Fukuoka’s teachings are more relevant and necessary than ever.
Mycelial Mayhem: Growing Mushrooms for Fun, Profit and Companion Planting
Mycelial Mayhem
Growing Mushrooms for Fun, Profit and Companion Planting
Paperback      ISBN: 0865718148
Most supermarket mushrooms are bland and boring; products of an industrial process which typically relies on expensive equipment and harmful pesticides. Many people would like to add more flavorful and diverse fungi to their diets, but lack the knowledge or confidence to gather their own. Do-it-yourself cultivation is a fun, exciting way to incorporate a variety of mushrooms into a sustainable lifestyle. Mycelial Mayhem is a straightforward, no-nonsense resource for the aspiring mushroom grower. This practical guide cuts through much of the confusion surrounding methods and techniques, helping the hobbyist or farmer to: Select regionally appropriate species for the home garden, farm-scale production, or an edible landscapePractice sustainable, environmentally friendly cultivation techniques, such as companion planting, to combat common garden pests and diseasesChoose a successful, proven business approach to maximize profit and minimize frustration Many people find that DIY mushroom cultivation is not nearly as complicated as they expect, but a knowledgeable and experienced mentor is crucial to success. Whether your goal is to harvest homegrown gourmet mushrooms for your table, supplement your income by selling to friends and neighbors, or start a full-fledged niche business, Mycelial Mayhem is packed with the advice and resources you need to succeed with this rewarding and valuable crop. David Sewak and Kristin Sewak are the owners of Berglorbeer Farma, which specializes in edible mushrooms, heirloom vegetables, native landscape plants and sustainable landscape design. They speak on mushroom gathering and indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques at regional and national green living events.
The Rodale Book of Composting
The Rodale Book of Composting
Paperback      ISBN: 0878579915
A completely revised and updated guide to composting explains what composting is and how it really works; provides detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for making and using compost; and offers ecologically sound solutions to waste disposal problems. Original.
The Organic Composting Handbook: Techniques for a Healthy, Abundant Garden
The Organic Composting Handbook
Techniques for a Healthy, Abundant Garden
Paperback      ISBN: 1629141720
Great compost is one of the most important secrets of successful organic gardening. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the various methods of composting and how to adapt them to your home and garden. With full-color photographs and easy-to-follow instructions, this will be a welcome addition to every organic gardener’s library. Topics covered include: ? What you can and can’t throw on your compost pile ? How to balance nitrogen and carbon in your pile for quick decomposition and rich compost ? Buying or building the best tools and containers ? Vermicomposting ? How to compost indoors ? Troubleshooting smelly compost, dry compost, and other problems ? How and when to apply the compost to your garden beds With growing concerns about the use of pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs in mainstream gardening practices, more and more families are turning to their backyards to grow their own food using methods they know are safe. The need for clear, straightforward instruction on organic gardening techniques has never been greater. With The Organic Composting Handbook, readers will get the information they need to prepare their gardens for healthy, abundant crops.
Growing Food
Growing Food
Paperback      ISBN: 0711231400
Bestselling gardening writer Anna Pavord tells us all we need to know about growing vegetables, herbs and fruit.
Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small Spaces
Grow Great Grub
Organic Food from Small Spaces
Paperback      ISBN: 0307452018
The urban gardening authority from counsels home gardeners on how to grow one's own food in limited spaces, providing coverage of such topics as container plants, organic pest control and preserving home-grown foods. Original.
Growing Perennial Foods: A Field Guide to Raising Resilient Herbs, Fruits, & Vegetables
Growing Perennial Foods
A Field Guide to Raising Resilient Herbs, Fruits, & Vegetables
Paperback      ISBN: 0998862355
Acadia Tucker
Homegrown & Handmade: A Practical Guide to More Self-Reliant Living
Homegrown & Handmade
A Practical Guide to More Self-Reliant Living
Paperback      ISBN: 0865718466
A modern approach to homesteading?no farm required Food recalls, dubious health claims, scary and shocking ingredients in health and beauty products. Our increasingly industrialized supply system is becoming more difficult to navigate, more frightening, and more frustrating, leaving us feeling stuck choosing in many cases between the lesser of several evils. Author Deborah Niemann offers healthier, more empowering choices, by showing us how to reclaim links in our food and purchasing chains, to make choices that are healthier for our families, ourselves, and our planet. In this fully updated and revised edition of Homegrown and Handmade, Deborah shows how making things from scratch and growing some of your own food can help you eliminate artificial ingredients from your diet, reduce your carbon footprint, and create a more authentic life. Whether your goal is increasing your self-reliance or becoming a full-fledged homesteader, it’s packed with answers and solutions to help you rediscover traditional skills, take control of your food from seed to plate, and much more. This comprehensive guide to food and fiber from scratch proves that attitude and knowledge is more important than acreage. Written from the perspective of a successful, self-taught modern homesteader, this well-illustrated, practical, and accessible manual will appeal to anyone who dreams of a more empowered life. Deborah Niemann presents and teaches extensively on topics ranging from soapmaking to livestock care. She and her family raise livestock for meat, eggs and dairy products, while an organic garden and orchard provide fruit and vegetables. Deborah is also the author of Raising Goats Naturally.
The Pet Poo Pocket Guide: How to safely compost and recycle pet waste
The Pet Poo Pocket Guide
How to safely compost and recycle pet waste
Paperback      ISBN: 0865717931
Eighty-three million dogs and ninety-six million cats call the United States home. Dogs alone produce enough waste to fill more than 1,091 football fields 1 foot deep in a single year. Add billions of plastic pick-up bags to the mix and season well with tons of litter box waste. Scoop a hefty portion into local landfills and seal it tightly to ensure optimal methane production. Clearly, this is a recipe for disaster. Dog and cat owners who trash their pets' offerings daily are in denial about how much waste is produced and what happens to it. Those who want to make the responsible choice often turn to the internet, only to find misleading, confusing, and contradictory information. The Pet Poo Pocket Guide will help you reduce your pet's environmental paw print with: - Best practices for cycling pet waste back to nature - Suggestions on how to tailor your approach based on location, situation, weather, needs, or available time - Instructions for using your composted pet waste safely to enrich your soil and nourish ornamental plants With recycling tactics clearly indicated as "easy," "moderate," or "demanding,"The Pet Poo Pocket Guide offers something for everyone. This no-nonsense guide is a must-read for any pet owner who is concerned about the environmental impact of their best friend, and is seeking a safe and practical solution. Rose Seemann is the owner and operator of EnviroWagg, a company dedicated to collecting and composting canine waste into safe, nutrient-rich garden soil.