Retirement Plans
AARP Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life: Smart Choices about Money, Health, Work, Lifestyle ... and Pursuing Your Dreams
AARP Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life
Smart Choices about Money, Health, Work, Lifestyle ... and Pursuing Your Dreams
Paperback      ISBN: 1118401123

WASHINGTON POST Bestseller List 3/30/14

Solid solutions and step-by-step instructions for planning the next stage of your life

Life after 50 isn't what it used to be. The rules have changed. No more guaranteed pensions, retiree health plans, or extensive leisure and travel. It's time to forge new paths and create innovative models. That's where the AARP Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life comes in. Bart Astor, author of more than a dozen books, offers a comprehensive guide for making lifestyle decisions, growing your nest egg, and realizing your goals. This AARP book--

  • Provides guidance on the key areas you'll need to consider: finances and work, health and fitness, Medicare and Social Security, estate planning, insurance, housing, and more
  • Offers expert tips on creating age- and health-specific goals through a personal "Level of Activity" scale based on how active you can and want to be
  • Includes tips for finding fun and fulfilling activities and even completing your bucket list
  • Supplies ready-to-use worksheets to help you set and meet financial planning goals, get your legal affairs in order, and maintain adequate health insurance
  • Contains a comprehensive list of valuable resources
The Ageing Population, Pensions and Contractual Savings
The Ageing Population, Pensions and Contractual Savings
Paperback      ISBN: 9024733766

Since Malthus and the days of the long-term conceptions ofthe other classical econ- omists - an era characterized so poignantly by W.]. Baumol as the magnificent dynamics - demography has not featured prominently in economics. Although admittedly post-war growth theories have always included the growth ofthe volume of labour as an exogenous variable in their considerations, this did not receive the explicit attention of economists. Analyses of the capital market tended even less to draw attention to or inspire interest in the demographic element, despite the fact that the savings behaviour ofindividuals is also determined by their life cycle, an interest- ing demographic detail. This study by A.P. Huijser and PD. van Loo, staff members of the Econometric Research and Special Studies Department of the Nederlandsche Bank, is expressly based on expected demographic developments in the Netherlands until the year 2025. The study centres on the premise that the much-discussed ageing ofthe Dutch population will make heavy demands on the financing of old age pensions and on capital market supply, notably after the turn of the century. The link between pen- sions and the capital market runs via the increase in the pension funds' premium reserve as the main component of contractual savings.

Ageproof: Living Longer Without Running Out of Money or Breaking a Hip
Living Longer Without Running Out of Money or Breaking a Hip
Hardcover      ISBN: 1455567302

Two of the world's leading experts explain the vital link between health and wealth that could add years to your life and dollars to your retirement savings.
All the money in the world doesn't mean a thing if we can't get out of bed. And the healthiest body in the world won't stay that way if we're frazzled about five figures worth of debt. TODAY Show financial expert Jean Chatzky and the Cleveland Clinic's chief wellness officer Dr. Michael Roizen explain the vital connection between health and wealth--giving readers all the tactics, strategies, and know-how to live longer, healthier, more lucrative lives.

The same principles that allow us to achieve a better body will allow us to do the same for our investment portfolio. For instance, physical and financial stability comes down to the same equation: Inflow versus outflow. Do we burn more calories than we ingest? Likewise, are we making more money than we spend? The authors detail scientific ways to improve our behavior so that the answers tilt in the readers' favor. They also offer ways to beat the system by automating how we do things and limiting our decisions in the face of too much food or too much debt. Chatzky and Roizen provide a plan for both financial independence and biological strength with action steps to get you there.
Answers to 100 Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Retirement Benefits
Answers to 100 Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Retirement Benefits
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 156649401x
Please Note: Although the “Answers” in this book are drawn from the SSA website and publications, this book is not published, authorized, or endorsed by the Social Security Administration.

For most Americans, Social Security is their largest financial asset, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and indexed against inflation.

It is also an incredibly complicated program, with thousands of rules and regulations. Failure to understand these rules and regulations costs Americans billions of dollar every year in lost benefits.

The editor of this book has sifted through thousands of pages of SSA publications to select the answers to the most important questions about retirement benefits, and presents them here in a useful and coherent manner.

Updated for 2020, the Third Edition of this book includes recent changes in rules and regulations; the latest COLA (Cost-of-Living Adjustment); maximum taxable earnings; earnings limit; amount needed to earn a “credit”; and average and maximum benefits payable.

Answers to 100 Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Retirement Benefits for Married People, Divorcees, Dependents and Survivors
Answers to 100 Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Retirement Benefits for Married People, Divorcees, Dependents and Survivors
Paperback      ISBN: 1566494028

Automatic: Changing the Way America Saves
Changing the Way America Saves
Paperback      ISBN: 0815702787

"Argues for a fresh approach to saving, simplified retirement planning, and managing risks associated with today's IRA environment. Calls for transformation of 401(k)s, incorporating features of defined benefit plans as automatic arrangements. Considers experiences of countries with automatic saving structures and presents proposals to implement similar features in this country"--Provided by publisher.

Baby Boomer Survival Guide: Live, Prosper, and Thrive in Your Retirement
Baby Boomer Survival Guide
Live, Prosper, and Thrive in Your Retirement
Paperback      ISBN: 1630060003

As boomers prepare to retire in an economic climate that has many rethinking their plans, it is crucial that they take every facet of their golden years into consideration. DaVinci's Baby Boomer Survival Guide is the premier roadmap to retirement with the postwar generation in mind.

Authors Barbara Rockefeller and Nick Tate team up to craft this comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide that covers all necessary financial, healthcare, and lifestyle- related considerations, like:

- Optimal retirement age and Social Security filing strategy
- Intelligent investing
- Housing and reverse mortgages
- Wills and trusts
- Long-term healthcare and Medicare
- Staying healthy, both mentally and physically
- Best places to live based on income, and much more...

Don't leave the best years of your life to chance -- retire in comfort with the help of DaVinci's Baby Boomer Survival Guide proven and sound advice.
Bank on Yourself: The Life-Changing Secret to Protecting Your Financial Future
Bank on Yourself
The Life-Changing Secret to Protecting Your Financial Future
Paperback      ISBN: 1593155662

The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller Bank On Yourself: The Life-Changing Secret to Growing and Protecting Your Financial Future reveals the secrets to taking back control of your financial future that Wall Street, banks, and credit card companies don't want you to know.

Can you imagine what it would be like to look forward to opening your account statements because they always have good news and never any ugly surprises?

More than 500,000 Americans of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds are already using Bank On Yourself to grow a nest-egg they can predict and count on, even when stocks, real estate, and other investments tumble. You'll meet some of them and hear their stories of how Bank On Yourself has helped them reach a wide variety of short- and longterm personal and financial goals and dreams in this book.

The Bogleheads' Guide to Retirement Planning
The Bogleheads' Guide to Retirement Planning
Paperback      ISBN: 0470919019

The Bogleheads are back-with retirement planning advice for those who need it

Whatever your current financial situation, you must continue to strive for a viable retirement plan by finding the most effective ways to save, the best accounts to save in, and the right amount to save, as well as understanding how to insure against setbacks and handle the uncertainties of a shaky economy.

Fortunately, the Bogleheads, a group of like-minded individual investors who follow the general investment and business beliefs of John C. Bogle, are here to help. Filled with valuable advice on a wide range of retirement planning issues, including some pearls of wisdom from Bogle himself, The Bogleheads' Guide to Retirement Planning has everything you need to succeed at this endeavor.

  • Explains the different types of savings accounts and retirement plans
  • Offers insights on managing and funding your retirement accounts
  • Details efficient withdrawal strategies that could help you maintain a comfortable retirement lifestyle
  • Addresses essential estate planning and gifting issues

With The Bogleheads' Guide to Retirement Planning, you'll discover exactly what it takes to secure your financial future, today.

Breaking the Watch
Breaking the Watch
Hardcover      ISBN: 0801437717

The topic of retirement becomes increasingly compelling as the U.S. population ages. It's easy to find books about how to plan financially for those years after careers end, but Breaking the Watch focuses on the many ways of creating a life, not just making a living, as a retired person.This book follows women and men from a rural American community as they approach and experience the first years of retirement. Joel Savishinsky focuses on the efforts people make to find meaning in a stage of life American culture often views in a confused or disdainful way.In conversations and stories, 13 men and 13 women demonstrate a deep commitment to defining their own retirement. They bring to their mature years a diversity of backgrounds, interests, and responsibilities. They include former teachers, librarians, doctors, farmers, lawyers, bankers, mail carriers, and secretaries. Some are married, others divorced or single; many have children and grandchildren, but some have neither. Their finances run the gamut from the modest to the munificent, while their health ranges from robust to disabled. From an examination of the "rites of passage" that marked their exit from full-time work, Breaking the Watch moves on to consider how to plan appropriately for retirement; renegotiate ties to friends, family, and community; and create a sense of passion--be it for t'ai chi, travel, painting, or politics--that will drive a new sense of purpose. These intimate glimpses into real lives allow a rare understanding of the retirement process.