Natural History
In a Patch of Fireweed
In a Patch of Fireweed
Paperback      ISBN: 0674445511
One of the world's foremost physiological ecologists discusses his life and work as a scientist and recounts in detail years spent in research in the wild in many parts of the world
In Nature's Realm: Early Naturalists Explore Vancouver Island
In Nature's Realm
Early Naturalists Explore Vancouver Island
Hardcover      ISBN: 1771513063

In Search of Nature
In Search of Nature
Paperback      ISBN: 155963216x
Focusing on the interrelationship of wild nature and human nature, a collection of short writings and essays explores "Animal Nature, Human Nature," "The Patterns of Nature," and "Nature's Abundance"
Infested: How the Bed Bug Infiltrated Our Bedrooms and Took over the World
How the Bed Bug Infiltrated Our Bedrooms and Took over the World
Hardcover      ISBN: 022604193x
Bed bugs. Few words strike such fear in the minds of travelers. In cities around the world, lurking beneath the plush blankets of otherwise pristine-looking hotel beds are tiny bloodthirsty beasts just waiting for weary wanderers to surrender to a vulnerable slumber. Though bed bugs today have infested the globe, the common bed bug is not a new pest at all. Indeed, as Brooke Borel reveals in this unusual history, this most-reviled species may date back over 250,000 years, wreaking havoc on our collective psyche while even inspiring art, literature, and music—in addition to vexatious red welts. In Infested, Borel introduces readers to the biological and cultural histories of these amazingly adaptive insects, and the myriad ways in which humans have responded to them. She travels to meet with scientists who are rearing bed bug colonies—even by feeding them with their own blood (ouch!)—and to the stages of musicals performed in honor of the pests. She explores the history of bed bugs and their apparent disappearance in the 1950s after the introduction of DDT, charting how current infestations have flourished in direct response to human chemical use as well as the ease of global travel. She also introduces us to the economics of bed bug infestations, from hotels to homes to office buildings, and the expansive industry that has arisen to combat them. Hiding during the day in the nooks and seams of mattresses, box springs, bed frames, headboards, dresser tables, wallpaper, or any clutter around a bed, bed bugs are thriving and eager for their next victim. By providing fascinating details on bed bug science and behavior as well as a captivating look into the lives of those devoted to researching or eradicating them,Infested is sure to inspire at least a nibble of respect for these tenacious creatures—while also ensuring that you will peek beneath the sheets with prickly apprehension.
The Inner Islands: A Carolinian's Sound Country Chronicle
The Inner Islands
A Carolinian's Sound Country Chronicle
Paperback      ISBN: 0807871257
Blending history, oral history, autobiography, and travel narrative, Bland Simpson explores the islands that lie in the sounds, rivers, and swamps of North Carolina's inner coast. In each of the fifteen chapters in the book, Simpson covers a single island or group of islands, many of which, were it not for the buffering Outer Banks, would be lost to the ebbs and flows of the Atlantic. Instead they are home to unique plant and animal species and well-established hardwood forests, and many retain vestiges of an earlier human history.
Innumerable Insects: The Story of the Most Diverse and Myriad Animals on Earth
Innumerable Insects
The Story of the Most Diverse and Myriad Animals on Earth
Hardcover      ISBN: 1454923237
The images . . . are the stars of this work, which will delight every entomophile who turns its pages.” — Publishers Weekly A fascinating look at the world’s most numerous inhabitants, illustrated with stunning images from the American Museum of Natural History’s Rare Book Collection. To date, we have discovered and described or named around 1.1 million insect species, and thousands of new species are added to the ranks every year. It is estimated that there are around five million insect species on Earth, making them the most diverse lineage of all life by far. This magnificent volume from the American Museum of Natural History tells their incredible story. Noted entomologist Michael S. Engel explores insects’ evolution and diversity; metamorphosis; pests, parasites, and plagues; society and language; camouflage; and pollination—as well as tales of discovery by intrepid entomologists. More than 180 illustrations from the Rare Book Collection at the Museum’s Research Library reveal the extraordinary world of insects down to their tiniest, most astonishing details, from butterflies’ iridescent wings to beetles’ vibrant colors.
Interior Places
Interior Places
Paperback      ISBN: 0803211430
“We must include Knopp among those whom Barry Lopez calls our ‘local geniuses of the American landscape,’” Fran Shaw remarks in the journal Parabola. And, indeed, in this new book, Lisa Knopp’s singular genius burrows deep into that landscape in showing us what it is to know, feel, and inhabit unique yet quintessentially American places. A collection of essays embracing nonfiction from memoir and biography to travel writing and natural history, Interior Places offers a curiously detailed group photograph of the Midwest’s interior landscape. Here is an essay about the origin, history, and influence of corn. Here we find an exploration of a childhood meeting with Frederick Leopold, youngest brother of the great naturalist Aldo. Here also are a chronicle of the 146-year alliance between Burlington, Iowa, and the Burlington Route (later the CB&O, the BN, and finally, the BNSF) and a pilgrimage to Amelia Earhart’s Kansas hometown. Whether writing about the lives of two of P. T. Barnum’s giants or the “secret” nuclear weapons plant in southeastern Iowa, about hunger in Lincoln, Nebraska, or bird banding on the Platte River, Knopp captures the inner character of the Midwest as Nature dictates it, people live it, and history reveals it.
The Intimate Bond: How Animals Shaped Human History
The Intimate Bond
How Animals Shaped Human History
Hardcover      ISBN: 1620405725
Examines how the relationship between animals and humans has influenced history and society throughout time.
Invasive Aliens: The Plants and Animals From Over There That Are Over Here
Invasive Aliens
The Plants and Animals From Over There That Are Over Here
Hardcover      ISBN: 0008262748
An Island Called California: An Ecological Introduction to Its Natural Communities
An Island Called California
An Ecological Introduction to Its Natural Communities
Paperback      ISBN: 0520049489
Bakker's classic of ecological science now includes three new chapters on Southern California which make the book more useful than ever. Striking new photographs illustrate the diversity of life, climate, and geological formation.