Nuclear Physics
Paperback      ISBN: 1785782053
Riddled with jealousy, rivalry, missed opportunities and moments of genius, the history of the atom’s discovery is as bizarre, as capricious, and as weird as the atom itself. John Dalton gave us the first picture of the atom in the early 1800s. Almost 100 years later the young misfit New Zealander, Ernest Rutherford, showed the atom consisted mostly of space, and in doing so overturned centuries of classical science. It was a brilliant Dane, Neils Bohr, who made the next great leap ? into the incredible world of quantum theory. Yet, he and a handful of other revolutionary young scientists weren't prepared for the shocks Nature had up her sleeve. This ?insightful, compelling’ book (New Scientist) reveals the mind-bending discoveries that were destined to upset everything we thought we knew about reality and unleash a dangerous new force upon the world. Even today, as we peer deeper and deeper into the atom, it throws back as many questions at us as answers.
The Pope of Physics: Enrico Fermi and the Birth of the Atomic Age
The Pope of Physics
Enrico Fermi and the Birth of the Atomic Age
Hardcover      ISBN: 1627790055
A biography of one of the leading architects of the atomic age touches upon the human dramas that shaped his life as well as his productive and creative pursuit of science that ultimately earned him a Nobel Prize.
Niels Bohr's Times: In Physics, Philosophy, and Polity
Niels Bohr's Times
In Physics, Philosophy, and Polity
Hardcover      ISBN: 0198520492
Pais ( Subtle is the Lord ) now turns to Niels Bohr to illuminate the life and thought of this giant of 20-century physics. Bohr played a major role in shaping the theory of the atomic nucleus; he decoded the atomic spectrum of hydrogen founding the quantum dynamics of atoms; and his concept of complementarity (which provides philosophical underpinning for quantum theory) qualifies him as one of the 20th century's greatest philosophers. An essential for all science related collections. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
The Boy Who Played With Fusion: Extreme Science, Extreme Parenting, and How to Make a Star
The Boy Who Played With Fusion
Extreme Science, Extreme Parenting, and How to Make a Star
Paperback      ISBN: 0544705025
Offers an account of child genius Taylor Wilson's successful quest to build his own nuclear reactor at the age of 14, and an exploration of how gifted children can be nurtured to do extraordinary things. 35,000 first printing.

Dear Professor Dyson: Twenty Years of Correspondence Between Freeman Dyson and Undergraduate Students on Science, Technology, Society and Life
Dear Professor Dyson
Twenty Years of Correspondence Between Freeman Dyson and Undergraduate Students on Science, Technology, Society and Life
Paperback      ISBN: 9814675857
Freeman Dyson has designed nuclear reactors and bomb-powered spacecraft; he has studied the origins of life and the possibilities for the long-term future; he showed quantum mechanics to be consistent with electrodynamics and started cosmological eschatology; he has won international recognition for his work in science and for his work in reconciling science to religion; he has advised generals and congressional committees. An STS (Science, Technology, Society) curriculum or discussion group that engages topics such as nuclear policies, genetic technologies, environmental sustainability, the role of religion in a scientific society, and a hard look towards the future, would count itself privileged to include Professor Dyson as a class participant and mentor. In this book, STS topics are not discussed as objectified abstractions, but through personal stories.The reader is invited to observe Dyson's influence on a generation of young people as they wrestle with issues of science, technology, society, life in general and our place in the universe. The book is filled with personal anecdotes, student questions and responses, honest doubts and passions.
The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory
The Elegant Universe
Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory
Paperback      ISBN: 039333810x
A leading string theorist distills some of the most sophisticated concepts in all of science into accessible and entertaining bits of information, describing the eleven dimensions of the universe and how the fabric of space tears and repairs itself.
Inside Cern's Large Hadron Collider: From the Proton to the Higgs Boson
Inside Cern's Large Hadron Collider
From the Proton to the Higgs Boson
Hardcover      ISBN: 981465664x
The book aims to explain the historical development of particle physics, with special emphasis on CERN and collider physics. It describes in detail the LHC accelerator and its detectors, describing the science involved as well as the sociology of big collaborations, culminating with the discovery of the Higgs boson. Readers are led step-by-step to understanding why we do particle physics, as well as the tools and problems involved in the field. It provides an insider's view on the experiments at the Large Hadron Collider.
An Introduction to Particle Dark Matter
An Introduction to Particle Dark Matter
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1786340011
Profumo believes that dark matter as particles is lurking just around the corner, and will be discovered by the ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking of theorists and experimentalists, combined with the ability to master the wisdom scientists have accumulated about how to model and search for dark matter as a particle. Leaving cultivation of the former to others, he discusses the latter. He collects lessons he has learned personally and used in his research work that he finds to be valuable tools. Among his topics are the thermal relic paradigm: zeroth-order lessons from cosmology, indirect dark matter searches, searching for dark matter with particle colliders, and sterile neutrinos as dark matter particles. Annotation ©2017 Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR (
Love and Physics: The Peierlses
Love and Physics
The Peierlses
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 9811201382
Nuclear Reactor Physics
Nuclear Reactor Physics
Hardcover      ISBN: 3527413669
This third, completely revised edition of the textbook retains the proven concept of complete and balanced coverage of the topic. The first part looks at basic reactor physics, including, but not limited to nuclear reactions, diffusion theory, reactor dynamics, fuel burnup and reactor safety. The second part then deals with such physically and mathematically more advanced topics as neutron transport theory, resonance absorption and neutron thermalization. For ease of reference, the detailed appendices contain nuclear data, useful mathematical formulas, an overview of special functions as well as an introduction to matrix algebra and Laplace transforms. With its focus on conveying the in-depth knowledge needed by advanced student and professional nuclear engineers, this text is ideal for use in numerous courses, including nuclear reactor physics, advanced nuclear reactor physics, neutron transport theory, nuclear reactor dynamics and stability, and nuclear reactor fuel cycle physics.