Time Management
The 8 Minute Organizer: Easy Solutions to Simplify Your Life in Your Spare Time
The 8 Minute Organizer
Easy Solutions to Simplify Your Life in Your Spare Time
Paperback      ISBN: 0738215716
The best-selling author of One Year to an Organized Life explains how to organize one's home in a few minutes each day, in a book that covers closets, junk drawers, mail, periodic tasks, daily routines and much more. Original.
The 80/20 Manager: The Secret to Working Less and Achieving More
The 80/20 Manager
The Secret to Working Less and Achieving More
Hardcover      ISBN: 031624306x
Shows managers how to apply the 80/20 Principle--the idea that 80 percent of results come from just 20 percent of effort--to achieve exceptional results at work--without stress or long hours.

The 80/20 Manager
The 80/20 Manager
Paperback      ISBN: 0316243035

Administración del tiempo / Time management
Administración del tiempo / Time management
Spanish    Hardcover      ISBN: 0718033612
Administraci del tiempoMás que cualquier otra habilidad en tu carrera, la capacidad de manejar el tiempo determinará tu éxito o fracaso. Es una simple ecuación. En cuanto mejor uses tu tiempo, conseguirás más y más grandes serán tus recompensas. Esta práctica guía de bolsillo revela 21 técnicas comprobadas que puede usar inmediatamente para ganar dos o más horas productivas cada día. Ofrece las estrategias que el experto en negocios Brian Tracy ha identificado como las más eficaces que él mismo emplea.Lleno de la sabiduría característica de Brian Tracy, este libro te ayudará a conseguir más cosas... y con mucho menos estrés.Este práctico libro te enseñará a:• Manejar las interminables interrupciones, reuniones, correos electrónicos y llamadas telefónicas• Identificar sus principales áreas de resultados• Designar suficiente tiempo para las responsabilidades más prioritarias• Agrupar las actividades similares para mantenerse enfocado y aprovechar al máximo cada minuto• Superar la postergación• Determinar que delegar y que eliminar• Utilizar el Programa de evaluación y técnicas de revisión para trabajar a partir del futuro... y asegurar que alcanza sus metas más importantes• Y más.
All in Good Time: When to Save, Stock Up, and Schedule Everything for Your Home
All in Good Time
When to Save, Stock Up, and Schedule Everything for Your Home
Paperback      ISBN: 0425245160
Find out The Best Time to Mow the Lawn * Remodel the Kitchen * Run the Dishwasher * Buy Tomatoes * and More...From the founders of YOURWAY.NET and DEALSEEKINGMOM.COM (One of Forbes Magazine's "Top 100 Websites for Women") A few dollars wasted here, a few minutes lost there...it all adds up, and soon you're stretched thin, stressed out, and wishing you had more free time and financial resources for the important things, like your family-and yourself. These authors know-as busy moms with nine children between them, they've been there! It's time to get your house- and schedule-in order. The secret to streamlining your life is in the timing: knowing exactly when to do, buy, travel, or try... FIND OUT THE SMARTEST TIMING FOR getting a haircut * flipping a mattress * buying a grill * taking a family vacation * filling the gas tank * buying (and applying) sunscreen * stocking a gift closet * seeing the dentist * getting a mammogram * buying a bike (and learning to ride) * filling a prescription * and much more PLUS: LEARN THE SECRETS TO CUTTING YOUR GROCERY BILL WITH OR WITHOUT CLIPPING COUPONS
Around the Writer's Block: Using Brain Science to Solve Writer's Resistance
Around the Writer's Block
Using Brain Science to Solve Writer's Resistance
Paperback      ISBN: 158542871x
Discover the tricks that your brain uses to keep you from writing—and how to beat them. Do you: - Want to write, but find it impossible to get started? - Keep your schedules so full that you don't have any time to write? - Wait until the last minute to write, even though you know you could do a better job if you gave yourself more time? - Suddenly remember ten other things that you need to do whenever you sit down to write? - Sabotage your own best efforts with lost files, missed deadlines, or excessive self-criticism? The good news is that you're not lazy, undisciplined, or lacking in willpower, talent or ambition. You just need to learn what's going on inside your brain, and harness the power of brain science to beat resistance and develop a productive writing habit. In Around the Writer's Block, Rosanne Bane-- a creativity coach and writing teacher for more than 20 years-- uses the most recent breakthroughs in brain science to help us understand, in simple, clear language, where writing resistance comes from: a fight-or-flight response hard-wired into our brain, which can make us desperate to flee the sources of our anxieties by any means possible. Bane's three-part plan, which has improved the productivity of thousands of writers, helps you develop new reliable writing habits, rewire the brain's responses to the anxiety of writing, and turn writing from a source of stress and anxiety into one of joy and personal growth.

The Art of Stopping Time
The Art of Stopping Time
Hardcover      ISBN: 1623369096
The best-selling author of The Urban Monk outlines recommendations for innovative and mindful time management as inspired by ancient Chinese spiritual practices, demonstrating how overscheduled readers can find moments of transformative mental awareness during everyday tasks.
Breaking Up With Busy: Real-Life Solutions for Overscheduled Women
Breaking Up With Busy
Real-Life Solutions for Overscheduled Women
Hardcover      ISBN: 160868525x
Overbooking and under-sleeping have become status symbols, having it all synonymous with doing it all, and uni-tasking only for under-achievers. It may not be possible to return to a time when driving wasn’t a time to read messages, family dinner peak Tweet time, and “playing” with kids at the park the perfect time to check Facebook, but Yvonne Tally wants to give the millions of women who are tired of being tired some options. A successful career woman herself, Tally knows that quality self-time isn’t working on the phone while getting a mani / pedi or guzzling cocktails to wind down. She stresses the benefits of living a more sane and balanced life — from longevity, looks, and libido to self-actualization and spiritual connection. To get there, she details methodical, incremental ways to change habits, transform thinking, and reconnect with one’s own unique, personal sense of play and pleasure.
Busy: How to Thrive in a World of Too Much
How to Thrive in a World of Too Much
Hardcover      ISBN: 1455532983
"Business psychologist Tony Crabbe outlines a unique four-step approach to combating one of the modern life's great problems: being too busy. BUSY is divided into four digestible sections -- Mastery, Differentiation, Engagement and Momentum -- that will teach readers how to switch from managing time to managing attention, how to transition toward a career strategy that doesn't hinge on productivity, how to think differently about success by re-engaging with what matters, and how to create the impetus, energy, and clarity to put all these changes into effect. Crabbe draws on entertaining psychological studies to show why we're getting it wrong at the moment and to develop a fresh new approach to taking back one's life from chaotic outside forces. Rarely has a book been more timely in both its scope and in its immediate impact. "--

Cluttered Mess to Organized Success: Declutter & Organize Your Home and Life With over 100 Checklists and Worksheets + Free Full Downloads
Cluttered Mess to Organized Success
Declutter & Organize Your Home and Life With over 100 Checklists and Worksheets + Free Full Downloads
Paperback      ISBN: 1633537080
Declutter Your Home, Declutter Your Life Organize your life: Do you dream of getting organized, but have no idea where to start? Cluttered Mess to Organized Success: A Real Life Approach to Decluttering and Tidying-up your Home offers you everything you need to organize your home, family and your time. This book not only provides helpful tips and advice, but it is jam packed with over 100 tear-out lists, forms, labels, schedules and everything else you need to organize your life. Declutter your way to happiness: Cassandra Aarssen is a Professional Organizer and creator of the successful blog and YouTube channel, ClutterBug. After struggling for years with chaos and clutter, Cassandra transformed her home and her life through organization. She now shares her favorite organizing tips, tricks and secrets in order to help others declutter their way to happiness. Cassandra’s debut book, Real Life Organizing has been inspiring families from all over the world to get control of their clutter and fall in love with their home all over again.