Geology Specific Aspects
The Ground Beneath Us: From the Oldest Cities to the Last Wilderness, What Dirt Tells Us About Who We Are
The Ground Beneath Us
From the Oldest Cities to the Last Wilderness, What Dirt Tells Us About Who We Are
Hardcover      ISBN: 0316342262
An exploration of the ground beneath our feet. Is there an untrodden foot of ground left? That's Paul Bogard's mission in THE GROUND BENEATH US, and early on his quest he realizes something astounding: when we step outside and look down, most of us in the industrialized world see an unnatural surface, likely some version of asphalt or concrete. In fact, we have some 61,000 square miles of paved ground in the United States, an amount that together would be larger than any state east of the Mississippi. Increasingly we live separated from the natural ground itself, concealing from us our profound relationship to the source not only of our food, water, and energy, but to the many majestic, poetic, and yes, very basic, ways the ground sustains our lives. In short, the ground holds the facts that define us, but most of us know almost nothing of the world beneath our feet. Paul Bogard tells these stories--of subsurface technologies like sewers to idyllic subterranean Edens, and from what we grow in the ground to how we bury our dead in it--beautifully, in the vein of Rebecca Solnit, Andrea Wulf, and Helen MacDonald.
Guide to the Geology of Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park
Guide to the Geology of Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park
Paperback      ISBN: 1623170532
This richly-illustrated, full-color guide to the geology of Mount Desert Island, Maine, the home of Acadia National Park, makes the spectacular scenery and rich geological history accessible to outdoor explorers, geology enthusiasts, and armchair travelers alike. The Guide grounds readers in basic geologic concepts before chronicling the unique history of the area from 550 million years ago to the present. Including information-packed self-guided trips with stops at 31 points of interest, this book is lavishly illustrated with 100 full color photos, maps, and illustrations that enhance appreciation of this national treasure. Duane and Ruth Braun relate the fascinating story of the region’s formation, explaining how a slice of South America with Mount Desert Island bordering its southern side landed on the edge of North America to form Maine. Another piece of South America collided with this landing, causing Mount Desert Island to erupt violently in a ten mile wide volcanic caldera. The Island then underwent a long period of stream erosion culminating in a period of glacial erosion to form the present landscape. The exceptional scenery that resulted has attracted visitors from around the world. This book unlocks the many secrets of the formations, offering a deeper understanding of the land and its origins.
Hydrogeology: Principles and Practice
Principles and Practice
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0470656638
Hydrogeology: Principles and Practice provides a comprehensive introduction to the study of hydrogeology to enable the reader to appreciate the significance of groundwater in meeting current and future water resource challenges. This new edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect advances in the field since 2004. The book presents a systematic approach to understanding groundwater. Earlier chapters explain the fundamental physical and chemical principles of hydrogeology, and later chapters feature groundwater investigation techniques in the context of catchment processes, as well as chapters on groundwater quality and contaminant hydrogeology. Unique features of the book are chapters on the applications of environmental isotopes and noble gases in the interpretation of aquifer evolution, and on regional characteristics such as topography, compaction and variable fluid density in the explanation of geological processes affecting past, present and future groundwater flow regimes. The last chapter discusses groundwater resources and environmental management, and examines the role of groundwater in integrated river basin management, including an assessment of possible adaptation responses to the impacts of climate change. Throughout the text, boxes and a set of colour plates drawn from the authors’ teaching and research experience are used to explain special topics and to illustrate international case studies ranging from transboundary aquifers and submarine groundwater discharge to the over-pressuring of groundwater in sedimentary basins. The appendices provide conversion tables and useful reference material, and include review questions and exercises, with answers, to help develop the reader’s knowledge and problem-solving skills in hydrogeology. This accessible textbook is essential reading for undergraduate and graduate students primarily in earth sciences, environmental sciences and physical geography with an interest in hydrogeology or groundwater science. The book will also find use among practitioners in hydrogeology, soil science, civil engineering and planning who are involved in environmental and resource protection issues requiring an understanding of groundwater. Additional resources can be found at:
Jeju Island Geopark - A Volcanic Wonder of Korea
Jeju Island Geopark - A Volcanic Wonder of Korea
Hardcover      ISBN: 3642205631
This, the first book covering the Jeju Island geopark in South Korea, covers every aspect of it from economy to geology, including the cultural and archaeological factors at play. It will be an invaluable aid to the planning of future similar geoparks.
