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Auroras: Fire in the Sky
Fire in the Sky
Paperback      ISBN: 022810064x
A celebration of nature's spectacular lightshows, and a visual feast documenting the kaleidoscopic colors that decorate the sky. For millennia, humans have been fascinated with the ghostly green and red curtains of light that shimmer across the heavens on dark, clear nights. Ancient peoples saw these displays as souls of the dead, the torches of the spirits and as harbingers of war. Barely 100 years ago, scientists finally learned that an aurora is created when the Earth's magnetic field is bombarded with charged particles from the sun. When the charged particles collide with oxygen in the atmosphere, auroras with yellows, greens and reds appear. Collisions with nitrogen result in bluish colors. However, our understanding of the physics behind auroras has not detracted from their wonder. Auroras is filled with 80 photographs of one of nature's greatest spectacles, complete with captions that reflect on the folklore, science and beauty of the northern lights. The book poses and answers the many scientific questions about auroras: - Why are auroras usually seen only at high latitudes? - How do scientists study them? - What causes the different colors? - Why are massive auroras often followed by blackouts and computer system crashes? Auroras is where cutting-edge science meets the stuff of dreams.
Auroras: Fire in the Sky
Fire in the Sky
Hardcover      ISBN: 1554076811
A celebration of nature's spectacular lightshows, and a visual feast documenting the kaleidoscopic colors that decorate the sky.
The Field Guide to Natural Phenomena: The Secret World of Optical, Atmospheric and Celestial Wonders
The Field Guide to Natural Phenomena
The Secret World of Optical, Atmospheric and Celestial Wonders
Paperback      ISBN: 1554077079
Provides an illustrated tour through the universe's most theatrical and mysterious events, including eclipses, the aurora borealis, rainbows, St. Elmo's fire, dust devils, petrified forests, ball lightning, green flashes, waterspouts, salt lakes and much more. Original.
The Ams Weather Book: The Ultimate Guide to America's Weather
The Ams Weather Book
The Ultimate Guide to America's Weather
Hardcover      ISBN: 0226898989
America has some of the most varied and dynamic weather in the world. Every year, the Gulf Coast is battered by hurricanes, the Great Plains are ravaged by tornados, the Midwest is pummeled by blizzards, and the temperature in the Southwest reaches a sweltering 120 degrees. Extreme weather can be a matter of life and death, but even when it is pleasant—72 degrees and sunny—weather is still central to the lives of all Americans. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine a topic of greater collective interest. Whether we want to know if we should close the storm shutters or just carry an umbrella to work, we turn to forecasts. But few of us really understand the science behind them. All that changes with The AMS Weather Book. The most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to our weather and our atmosphere, it is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to understand how hurricanes form, why tornados twirl, or even why the sky is cerulean blue. Written by esteemed science journalist and former USA Today weather editor Jack Williams, The AMS Weather Book, copublished with the American Meteorological Society, covers everything from daily weather patterns, air pollution, and global warming to the stories of people coping with severe weather and those who devote their lives to understanding the atmosphere, oceans, and climate. Words alone, of course, are not adequate to explain many meteorological concepts, so The AMS Weather Book is filled with engaging full-color graphics that explain such concepts as why winds blow in a particular direction, how Doppler weather radar works, what happens inside hurricanes, how clouds create wind and snow, and what’s really affecting the earth’s climate. For Weather Channel junkies, amateur meteorologists, and storm chasers alike, The AMS Weather Book is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to better understand how weather works and how it affects our lives.
Coastal Storms: Processes and Impacts
Coastal Storms
Processes and Impacts
Hardcover      ISBN: 1118937104
Coastal Storms offers students and professionals in the field a comprehensive overview and groundbreaking text that is specifically devoted to the analysis of coastal storms. Based on the most recent knowledge and contributions from leading researchers, the text examines coastal storms' processes and characteristics, the main hazards (such as overwash, inundation and flooding, erosion, structures overtopping), and how to monitor and model storms. The authors include information on the most advanced innovations in forecasting, prediction, and early warning, which serves as a foundation for accurate risk evaluation and developing adequate coastal indicators and management options In addition, structural overtopping and damage are explained, taking into account the involved hydrodynamic and morphodynamic processes. The monitoring methods of coastal storms are analyzed based on recent results from research projects in Europe and the United States. Methods for vulnerability and risk evaluation are detailed, storm impact indicators are suggested for different hazards and coastal management procedures analyzed. This important resource includes: Comprehensive coverage of storms and associated impacts, including meteorological coastal storm definitions and related potential consequences Chapters on monitoring methods of coastal storms, their prediction, early warning systems, and modeling of consequences Explorations of methods for vulnerability and risk evaluation and suggestions for storm impact indicators for different hazards and coastal management procedures Coastal Storms is a compilation of scientific and policy-related knowledge related to climate-related extreme events. The authors are internationally recognized experts and their work reflects the most recent science and policy advances in the field. Paolo Ciavola is an Associate Professor of Geomorphology at the University of Ferrara, where he teaches courses of geomorphology and coastal risk. He holds an MSc in Geology from the University of Bologna (Italy) and a PhD in Marine Sciences from the University of Algarve (Portugal). He has an interest in coastal processes and risk from extreme storms. Giovanni Coco is an Associate Professor in the School of Environment at the University of Auckland, where he teaches courses on modelling environmental systems. He holds a PhD in Marine Studies from the University of Plymouth (UK). His interests range from coastal processes to machine learning and pattern formation.
