Mental Disorders
Memoirs of My Nervous Illness
Memoirs of My Nervous Illness
Paperback      ISBN: 094032220x
In 1884, distinguished German jurist Schreber (1842-1911) began a series of mental collapses that afflicted him the rest of his life. He produced this account while confined to a psychiatric hospital; it was published as Denkwnrdigkeiten eines Nervenkranken in 1903. It has become one of the most read and studied works in psychiatric literature sinc
The Man Who Couldn't Stop: OCD and the True Story of a Life Lost in Thought
The Man Who Couldn't Stop
OCD and the True Story of a Life Lost in Thought
Paperback      ISBN: 1250083184
Drawing on the latest research on the brain as well as historical accounts of patients and their treatments, an accomplished science writer shares his 20-year battle with obsessive-compulsive disorder and his unflinchingly honest attempt to understand the condition and his experiences. Includes notes and references. Simultaneous.
Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and Impulsiveness
Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and Impulsiveness
Paperback      ISBN: 0812929985
A neuropsychiatrist reveals the link between certain brain structures and particular psychological problems
On Edge: A Journey Through Anxiety
On Edge
A Journey Through Anxiety
Paperback      ISBN: 0553418599
A celebrated science and health reporter offers a wry, bracingly honest account of living with anxiety. A racing heart. Difficulty breathing. Overwhelming dread. Andrea Petersen was first diagnosed with an anxiety disorder at the age of twenty, but she later realized that she had been experiencing panic attacks since childhood. With time her symptoms multiplied. She agonized over every odd physical sensation. She developed fears of driving on highways, going to movie theaters, even licking envelopes. Although having a name for her condition was an enormous relief, it was only the beginning of a journey to understand and master it—one that took her from psychiatrists’ offices to yoga retreats to the Appalachian Trail. Woven into Petersen’s personal story is a fascinating look at the biology of anxiety and the groundbreaking research that might point the way to new treatments. She compares psychoactive drugs to non-drug treatments, including biofeedback and exposure therapy. And she explores the role that genetics and the environment play in mental illness, visiting top neuroscientists and tracing her family history—from her grandmother, who, plagued by paranoia, once tried to burn down her own house, to her young daughter, in whom Petersen sees shades of herself. Brave and empowering, this is essential reading for anyone who knows what it means to live on edge.
Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar - Your Brain's Silent Killers
Grain Brain
The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar - Your Brain's Silent Killers
Hardcover      ISBN: 0316485136
Updated with the latest nutritional and neurological science on the devastating effects of gluten, sugar and carbs on the body, the New York Times best-seller, in a five-year anniversary edition, gives readers the essential tools to make monumental life-changing improvements to their health. 75,000 first printing.
Hardcover      ISBN: 0307957241
A provocative investigation into the types, physiological sources and cultural resonances of hallucinations traces everything from the disorientations of sleep and intoxication to the manifestations of injury and illness, drawing on a wealth of clinical examples to explore hallucination categories and how they reflect folklore and brain structure. 100,000 first printing.
Healing ADD From the Inside Out: The Breakthrough Program That Allows You to See and Heal the Seven Types of Attention Deficit Disorder
Healing ADD From the Inside Out
The Breakthrough Program That Allows You to See and Heal the Seven Types of Attention Deficit Disorder
Paperback      ISBN: 0425269973
"All-New Revised Edition Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is a national health crisis that continues to grow-yet it remains one of the most misunderstood and incorrectly treated illnesses today. Neuropsychiatrist Daniel G. Amen, MD was one of the first to identify that there are multiple types beyond just purely hyperactive or inattentive ADD, each requiring a different treatment. Now, in this all-new, revised edition, Dr. Amen again employs the latest medical advances in the field, including the largestbrain imaging study ever completed on patients with ADD, to identify, examine, and demystify the 7 distinct types of ADD and their specific treatments. With updated recommendations for nutraceuticals and/or medications targeted to brain type, diet, exercise, lifestyle interventions, cognitive reprogramming, parenting and educational strategies, neurofeedback, and more, Dr. Amen's revolutionary approach provides a treatment program that can lead sufferers of ADD to a normal, peaceful, and fully functional life. Sufferers from ADD often say, "The harder I try, the worse it gets." Dr. Amen tells them, for the first time, why, and more importantly how to heal ADD. See Dr. Amen's Public Television Special on ADD!"--
Loving Someone With Bipolar Disorder: Understanding & Helping Your Partner
Loving Someone With Bipolar Disorder
Understanding & Helping Your Partner
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1608822192
Bipolar Disorder is characterized by alternating periods of dramatically manic behavior and episodes of extreme sadness and hopelessness, often with periods of normalcy in between. Those close to bipolar individuals may experience feelings of fear, loss, and anxiety and a constant uncertainty about the bipolar individual's mood. Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder is the first of its kind: written to the partner of a bipolar individual and designed to mend strained relationships. If your partner suffers from bipolar disorder, use this book to learn how to negotiate his or her episodic crises. Find out how to recognize a bipolar conversation. Survive the financial turbulence manic spending may cause. Deal with problematic sexual issues. Know when to call for help. All of the tactics in this book work to offer relief and engender a greater sense of stability. Understand that the ultimate goal of this book, the development of a peaceful and loving relationship, is absolutely achievable with patience and good advice.
The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness
The Center Cannot Hold
My Journey Through Madness
Paperback      ISBN: 1401309445
A memoir of paranoid schizophrenia by an accomplished professor and researcher recounts the first manifestations of her symptoms at the age of eight, her efforts to hide the severity of her condition throughout her educational years, and the obstacles she has overcome in the course of her treatment and marriage. Reprint. 40,000 first printing.
A Wolf at the Table: A Memoir of my Father
A Wolf at the Table
A Memoir of my Father
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0312428278
The author traces the story of his relationship with his father, in a psychologically charged tale that evaluates such themes as the line between love and hate and a child's longing for unconditional love.