Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind
The Battle for Your Mind
Paperback      ISBN: 0071373586

The first book to deal with the problems of communicating to a skeptical, media-blitzed public, Positioning describes a revolutionary approach to creating a position in a prospective customer's mind-one that reflects a company's own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of its competitors. Writing in their trademark witty, fast-paced style, advertising gurus Ries and Trout explain how to:

  • Make and position an industry leader so that its name and message wheedles its way into the collective subconscious of your market-and stays there
  • Position a follower so that it can occupy a niche not claimed by the leader
  • Avoid letting a second product ride on the coattails of an established one.

Positioning also shows you how to:

  • Use leading ad agency techniques to capture the biggest market share and become a household name
  • Build your strategy around your competition's weaknesses
  • Reposition a strong competitor and create a weak spot
  • Use your present position to its best advantage
  • Choose the best name for your product
  • Determine when-and why-less is more
  • Analyze recent trends that affect your positioning.

Ries and Trout provide many valuable case histories and penetrating analyses of some of the most phenomenal successes and failures in advertising history. Revised to reflect significant developments in the five years since its original publication, Positioning is required reading for anyone in business today.

Ogilvy on Advertising
Ogilvy on Advertising
Paperback      ISBN: 039472903x
A candid and indispensable primer on all aspects of advertising from the man Time has called the most sought after wizard in the business.

Told with brutal candor and prodigal generosity, David Ogilvy reveals:

- How to get a job in advertising
- How to choose an agency for your product
- The secrets behind advertising that works
- How to write successful copy--and get people to read it
- Eighteen miracles of research
- What advertising can do for charities

And much, much more.
The Wizard of Ads: Turning Words Into Magic and Dreamers Into Millionaires
The Wizard of Ads
Turning Words Into Magic and Dreamers Into Millionaires
Paperback      ISBN: 1885167296

Presents the principles of advertising and marketing that will help small businesses gain an advantage over competitors.

Where the Suckers Moon: The Life and Death of an Advertising Campaign
Where the Suckers Moon
The Life and Death of an Advertising Campaign
Paperback      ISBN: 0679740422

For all the right reasons. Cars that can. What to Drive. The perfect Car for an Imperfect World. Only one of these slogans would be chosen by Subaru of America to sell its cars in the recession year of 1991.

As six advertising agencies scrambled for the account and the winner tried to churn out the Big Idea that would install Subaru in the collective national unconscious, Randall Rothenberg was there, observing every nuance of the chaos, comedy, creativity, and egotism that made up an ad campaign.

One can read Rothenberg's book as the behind-the-scenes chronicle of the brief and very troubled marriage between a beleaguered automobile company and Wieden & Kennedy, an aggressively hip ad agency whose creative director despised cars. One can read it as a history of advertising's journey from the conventionally upbeat slogan Helps Build Strong Bodies 12 Ways to the supercool nineties minimalism of Bo Knows. Either way, Where the Suckers Moon is a face-paced, insightful, and occasionally appalling look at an industry whose obsession with image has affected our entireculture.
Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: A Guide to Creating Great Ads
Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This
A Guide to Creating Great Ads
Paperback      ISBN: 0471293393

A funny, irreverent overview of the good, the bad, and the ugly in advertising. Luke Sullivan, a copywriter at one of the nation's most prestigious ad agencies, divulges all the secrets to making a great ad. With hysterical examples and anecdotes, he gives tips and pointers on how to create an ad that will "go in one ear and stay there."

Different Brains, Different Approaches: Successful Neuro Advertising for Male and Female
Different Brains, Different Approaches
Successful Neuro Advertising for Male and Female
Paperback      ISBN: 9063694350

This book describes neurological differences between the male and female brain, and the effect of advertising. It describes how men and women think, the origin of their emotions, and why they make certain decisions. With this knowledge, the creatives and marketers of a brand can create more effective communication.

The Medium Is the Message: And 50 Other Ridiculous Advertising Rules
The Medium Is the Message
And 50 Other Ridiculous Advertising Rules
Hardcover      ISBN: 9063692153

The world of advertising seems to have a seemingly endless list of rules. Some consider these rules to be valuable words of wisdom; others perceive them to be mere restrictions, dogmas, and formulae that need to be bent, twisted, or broken entirely.

The Medium is the Message provides a list of inspirational or delusional advertising jargon for the world to judge.

Fables of Abundance: A Cultural History of Advertising in America
Fables of Abundance
A Cultural History of Advertising in America
Paperback      ISBN: 0465090753
Fables of Abundance ranges from the traveling peddlers of early modern Europe to the twentieth-century American corporation, exploring the ways that advertising collaborated with other cultural institutions to produce the dominant aspirations and anxieties in the modern United States.
Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This!: The Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads
Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This!
The Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads
4th Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1118101332
The classic (and irreverent) bestselling guide to creating great advertising

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This has inspired a generation of ad students, copywriters, and young creatives to make their mark in the industry. But students need new guidance to ply their craft now in the digital world. This new fourth edition explains how to bring brand stories into interactive, dynamic places online, in addition to traditional television, radio, print, and outdoor ads.

Creativity is still king, but this new edition contains:

  • Important new chapters and updates that bring Whipple into the new digital world
  • New content and examples for how to use social media and other emerging platforms
  • Illustrate what's changing in the new world of advertising--and what isn't

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This will help sharpen your writing chops, unleash your creativity, and help raise the level of your work from hack to master craftsman.

100 Ideas That Changed Advertising
100 Ideas That Changed Advertising
Paperback      ISBN: 1780672349

A chronicle of the key ideas that have shaped the adverts we see everyday, 100 Ideas That Changed Advertising offers a fascinating insight into an ever-changing and fast moving industry.

Arranged broadly chronologically, the book looks at the overnight revolutions, the flashes of inspiration, and the long-term evolutions that advertisers have wrought upon their industry. Author Simon Veksner guides us through the key ideas behind these changes, from the development of the first advertising formats and the history of branding, to the creative revolutions of the 1960s and the digital age. Looking forward, the book considers the most recent thinking in reaching new audiences, including the rise of neuromarketing and the latest behavioural economics.

Illustrated with hundreds of examples of adverts and explaining their power to inspire, delight, and annoy, but above all, to make us buy, the book is an absorbing guide to a turbulent industry.