Philosophy and Esthetics of Music
Music and Sentiment
Music and Sentiment
Paperback      ISBN: 0300178034
How does a work of music stir the senses, creating feelings of joy, sadness, elation, or nostalgia? Though sentiment and emotion play a vital role in the composition, performance, and appreciation of music, rarely have these elements been fully observed. In this succinct and penetrating book, Charles Rosen draws upon more than a half century as a performer and critic to reveal how composers from Bach to Berg have used sound to represent and communicate emotion in mystifyingly beautiful ways. Through a range of musical examples, Rosen details the array of stylistic devices and techniques used to represent or convey sentiment. This is not, however, a listener’s guide to any “correct” response to a particular piece. Instead, Rosen provides the tools and terms with which to appreciate this central aspect of musical aesthetics, and indeed explores the phenomenon of contradictory sentiments embodied in a single motif or melody. Taking examples from Chopin, Schumann, Wagner, and Liszt, he traces the use of radically changing intensities in the Romantic works of the nineteenth century and devotes an entire chapter to the key of C minor. He identifies a “unity of sentiment” in Baroque music and goes on to contrast it with the “obsessive sentiments” of later composers including Puccini, Strauss, and Stravinsky. A profound and moving work, Music and Sentiment is an invitation to a greater appreciation of the crafts of composition and performance.
Music and the Power of Sound: The Influence of Tuning and Interval on Consciousness
Music and the Power of Sound
The Influence of Tuning and Interval on Consciousness
Hardcover      ISBN: 0892813369
An accomplished musician and Hindu scholar looks to the harmonic ratios of ancient China, India and Greece as he explores the power of music to speak to our higher consciousness.
Music As an Art
Music As an Art
Hardcover      ISBN: 1472955714
Bestselling author and philosopher Roger Scruton follows up his classic work of criticism Understanding Music by turning his immense critical faculties to music both contemporary and classical.
Music, the Brain & Ecstasy: How Music Captures Our Imagination
Music, the Brain & Ecstasy
How Music Captures Our Imagination
Paperback      ISBN: 038078209x
An exploration into the various ways music affects and enraptures focuses on the evolution of music, and highlights new ideas pertaining to memory and perception, knowledge and attention, motion and emotion, and other aspects that detail the power of music. Reprint.

Musica Poetica: Musical-Rhetorical Figures in German Baroque Music
Musica Poetica
Musical-Rhetorical Figures in German Baroque Music
Hardcover      ISBN: 0803212763
Musica Poetica provides an unprecedented examination of the development of Baroque musical thought. The initial chapters, which serve as an introduction to the concept and teachings of musical-rhetorical figures, explore Martin Luther’s theology of music, the development of the Baroque concept of musica poetica, the idea of the affections in German Baroque music, and that music’s use of the principles and devices of rhetoric. Dietrich Bartel then turns to more detailed considerations of the musical-rhetorical figures that were developed in Baroque treatises and publications. After brief biographical sketches of the major theorists, Bartel examines those theorists’ interpretation and classification of the figures. The book concludes with a detailed presentation of the musical-rhetorical figures, in which each theorist’s definitions are presented in the original language and in parallel English translations. Bartel’s clear, detailed analysis of German Baroque musical-rhetorical figures, combined with his careful translations of interpretations of those figures from a wide range of sources, make this book an indispensable introduction and resource for all students of Baroque music.

The Mysticism of Sound and Music
The Mysticism of Sound and Music
Paperback      ISBN: 1570622310
Explains the Sufi vision of truth in the realm of music as taught by Hazrat Inayat Khan
Parallels and Paradoxes: Explorations in Music and Society
Parallels and Paradoxes
Explorations in Music and Society
Paperback      ISBN: 1400075157
Presents an intimate conversation about music and politics between the Israeli director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and a Palestinian-American critic and scholar--two long-time friends--discussing such topics as Beethoven, education, the differences between writing prose and music, and the power of culture to transcend national and political differences. Reprint. 12,500 first printing.
Strange Sounds: Music, Technology, & Culture
Strange Sounds
Music, Technology, & Culture
Paperback      ISBN: 0415936845
In Strange Sounds, Timothy D. Taylor explains the wonder and anxiety provoked by a technological revolution that began in the 1940s and gathers steam daily. Taylor discusses the ultural role of technology, its use in making music, and the inevitable concerns about "authenticity" that arise from electronic music. Informative and highly entertaining for both music fans and scholars, Strange Sounds is a provocative look at how we perform, listen to, and understand music today.
Tom Petty and Philosophy: We Need to Know
Tom Petty and Philosophy
We Need to Know
Paperback      ISBN: 0812694651
Philosophers analyze the last of the great rock stars.