Music of the 20th Century
Abba: Bright Lights Dark Shadows New Edition
Bright Lights Dark Shadows New Edition
Paperback      ISBN: 1783053593

This new edition of the best-selling ABBA book has been updated to include details of Mamma Mia 's extraordinary success and the ongoing lives of Bj rn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Agnetha F ltskog, their music and their personal lives. It has also been substantially revised throughout.

As generations of new fans discover ABBA's timeless music, Frida, Agnetha, Benny and Bj rn remain rather shadowy, secretive figures. Their marriages, personal break-ups and superficial biographical details are well known...but who exactly are ABBA?

  • How did Norwegian orphan Anni-Frid become a real-life princess?
  • How did folksy Benny and Bj rn become an international pop force to rival Lennon & McCartney?
  • What happened to blonde Agnetha who smiled a lot but never really looked happy?
  • And how many billions have Abba been offered to reform?

World renowned ABBA expert Carl Magnus Palm's acute understanding of the culture of his native Sweden offers a unique insight into the group, and their sometimes dark personal stories.

Bright Lights Dark Shadows: The Real Story of ABBA is the ultimate account of the rise and fall of a legendary group and a biography of rare perception.

Alan Rawsthorne: Portrait of a Composer
Alan Rawsthorne
Portrait of a Composer
Hardcover      ISBN: 0198166931

Alan Rawsthorne is one of the leading British composers of the twentieth century. His music ranges from popular works such as the overture Street Corner to late masterpieces of enormous power, and includes some outstanding film scores. This study explores the man and his music, drawing on a lifetime's knowledge to create a vivid portrait.

A complimentary CD provides the reader with a representative sample of Rawsthorne's music. Please note, customers are required to send away for the accompanying CD. To request your copy please email:
Alban Berg: Master of the Smallest Link
Alban Berg
Master of the Smallest Link
Paperback      ISBN: 0521338840

Adorno's study of Austrian composer Alban Berg (1885-1935) is a sui generis document. In addition to Adorno's personal account of of the life and musical works of his mentor, friend, and composition teacher, the book explores the historical and cultural significance of Berg's music, its relationship to that of other nineteenth- and twentieth-century composers, and to the larger issues of contemporary life.

Albert Roussel: A Bio-Bibliography
Albert Roussel
A Bio-Bibliography
Hardcover      ISBN: 031325558x

Although recognized as one of the greatest French composers of the twentieth century, Albert Roussel (1869-1937) has been frequently overlooked in recent years. However, the publication of this bibliography coincides with a renewed interest, especially in Roussel's native land, in recording his compositions. While the majority of English-language works on Roussel have concentrated on the details of his life or attempted to define and analyze his compositional style, this first annotated bibliography and discography focuses on his opus and provides copious information about specific works, performances, recordings, and reviews.

Born in Tourcoing, France, Roussel received recognition for his compositions as early as 1897. His productivity soared during the 1920s, when his work was influenced by Impressionism, and his neo-classical compositions of the 1930s achieved national recognition. The work commences with a biography, and then presents a listing voice, and includes a directory of publishers. A discography, broken into similar divisions, follows. The annotated bibliography covers books and articles about Roussel, program notes, and writings by the composer. Two appendices provide an index to first lines and a chronological list of compositions. An index of personal and corporate names completes the reference. This bibliography will be an important addition to university libraries and music departments.

Alec Wilder: A Bio-Bibliography
Alec Wilder
A Bio-Bibliography
Hardcover      ISBN: 0313278202

One of the few American composers to earn an international reputation in both classical and popular music, Alec Wilder (1907-1980) was a true innovator in every phase of composition he chose to pursue. In addition, his life and associations in the world of music, theatre, literature, and the arts make for fascinating reading, and his own writings in these areas are witty and insightful. His many hundreds of musical compositions, ranging from chamber and orchestral music, to opera and ballet, theatre and film, and art songs and popular songs, are documented and annotated here in an exhaustive catalog of works. Included are detailed performance information and cross references to recordings in a discography section and reviews and commentary in a fully annotated bibliography of writings by and about the composer. The book also includes a lively biographical sketch capturing the sense and style of the composer and his times, a summary of archival materials held at the Eastman School of Music, an appendix of awards, a directory of music publishers, a chronological list of compositions, and an index.

It is hoped that this thorough compendium to aid in the growing scholarly and musical interest in Wilder will serve to expose his work to wider audiences, while also helping to ferret out missing or unknown manuscripts given away to friends and performers by the composer.

Alec Wilder in Spite of Himself: A Life of the Composer
Alec Wilder in Spite of Himself
A Life of the Composer
Hardcover      ISBN: 0195096002

