Meteorology Specific Aspects
Weather Cycles: Real or Imaginary?
Weather Cycles
Real or Imaginary?
2nd Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0521820847

This completely updated edition explores in detail the unresolved debate on the existence of weather cycles. It provides a different perspective on one of the most difficult questions in the current global warming debate: how much of the recent temperature rise can be attributed to natural causes? The book examines the complex analysis required to assess the evidence for cycles with a minimum of mathematics. First Edition Hb (1992): 0-521-38178-9 First Edition Pb (1995): 0-521-47869-3

The Weather Machine: A Journey Inside the Forecast
The Weather Machine
A Journey Inside the Forecast
Hardcover      ISBN: 0062368613

From the acclaimed author of Tubes, a lively and surprising tour of the infrastructure behind the weather forecast, the people who built it, and what it reveals about our climate and our planet

The weather is the foundation of our daily lives. It's a staple of small talk, the app on our smartphones, and often the first thing we check each morning. Yet behind these quotidian interactions is one of the most expansive machines human beings have ever constructed--a triumph of science, technology and global cooperation. But what is this 'weather machine' and who created it?

In The Weather Machine, Andrew Blum takes readers on a fascinating journey through an everyday miracle. In a quest to understand how the forecast works, he visits old weather stations and watches new satellites blast off. He follows the dogged efforts of scientists to create a supercomputer model of the atmosphere and traces the surprising history of the algorithms that power their work. He discovers that we have quietly entered a golden age of meteorology--our tools allow us to predict weather more accurately than ever, and yet we haven't learned to trust them, nor can we guarantee the fragile international alliances that allow our modern weather machine to exist.

Written with the sharp wit and infectious curiosity Andrew Blum is known for, The Weather Machine pulls back the curtain on a universal part of our everyday lives, illuminating our relationships with technology, the planet, and the global community.

--Kirkus Reviews