A Dictionary of Weather
A Dictionary of Weather
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0199541442
Here is an authoritative new edition of A Dictionary of Weather containing almost 2000 definitions of weather, forecasting, and climate terms with clear explanations and illustrative examples. This fully updated edition includes 300 new and revised entries, such as A-Train Pineapple Express and Watermelon Snow, and added feature entries highlighting actual occurrences of extreme weather including the Indian Ocean Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. With black and white photos and satellite images to show weather systems, as well as recommended websites for further reading, this reference work is the most comprehensive of its kind. Find out where and when the world's largest hailstone fell or where the highest temperature was recorded using the list of weather records, and check climate data for different weather types from around the world. Key terms from the related fields of oceanography, hydrology, and climatology are also covered as well as biographical information on important people in the development of meteorology. An essential reference for meteorology and geography students, at school or university, as well as amateur meteorologists, general readers, and all those obsessed with the weather.
Essentials of Meteorology: An Invitation to the Atmosphere
Essentials of Meteorology
An Invitation to the Atmosphere
Paperback      ISBN: 1305628454
ESSENTIALS OF METEOROLOGY, 8th Edition, is written for students interested in gaining insights into the dynamic workings of the atmosphere. The authors' ability to explain relatively complicated ideas in an easy-to-understand way lets both science and nonscience majors visualize the principles of meteorology. Online animations help you to immediately apply the text material and understand the underlying meteorological principles, and appendices allow you to explore meteorological data such as world temperature extremes and precipitation extremes over a 30-year period.
Field Guide to the Weather: Learn to Identify Clouds and Storms, Forecast the Weather, and Stay Safe
Field Guide to the Weather
Learn to Identify Clouds and Storms, Forecast the Weather, and Stay Safe
Paperback      ISBN: 1591938244
Your guide to watching clouds and analyzing weather forecasts From the soothing sound of rain to the shrill whistle of a blizzard, from the house-shaking rumble of thunder to the violent fury of a hurricane, weather fascinates us all. We watch it. We listen to it. We feel it. We try to predict it. Weather is a part of everyday conversation and a part of our everyday lives. But how well do we truly understand it? Professional meteorologist Ryan Henning presents Field Guide to the Weather, a handy reference to meteorology and to the types of weather phenomena that one might encounter at home or in nature. It includes an introduction to the basics of meteorology
Meteorology Today: An Introduction to Weather, Climate, and the Environment
Meteorology Today
An Introduction to Weather, Climate, and the Environment
Hardcover      ISBN: 1337616664
An Observer's Guide to Clouds and Weather: A Northeastern Primer on Prediction
An Observer's Guide to Clouds and Weather
A Northeastern Primer on Prediction
Paperback      ISBN: 1935704583
Today, most people look down when they want to check the weather, peeking at cell phones or popping open a browser, instead of looking up at one of the most accessible weather predictors of all—the sky. Knowing what the atmosphere has in store without relying on technology can be a gratifying experience, and now with An Observer’s Guide to Clouds and Weather, it is also one that is easy to learn. This informative and accessible guide walks readers through the basics of making weather predictions through understanding cloud types and sky formations. It explains, in nontechnical terms, the science behind the weather, connecting fundamental meteorological concepts with the processes that shape weather patterns. Readers will learn how to develop their powers of observation and hone their ability to make quick forecasts without complicated tools. Whether you're an amateur weather enthusiast or a beginning meteorology student, An Observer’s Guide to Clouds and Weather will help anyone who prefers looking up to looking it up.