History of Mathematics
Mathematics 1001: Absolutely Everything That Matters in Mathematics in 1001 Bite-Sized Explanations
Mathematics 1001
Absolutely Everything That Matters in Mathematics in 1001 Bite-Sized Explanations
Paperback      ISBN: 1770855009
Provides a practical reference to all aspects of mathematics, using clear explanations of such key mathematical concepts as analysis, logic, metamathematics, and mathematical physics.
Proof!: How the World Became Geometrical
How the World Became Geometrical
Hardcover      ISBN: 0374254907
In this eye-opening narrative, an award-winning historian tells the monumental story of the geometrics that were carved into our world, the beliefs they supported and the ways they shape our lives to this day. Illustrations.
The Puzzle Universe: A History of Mathematics in 315 Puzzles
The Puzzle Universe
A History of Mathematics in 315 Puzzles
Hardcover      ISBN: 1770854754
The Puzzle Universe is intended for general readers and devoted puzzlers. It is about the latent beauty of mathematics, its history, and the puzzles that have advanced and emerged from the science of numbers. It is full of challenging historical facts, thinking puzzles, paradoxes, illusions, and problem solving. There are 315 puzzles in this book. Extended captions explain in easy terms the value of the puzzles for mathematical and educational purposes, particularly in light of the findings of recent research. This historical and pedagogical dimension setsThe Puzzle Universe apart from similar books. The puzzles appear in a dynamic layout for a visual experience that is Ivan Moscovich's trademark. There are ten chapters complete with answers. Icons show the challenge rating and the tools needed (pencil, scissors, ruler, and of course, brain) to solve the puzzle. The chapters are: - Thinking about Playthinks and Your Brain - Beginnings, Greek Math, Geometry and The Ahmes' Puzzle - Primes, Magic Squares and Queen Dido's Problem - Points, Topology and Euler's Seven Bridges Puzzle - Knights And Queens, Cutting Cakes and The Mystery of the Pendulum - Science, Dimensions, Randomness and The Tower Of Hanoi Puzzle - Infinity, Impossible, Mixed Hats and Mixing Tea with Milk Puzzle - Paradoxes, Cellular Automata, Hollow Cube and Night Crossing Puzzle - Perception, Illusions, Parity and Puzzles about Truth and Lies of Ray - Answers. With this book, Ivan Moscovitch invites readers to join him in the puzzle universe, a pleasant environment of creative discovery, problem solving, fun and enjoyment.
History of Pi
History of Pi
Paperback      ISBN: 0312381859
Documents the calculation, numerical value, and use of the ratio from 2000 B.C. to the modern computer age, detailing social conditions in eras when progress was made
Power in Numbers: The Rebel Women of Mathematics
Power in Numbers
The Rebel Women of Mathematics
Hardcover      ISBN: 1631064851
Prepare to be inspired. Power in Numbers: The Rebel Women of Mathematics is a full-color volume that takes aim at the forgotten influence of women on the development of mathematics over the last two millennia. You'll see each eminent mathematician come to life on each page, women like the astronomer-philosopher Hypatia, theoretical physicist Emmy Noether, and rocket scientist Annie Easley. Power in Numbers: The Rebel Women of Mathematics is an affirmation of female genius and a celebration of the boundless applications of mathematics. See their stories!
Is God a Mathematician?
Is God a Mathematician?
Hardcover      ISBN: 074329405x
Explores the plausibility of mathematical answers to puzzles in the physical world, in an accessible exploration of the lives and thoughts of such figures as Archimedes, Galileo, and Newton.
Introducing Mathematics: A Graphic Guide
Introducing Mathematics
A Graphic Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 1848312970
Introducing Mathematics traces the story of mathematics from the ancient world to modern times, describing the great discoveries and providing an accessible introduction to topics such as algebra and chaos theory.
Mathematics: The New Golden Age
The New Golden Age
Hardcover      ISBN: 0231116381
Presents a survey of advances in mathematics over the past twenty-five years, including such topics as prime numbers, factories, sets, and number systems
Finding Zero: A Mathematician's Odyssey to Uncover the Origins of Numbers
Finding Zero
A Mathematician's Odyssey to Uncover the Origins of Numbers
Hardcover      ISBN: 1137279842
"The invention of numerals is perhaps the greatest abstraction the human mind has ever created. Virtually everything in our lives is digital, numerical, or quantified. The story of how and where we got these numerals, which we so depend on, has for thousands of years been shrouded in mystery. Finding Zero is an adventure filled saga of Amir Aczel's lifelong obsession: to find the original sources of our numerals. Aczel has doggedly crisscrossed the ancient world, scouring dusty, moldy texts, cross examining so-called scholars who offered wildly differing sets of facts, and ultimately penetrating deep into a Cambodian jungle to find a definitive proof. Here, he takes the reader along for the ride. The history begins with the early Babylonian cuneiform numbers, followed by the later Greek and Roman letter numerals. Then Aczel asks the key question: where do the numbers we use today, the so-called Hindu-Arabic numerals, come from? It is this search that leads him to explore uncharted territory, to go on a grand quest into India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and ultimately into the wilds of Cambodia. There he is blown away to find the earliest zero--the keystone of our entire system of numbers--on a crumbling, vine-covered wall of a seventh-century temple adorned with eaten-away erotic sculptures. While on this odyssey, Aczel meets a host of fascinating characters: academics in search of truth, jungle trekkers looking for adventure, surprisingly honest politicians, shameless smugglers, and treacherous archaeological thieves--who finally reveal where our numbers come from. "--
Ancient Astronomical Observations and the Study of the Moon's Motion 1691-1757
Ancient Astronomical Observations and the Study of the Moon's Motion 1691-1757
Hardcover      ISBN: 1461421489
The discovery of a gradual acceleration in the moon's mean motion by Edmond Halley in the last decade of the seventeenth century led to a revival of interest in reports of astronomical observations from antiquity. These observations provided the only means to study the moon's 'secular acceleration', as this newly-discovered acceleration became known. This book contains the first detailed study of the use of ancient and medieval astronomical observations in order to investigate the moon's secular acceleration from its discovery by Halley to the establishment of the magnitude of the acceleration by Richard Dunthorne, Tobias Mayer and Jérôme Lalande in the 1740s and 1750s. Making extensive use of previously unstudied manuscripts, this work shows how different astronomers used the same small body of preserved ancient observations in different ways in their work on the secular acceleration. In addition, this work looks at the wider context of the study of the moon's secular acceleration, including its use in debates of biblical chronology, whether the heavens were made up of æther, and the use of astronomy in determining geographical longitude. It also discusses wider issues of the perceptions and knowledge of ancient and medieval astronomy in the early-modern period. This book will be of interest to historians of astronomy, astronomers and historians of the ancient world.