Laboratory Manual for Introductory Geology
Laboratory Manual for Introductory Geology
Paperback      ISBN: 0393617521
Landscape Evolution in the United States: An Introduction to the Geography, Geology, and Natural History
Landscape Evolution in the United States
An Introduction to the Geography, Geology, and Natural History
Hardcover      ISBN: 0123977991
Landscape evolution refers to the changing terrain of any given area of the Earth’s crust over time. Common causes of evolution (or geomorphology-land morphing into a different size or shape over time) are glacial erosion and deposition, volcanism, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, sediment transport into rivers, landslides, climate change, and other surface processes. Landscape Evolution in the United States makes understanding these processes accessible by balancing interdisciplinary theory and application within the physical geography, geology, geomorphology, and climatology of the United States. The vast diversity of terrain and landscapes across the United States makes this an ideal tool for geoscientists worldwide who are researching the country’s geological evolution over the past several billion years. - Presents the complexities of physical geography, geology, geomorphology, and climatology of the United States through an interdisciplinary, highly accessible approach - Offers more than 250 full-color figures, maps and photographs that capture the systematic interaction of land, rock, rivers, glaciers, global wind patterns and climate - Provides a thorough assessment of the logic, rationale, and tools required to understand how to interpret landscape and the geological history of the Earth - Features exercises that conclude each chapter, aiding in the retention of key concepts
The Last Lost World: Ice Ages, Human Origins, and the Invention of the Pleistocene
The Last Lost World
Ice Ages, Human Origins, and the Invention of the Pleistocene
Hardcover      ISBN: 0670023639
An illuminating investigation into the Pleistocene era's dual character as a geologic time and a cultural idea explains the global changes that created our world while describing how ideas about the Pleistocene have shaped intellectual culture, science and modern origins beliefs. 20,000 first printing.

Mathematical Geoenergy: Discovery, Depletion, and Renewal
Mathematical Geoenergy
Discovery, Depletion, and Renewal
Hardcover      ISBN: 1119434297
A rigorous mathematical problem-solving framework for analyzing the Earth’s energy resources GeoEnergy encompasses the range of energy technologies and sources that interact with the geological subsurface. Fossil fuel availability studies have historically lacked concise modeling, tending instead toward heuristics and overly-complex processes. Mathematical GeoEnergy: Oil Discovery, Depletion and Renewal details leading-edge research based on a mathematically-oriented approach to geoenergy analysis. Volume highlights include: - Applies a formal mathematical framework to oil discovery, depletion, and analysis - Employs first-order applied physics modeling, decreasing computational resource requirements - Illustrates model interpolation and extrapolation to fill out missing or indeterminate data - Covers both stochastic and deterministic mathematical processes for historical analysis and prediction - Emphasizes the importance of up-to-date data, accessed through the companion website - Demonstrates the advantages of mathematical modeling over conventional heuristic and empirical approaches - Accurately analyzes the past and predicts the future of geoenergy depletion and renewal using models derived from observed production data Intuitive mathematical models and readily available algorithms make Mathematical GeoEnergy: Oil Discovery, Depletion and Renewal an insightful and invaluable resource for scientists and engineers using robust statistical and analytical tools applicable to oil discovery, reservoir sizing, dispersion, production models, reserve growth, and more.
New England Rocks: Historic Geological Wonders
New England Rocks
Historic Geological Wonders
Paperback      ISBN: 1467136123
New England is a rocky, rugged region. Its towns are marked by stone walls and its cities anchored by native granite and marble buildings. Historically significant boulders, many with Native American as well as colonial and neo-pagan origins, attract tourists from around the world. Some are formations that are complex in shape, form and significance, while others contain enigmatic messages, meanings and intriguing characteristics. Learn more about the famous sites like Plymouth Rock, the Old Man of the Mountain and the Sleeping Giant, as well as the lesser-known such as Profile Rock, Dighton Rock and Slate Rock. Authors Michael J. Vieira and J. North Conway examine the history, the legends and the people associated with forty-five notable geological wonders.
Principles of Tidal Sedimentology
Principles of Tidal Sedimentology
Hardcover      ISBN: 9400701225
This book presents a comprehensive, contemporary review of tidal environments and deposits. Individual chapters, each written by world-class experts, cover the full spectrum of coastal, shallow-marine and even deep-marine settings where tidal action influences or controls sediment movement and deposition. Both siliciclastic and carbonate deposits are covered. Various chapters examine the dynamics of sediment transport by tides, and the morphodynamics of tidal systems. Several chapters explore the occurrence of tidal deposits in the stratigraphic context of entire sedimentary basins. This book is essential reading for both coastal geologists and managers, and geologists interested in extracting hydrocarbons from complex tidal successions.