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Modern Dance
Multiplicity, Embodiment and the Contemporary Dancer: Moving Identities
Multiplicity, Embodiment and the Contemporary Dancer
Moving Identities
Hardcover      ISBN: 1137429844

This book explores the co-creative practice of contemporary dancers solely from the point of view of the dancer. It reveals multiple dancing perspectives, drawn from interviews, current writing and evocative accounts from inside the choreographic process, illuminating the myriad ways that dancers contribute to the production of dance culture.

My Body, the Buddhist
My Body, the Buddhist
Paperback      ISBN: 0819563285
A premiere choreographer's compelling argument for the agency of the body in creative processes.

Through a series of imaginative approaches to movement and performance, choreographer Deborah Hay presents a profound reflection on the ephemeral nature of the self and the body as the locus of artistic consciousness. Using the same uniquely playful poetics of her revolutionary choreography, she delivers one of the most revealing accounts of what art creation entails and the ways in which the body, the center of our aesthetic knowledge of the world, can be regarded as our most informed teacher.

My Body, The Buddhist becomes a way into Hay's choreographic techniques, a gloss on her philosophy of the body (which shares much with Buddhism), and an extraordinary artist's primer. The book is composed of nineteen short chapters ("my body likes to rest," "my body finds energy in surrender," "my body is bored by answers"), each an example of what Susan Foster calls Hay's "daily attentiveness to the body's articulateness."
Out Loud: A Memoir
Out Loud
A Memoir
Hardcover      ISBN: 0735223076
From the most brilliant and audacious choreographer of our time, the exuberant tale of a young dancer's rise to the pinnacle of the performing arts world, and the triumphs and perils of creating work on his own terms--and staying true to himself

Before Mark Morris became "the most successful and influential choreographer alive" (The New York Times), he was a six year-old in Seattle cramming his feet into Tupperware glasses so that he could practice walking on pointe. Often the only boy in the dance studio, he was called a sissy, a term he wore like a badge of honor. He was unlike anyone else, deeply gifted and spirited.

Moving to New York at nineteen, he arrived to one of the great booms of dance in America. Audiences in 1976 had the luxury of Merce Cunningham's finest experiments with time and space, of Twyla Tharp's virtuosity, and Lucinda Childs's genius. Morris was flat broke but found a group of likeminded artists that danced together, travelled together, slept together. No one wanted to break the spell or miss a thing, because "if you missed anything, you missed everything." This collective, led by Morris's fiercely original vision, became the famed Mark Morris Dance Group.

Suddenly, Morris was making a fast ascent. Celebrated by The New Yorker's critic as one of the great young talents, an androgynous beauty in the vein of Michelangelo's David, he and his company had arrived. Collaborations with the likes of Mikhail Baryshnikov, Yo-Yo Ma, Lou Harrison, and Howard Hodgkin followed. And so did controversy: from the circus of his tenure at La Monnaie in Belgium to his work on the biggest flop in Broadway history. But through the Reagan-Bush era, the worst of the AIDS epidemic, through rehearsal squabbles and backstage intrigues, Morris emerged as one of the great visionaries of modern dance, a force of nature with a dedication to beauty and a love of the body, an artist as joyful as he is provocative.

Out Loud is the bighearted and outspoken story of a man as formidable on the page as he is on the boards. With unusual candor and disarming wit, Morris's memoir captures the life of a performer who broke the mold, a brilliant maverick who found his home in the collective and liberating world of music and dance.
Out of Line: The Story of British New Dance
Out of Line
The Story of British New Dance
Paperback      ISBN: 1852730382
The Rage of Staging: Wim Vandekeybus
The Rage of Staging
Wim Vandekeybus
Hardcover      ISBN: 9401434719

- First book ever on this international choreographer and his company Ultima Vez- "Vandekeybus brought into focus a whole new genre of modern dance... Combat rolls, breakneck sprints and savagely wrestled duets became the defining vocabulary of a new generation." The Guardian- In 2016, Wim Vandekeybus' company Ultima Vez celebrates its 30th birthday In 2016, Wim Vandekeybus' company Ultima Vez celebrates its 30th birthday. Never before has his oeuvre been recorded in a book. Until now. This extraordinary book is a visual trip through the most powerful images from his repertoire, a quest for the ideas and themes that inspire him. It also contains unpublished texts, notes and scripts from his shows and films. A number of compagnons de route, such as David Byrne, Mauro Pawlowski, and Peter Verhelst, offer a personal textual contribution. Text in English, French, and Dutch.

Ralph Lemon: Modern Dance
Ralph Lemon
Modern Dance
Paperback      ISBN: 1633450074

Ralph Lemon (born 1952) is one of the most significant figures to emerge from New York's downtown dance and performance world in the past 40 years. A polymath and shape-shifter, Lemon combines dance and theater with drawing, film, writing and ethnography in works presented on the stage, in publications and in museums. He builds his politically resonant and deeply personal projects in collaboration with dance makers and artists from New York, West Africa, South and East Asia, and the American South. Lemon, who was born in Cincinnati and raised in Minneapolis, describes his explorations as a "search for the forms of formlessness." Absorbing and transmuting fractured mythologies, social history and dance techniques from multiple geographies and decades, Lemon's genre-transcending works perform an alchemy of past and present, reality and fantasy. This book, the first monograph on the artist, features a wide range of texts by scholars and performers, an original photo essay by Lemon and an extensive chronology.

MoMA's Modern Dance is a series of monographs exploring dance makers in the 21st century. Each volume focuses on a single choreographer, presenting a rich collection of newly commissioned texts along with a definitive catalogue of the artist's projects.
Reading Dancing: Bodies and Subjects in Contemporary American Dance
Reading Dancing
Bodies and Subjects in Contemporary American Dance
Paperback      ISBN: 0520063333
Winner of the Dance Perspectives Foundation de la Torre Bueno Prize

Recent approaches to dance composition, seen in the works of Merce Cunningham and the Judson Church performances of the early 1960s, suggest the possibility for a new theory of choreographic meaning. Borrowing from contemporary semiotics and post-structuralist criticism, Reading Dancing outlines four distinct models for representation in dance which are illustrated, first, through an analysis of the works of contemporary choreographers Deborah Hay, George Balanchine, Martha Graham, and Merce Cunningham, and then through reference to historical examples beginning with court ballets of the Renaissance. The comparison of these four approaches to representation affirms the unparalleled diversity of choreographic methods in American dance, and also suggests a critical perspective from which to reflect on dance making and viewing.
Paperback      ISBN: 1852730161

Schrifttanz was one of the most interesting and important journals of the Expressionist dance movement in Germany in the 1920s and 30s. With the suppression of the movement during the Nazi period and the destruction of much relevant archive material during the subsequent war, Schrifttanz provides a unique opportunity for insight into the ideas and artists of the time. Here are presented, translated into English, selected articles from the journal by authors including Rudolf von Laban, Mary Wigman, Bronislava Nijinska, Oskar Schlemmer, and Valeska Gert. They cover a wide range of topics including notation, education, choreography, and dance in relation to the other arts. An extensive bibliography of the period is included, with details of dance magazines and related journals providing an invaluable source for further research.

Striding Out
Striding Out
Paperback      ISBN: 1852730323
Tap Dancing at a Glance
Tap Dancing at a Glance
Paperback      ISBN: 1557094357

Published originally in 1911, this fully illustrated instructional quide to tap-dancing is just the ticket to keep you stomping and hoofing all the way to the bank. The cover says the pictures make it easy...?Some pictures are posed by Ginger Rogers, all the rest are posed by other starlets of the period.