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This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession
This Is Your Brain on Music
The Science of a Human Obsession
Paperback      ISBN: 0452288525
A scientific exploration of the relationship between the mind and music draws on recent findings in the fields of neuroscience and evolutionary psychology to discuss such topics as the sources of musical tastes, the brain's discernible responses to music, and the cultural origins of musical senses. Reprint.
Absolutely on Music: Conversations
Absolutely on Music
Paperback      ISBN: 0804173729
A deeply personal, intimate conversation about music and writing between the internationally acclaimed, best-selling author and the former conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. In Absolutely on Music, internationally Haruki Murakami sits down with his friend Seiji Ozawa, the revered former conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, for a series of conversations on their shared passion: music. Over the course of two years, Murakami and Ozawa discuss everything from Brahms to Beethoven, from Leonard Bernstein to Glenn Gould, from Bartók to Mahler, and from pop-up orchestras to opera. They listen to and dissect recordings of some of their favorite performances, and Murakami questions Ozawa about his career conducting orchestras around the world. Culminating in Murakami’s ten-day visit to the banks of Lake Geneva to observe Ozawa’s retreat for young musicians, the book is interspersed with ruminations on record collecting, jazz clubs, orchestra halls, film scores, and much more. A deep reflection on the essential nature of both music and writing, Absolutely on Music is an unprecedented glimpse into the minds of two maestros. A selection of the music discussed by Murakami and Ozawa is available at
Booze and Vinyl: A Spirited Guide to Great Music & Mixed Drinks
Booze and Vinyl
A Spirited Guide to Great Music & Mixed Drinks
Hardcover      ISBN: 0762463473
The ultimate listening party guide, Booze and Vinyl shows you how to set the mood for 70 great records from the 1950s through the 2000s. From modern craft cocktails to old standbys, prepare to shake, stir, and just plain pour your way through some of the best wax ever pressed. Wickedly designed and featuring photography throughout, Booze & Vinyl is organized by mood, from Rock to Chill, Dance, and Seduce. Each entry has liner notes that underscore the album's musical highlights and accompanying "Side A" and "Side B" cocktail recipes that complement the music's mood, imagery in the lyrics, or connect the drink to the artist. This is your guide to a rich listening session for one, two, or more. Among the 70 featured albums are: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club, Purple Rain, Sticky Fingers, Born To Run, License to Ill, Appetite for Destruction, Thriller, Like a Virgin, Low End Theory, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, Hotel California, Buena Vista Social Club, Back to Black, Pet Sounds, Vampire Weekend, and many more
Essential Dictionary of Music: Definitions, Composers, Theory, Instrument & Vocal Ranges : The Most Practical and Useful Music Dictionary for Students and Professionals
Essential Dictionary of Music
Definitions, Composers, Theory, Instrument & Vocal Ranges : The Most Practical and Useful Music Dictionary for Students and Professionals
Paperback      ISBN: 0882847287
A useful collection of definitions, composers and theory. This pocket-sized reference book includes a broad range of important information, from basic principles of theory and concise biographies of composers to pronunciations of foreign terms and ranges of instruments and voices. This easy-to-use volume covers every major aspect of music. Includes over 330 pages.
The Beatles Anthology
The Beatles Anthology
Hardcover      ISBN: 0811826848
Created in cooperation with the surviving Beatles and Yoko Ono, this anthology of personal memorabilia, documents, photographs, and other items from personal archives chronicles the band's Liverpool origins, rise to fame, and breakup.
How to Get a Job in the Music Industry
How to Get a Job in the Music Industry
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0876391536
Offers guidance on preparing for and landing a job in the music business, covering such topics as opportunies in the industry, networking, writing râesumâes, and interviewing, and shares tips on using social media effectively.
America's Musical Life: A History
America's Musical Life
A History
Hardcover      ISBN: 0393048101
A richly illustrated history of America's musical heritage ranges from the earliest examples of Native American traditional song and the sacred music of early settlers to the innovative sound of contemporary rock and jazz as it documents a diverse array of musical styles and the contributions of such legendary musicians as Charles Ives, George Gershwin, and Duke Ellington, among others.
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810996529
Collects the author's poignant and revealing photos of and interviews with 60 of the top names in music--including Ozzy Osbourne, Quincy Jones, Mary J. Blige, Billy Corgan, Yoko Ono, John Williams, Henry Rollins and more--in a book that includes a DVD with added content. By the author of Wisdom.
The Recipe Project: A Delectable Extravaganza of Food and Music
The Recipe Project
A Delectable Extravaganza of Food and Music
Hardcover      ISBN: 1936787008
Presents a collection of recipes from top chefs, set to music by the band One Ring Zero, accompanied by interviews with the contributors and essays from top culinary writers.
A Song Just for Me
A Song Just for Me
Paperback      ISBN: 1564745562
Author Wilcox is a volunteer who brings recorded music to residents of a senior center. In this brief memoir, she offers 18 vignettes of her experiences, showing how patients with chronic illness and even dementia respond to music. Annotation ©2014 Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR (