Theory Performing Arts
The Theory of the Modern Stage: An Introduction to Modern Theatre and Drama
The Theory of the Modern Stage
An Introduction to Modern Theatre and Drama
Paperback      ISBN: 155783279x
Including Antoin Artaud, Bertolt Brecht, E. Gordon Craig, Luigi Pirandello, Konstantin Stanislavsky, W. B. Yeats, and Emile Zolaing.
The Haunted Stage: The Theatre As Memory Machine
The Haunted Stage
The Theatre As Memory Machine
Hardcover      ISBN: 0472112422
Using examples from theatrical cultures and performances around the world and from classical times to the contemporary, The Haunted Stage explores the ways in which theatre reuses material, both physical and narrative, and how this process relates to theatrical reception. Any regular theatregoer is familiar with the effect of a performance calling to mind the actor's previous performances in earlier productions. Sometimes this reinforces the impression the production is seeking to give, and other times it distracts, but the ghost in the memory of the spectator in either case crucially informs the process of reception.
Theatre at the Margins: The Political, the Popular, the Personal, the Profane
Theatre at the Margins
The Political, the Popular, the Personal, the Profane
Paperback      ISBN: 0817310460
Acts of Activism: Human Rights As Radical Performance
Acts of Activism
Human Rights As Radical Performance
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0521519225
Madison presents the neglected yet compelling and necessary story of local activists in South Saharan Africa who employ modes of performance as tactics of resistance and intervention in their day-to-day struggles for human rights. The dynamic relationship between performance and activism are illustrated in three case studies: Act One presents a battle between tradition and modernity as the bodies of African women are caught in the cross-fire. Act Two focuses on 'water democracy' as activists fight for safe, accessible public water as a human right. Act Three examines the efficacy of street performance and theatre for development in the oral histories of Ghanaian gender activists. Unique to this book is the continuing juxtaposition between the everyday performances of local activism and their staged enactments before theatre audiences in Ghana and the USA. Madison beautifully demonstrates how these disparate sites of performance cohere in the service of rights, justice, and activism.
Acts of Passion: Sexuality, Gender and Performance
Acts of Passion
Sexuality, Gender and Performance
Hardcover      ISBN: 0789003708
Adaptation in Contemporary Theatre: Performing Literature
Adaptation in Contemporary Theatre
Performing Literature
Hardcover      ISBN: 1472530527
Adaptation in Contemporary Theatre: Performing Literature
Adaptation in Contemporary Theatre
Performing Literature
Paperback      ISBN: 1472531426
Analysing Performance: Issues and Interpretations
Analysing Performance
Issues and Interpretations
Paperback      ISBN: 071904250x
Each chapter in this important critical reader tackles the theory and practice of modern performance work, and enables students and teachers to see what is at stake in analysing dance, drama, music and videos using contemporary critical theories. Including Elizabeth Wright on psychoanalysis, Baz Kershaw on the politics of performance, Jatinder Verma on multiculturalism, E. Ann Kaplan on MTV and video, Lizabeth Goodman on feminism and AIDS, Stephen Connor on postmodernism and many others.
Autobiography and Performance
Autobiography and Performance
Hardcover      ISBN: 0230537537
What is the relationship between past and present in performance, given that the performing body is tangibly present in the here and now? What is the relationship between performance and authenticity? Between live, apparently 'confessional' performance and supposedly 'reality' television? Autobiography in Performance will provide a broad overview of the key concepts pertaining to 'autobiography' in the field of performance. Heddon's engaging style seamlessly blends the theoretical and the personal, raising and pursuing provactive questions around issues of 'truth', 'identity', personal history and political agency, confession, voyeurism and ethics. The book provides case studies of key international practitioners, including Tim Miller, Lisa Kron, Bobby Baker and Curious.
Becoming an Actor
Becoming an Actor
Paperback      ISBN: 1848421567
A brilliant new handbook, full of insider information on the realities of attending drama school and pursuing an acting career. Practical and informative, Becoming an Actor reveals what drama school classes really entail and offers unbeatable guidance and support through the critical times in a young actor's career.