Alec Wilder wrote songs and lyrics of unsurpassed beauty and originality, and his work won the respect and admiration of such important musical figures as Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Mitch Miller, Gunther Schuller, and many others. Yet Wilder seemed almost to court obscurity. Both in the music he composed and in the way he lived his life, Wilder valued the unique and eccentric over the established and easily acceptable. And though he authored the definitive American Popular Song--which critics praised as "singular" (Studs Terkel), "pioneering" (Whitney Balliett), "rewarding" (Milton Babbitt), and "a joy to anyone who really cares about American popular music" (Max Morath)--his own contribution to that music has remained, until now, too little known and far too little appreciated.
Desmond Stone's engaging and lively biography brings Alec Wilder's life and music into the spotlight where it belongs. Ranging from Wilder's childhood in Rochester, New York, to his rise as a major writer of popular songs in the 1940s, to his relationships with Frank Sinatra and the cabaret singer Mabel Mercer, Stone gives us rich insight into the creative process and profound influence of this highly unorthodox composer. We see the impulses and musical concerns that led to such standards as "I'll Be Around" and "It's So Peaceful in the Country." We also get an inside view of how he wrote his monumental American Popular Song, which remains the most significant study of America's great songwriters. More important, we get a vivid sense of a haunting, incorruptible melodist whose unique personality was mirrored in his music. Man and composer dared to be different. When Wilder in the late 1930s wrote his famous Octets, the music world did not know what to make of these irreverent, highly original pieces. Yet they had a seminal influence on jazz chamber music in America. Wilder would go on to compose hundreds of instrumental numbers. Whether he was writing concert pieces for an unprecedented and highly unusual group of instruments, or mixing jazz, classical, and popular idioms in a single song, or dashing off a sonata for a friend, Wilder followed the dictates of his own creativity rather than the expectations of the musical establishment. Such independence and unpredictability earned him the hostility of many critics but the enduring respect of the musicians he wrote for.
Here then is a fascinating private portrait of a man who lived a nomad's life, who loved riding trains so much he kept a timetable in his pocket at all times, a man whose only home was a small room he maintained at the Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan (where he often held court in the lobby), a man with a serious drinking problem as well as the kindest and most generous of friends. Essential reading for anyone interested in American popular music, Alec Wilder in Spite of Himself provides a much needed account of this complex, colorful, and highly original life.

Alexander Tcherepnin: A Bio-Bibliography
Alexander Tcherepnin
A Bio-Bibliography
Hardcover      ISBN: 0313253188

A modern composer linked to the great Russian tradition of Rimsky-Korsakov and Mussorgsky, Alexander Tcherepnin produced a substantial body of work-both compositions and writings-that is of interest to music scholars as well as performers. Although his works are better known and more frequently performed in Europe, Tcherepnin made a unique contribution to the U.S. musical scene in the 1950s and 1960s as a teacher of composition at De Paul University in Chicago. This volume provides detailed information on his life and accomplishments, together with a catalogue of his works and performances and a complete bibliography.

The first section offers an account of the composer's life and musical education in Russia and Paris and his subsequent career in the United States. It concludes with a critical analysis of his musical style. The catalogue is followed by separate alphabetical, chronological, and genre listings of the composer's works. The final sections are devoted to a discography of commercially available sound recordings and an annotated bibliography of writing by and about Tcherepnin. A series of appendixes contains valuable additional information on Tcherepnin's life and accomplishments, as well as data relating to the musicaal careers of his father, his two sons, and several of his composition students who have become recognized composers in their own right. This work, which incorporates the first detailed English-language biography of Alexander Tcherepnin, will be a valuable resource for scholars, music educators, and musicians with an interest in Russian music of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Alfred Einstein on Music: Selected Music Criticisms
Alfred Einstein on Music
Selected Music Criticisms
Hardcover      ISBN: 0313273634

This collection is a tribute to the talent, teaching, and humanism of Alfred Einstein, whose scholarship and criticisms affirm his position as one of the foremost musicologists of the twentieth century. Written by a former student of Einstein's, this portrait draws on the influences and events that shaped his life and work as a Jewish scholar in pre-Nazi Germany and that necessitated his emigration to the United States. Dower provides more than one hundred examples of his criticisms that document the music of Germany and the United States in the second quarter of this century and that demonstrate the art of music criticism at its best.

Included is a chronology that is based on information provided by Einstein's daughter, Eva. Her insight into her father's personal life is combined with Catherine Dower's careful chronological documentation of Einstein's professional endeavors, provide a unique evaluation of a critic whose research produced valuable musical discoveries and whose writings always recognized the important relationship between music and its cultural background. The study affords further access to Einstein's writings by identifying the locations of Einstein collections in numerous libraries throughout the United States.

Alfred Schnittke
Alfred Schnittke
Paperback      ISBN: 0714831697

Presents a fascinating portrait of Russian composer Alfred Schnittke (1934-98), whose music was inextricably linked to the strictures of life in the Soviet Union

All Made of Tunes: Charles Ives and the Uses of Musical Borrowing
All Made of Tunes
Charles Ives and the Uses of Musical Borrowing
Paperback      ISBN: 0300102127

"An extremely important and gracefully written book on a significant and controversial topic. It is the most thoroughgoing study of Ives's compositional procedures that has yet been attempted."-Larry Starr, author of A Union of Diversities: Style in the Music of Charles Ives "A unique in-depth study of Ives's works, the most panoramic view of the music ever written, based on a new and convincing perspective."-H. Wiley Hitchcock, City University of New York "A unique, pathbreaking, and utterly convincing study of Ives's music."-David Nicholls, BBC Music Magazine "A well-balanced view of Ives's music. . . . A] pathbreaking study."-David Nicholls, Times Literary Supplement "This book should be in the library of every scholar with a serious interest in Ives's music. . . . Burkholder's writing throughout . . . is refreshingly clear, and his ability to organize vast amounts of detail into coherent and logical sequences is one of the greatest strengths of the book, and particularly appropriate to its subject."-Kathryn Bumpass, Notes "The book is well stocked with music examples and tables, enabling it to be used as a reference work, and has almost 100 pages of notes and bibliography. It abundantly fulfils its promise 'to help us hear the music better' and enriches our experience of Ives in a way that is totally sympathetic to the man and his music."-Peter Dickinson, Music & Letters "Burkholder's remarkable book succeeds in creating a different composite portrait of the musical consciousness of a great composer."-Judith Tick, American Music Winner of the Choice 1996 Outstanding Academic Book Award