Time Management
How a Little Planning Beats a Lot of Firefighting
How a Little Planning Beats a Lot of Firefighting
Paperback      ISBN: 1472119061
For anyone whose work / life balance has slipped or is in tatters, this book will show how a little planning will enable them to get their life back.
How to Be a Productivity Ninja: Worry Less, Achieve More and Love What You Do
How to Be a Productivity Ninja
Worry Less, Achieve More and Love What You Do
Paperback      ISBN: 178578028x
In the age of information overload, traditional time management techniques simply don’t cut it when it comes to overflowing inboxes, ever-expanding to-do lists and endless, pointless meetings. Thankfully there is a better way: The Way of the Productivity Ninja. Using techniques including Ruthlessness, Mindfulness, Zen-like Calm and Stealth & Camouflage you will get your inbox down to zero, make the most of your attention, beat procrastination and learn to work smarter, not harder. Written by one of the world’s foremost productivity experts, How to be a Productivity Ninja is a fun, accessible and practical guide to staying cool, calm and collected, getting more done, and learning to love your work again. Since 2009, when they were founded by best-selling author Graham Allcott, Think Productive's range of practical, human and straight to the point workshops have been transforming the productivity of leading companies and organizations around the world. Think Productive are passionate about Productivity. Their Productivity Ninjas (that’s what they call their coaches) deliver workshops, practical coaching and consultancy to help people get more done, with less stress. Think Productive structure their sessions to include workshop-room time as well as at-desk coaching. So on Getting Your Inbox to Zero’ for example, people actually GET their inboxes to zero by the end of the 3 hours not just talk about it. They offer an email follow-up service to help make sure the learning sticks and are available on email to answer follow-up questions. The Ninjas know all the best tips and tricks for Outlook, Gmail, PC, Mac, pen and paper, iPhone, Android and whatever else you might use!
In Praise Of Slowness: Challenging The Cult Of Speed
In Praise Of Slowness
Challenging The Cult Of Speed
Paperback      ISBN: 0060750510
Analyzes and challenges human history's cultures of speed and efficiency, identifying the benefits of a slower-paced lifestyle while noting time-defying practices of thirteenth-century Benedictine monks, during the Industrial Revolution, in the modern world, and more. Reprint. 30,000 first printing.
The Knot Book of Wedding Lists: The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Day, Down to the Smallest Detail
The Knot Book of Wedding Lists
The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Day, Down to the Smallest Detail
Paperback      ISBN: 0307341933
A valuable wedding planning handbook from the experts at TheKnot.com is filled with dozens of essential timelines, tools, checklists, and tips designed to help the bride-to-be design, organize, and prepare for the wedding of her dreams, with a minimum of fuss and hassle. Original. 40,000 first printing.
Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time
Procrastinate on Purpose
5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time
Paperback      ISBN: 0399170634
"New York Times bestselling author and sales-performance trainer Rory Vaden brings his high-energy approach and can-do spirit to the most nagging problem in our professional lives: stalled productivity. Millions are overworked, organizationally challenged, or have a motivation issue that's holding them back. Vaden presents a simple yet powerful paradigm that will set readers free to do their best work--on time and without stress and anxiety"--
Stop Looking at Your Phone: A Helpful Guide
Stop Looking at Your Phone
A Helpful Guide
Hardcover      ISBN: 1449497535
In an age when we'd rather Instagram our food than eat it, this cheeky, illustrated instruction manual humorously demonstrates how to remove our eyes from our phones and reconnect with the real world. In his wonderfully deadpan instruction manual for our increasingly device-focused lives, illustrator Son of Alan taps into the strange truth of our obsession with the tiny screen. Revealing how ludicrous we've all become, and what wonders lie in stall for us mere inches from our faces, this book will make you want to reclaim your life, your friends, and your family from the tyranny of the backlit screen. Without nagging or preaching, this book uses hilarious but simple illustrations to highlight our universal (and ridiculous) dependence on the cell phone. In Stop Looking at Your Phone, device-driven readers will receive a much needed reminder of the possibilities life offers beyond the digitally enhanced screen.
When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing
The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing
Paperback      ISBN: 0735210632
Instant New York Times Bestseller #1 Wall Street Journal Business Bestseller Instant Washington Post Bestseller "Brims with a surprising amount of insight and practical advice." --The Wall Street Journal Daniel H. Pink, the #1 bestselling author of Drive and To Sell Is Human, unlocks the scientific secrets to good timing to help you flourish at work, at school, and at home. Everyone knows that timing is everything. But we don't know much about timing itself. Our lives are a never-ending stream of "when" decisions: when to start a business, schedule a class, get serious about a person. Yet we make those decisions based on intuition and guesswork. Timing, it's often assumed, is an art. In When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, Pink shows that timing is really a science. Drawing on a rich trove of research from psychology, biology, and economics, Pink reveals how best to live, work, and succeed. How can we use the hidden patterns of the day to build the ideal schedule? Why do certain breaks dramatically improve student test scores? How can we turn a stumbling beginning into a fresh start? Why should we avoid going to the hospital in the afternoon? Why is singing in time with other people as good for you as exercise? And what is the ideal time to quit a job, switch careers, or get married? In When, Pink distills cutting-edge research and data on timing and synthesizes them into a fascinating, readable narrative packed with irresistible stories and practical takeaways that give readers compelling insights into how we can live richer, more engaged lives.
10 Steps to Successful Time Management
10 Steps to Successful Time Management
Paperback      ISBN: 1562867180
The goal of this book is not to save your time, it is to save your life--the life you want to live while everything else is getting in your way. In 10 easy steps, authors Kevin O'Connor and Cyndi Maxey provide tips, tools, and techniques that will enable you to spend your time wisely, focus efforts on your priorities, and waste less time on busy work.
The 100-Day Goal Journal: Accomplish What Matters to You
The 100-Day Goal Journal
Accomplish What Matters to You
Hardcover      ISBN: 1454930748
Accomplish your number-one goal in just 100 days and stay focused with this motivational journal. Success is just 100 days away! Whether you're an aspiring business owner, a student who wants good grades, or someone who wants to build healthy eating habits, this interactive journal will guide you every step of the way. Using the best elements from John Lee Dumas's wildly popular, self-published The Freedom Journal and The Mastery Journal, it provides structure, holds you accountable, and puts you on the right track. Set an attainable goal and outline exactly what you want to achieve. Use the daily planning pages to help you complete required tasks and gain productivity, discipline, and focus. Create daily action plans, track your progress, and reflect on your successes and challenges using the ten-day review pages. You’ll easily make your dreams come true!

11 Secrets of Time Management for Salespeople: Gain the Competitive Edge and Make Every Second Count
11 Secrets of Time Management for Salespeople
Gain the Competitive Edge and Make Every Second Count
Paperback      ISBN: 1601632622
""Every sales professional will benefit immensely from this book. Dave Kahle's experience, wisdom, and knowledge will nurture your mind and grow your career. This is a winner." --Nido R. Qubein, chairman, Great Harvest Bread Company and founder, NationalSpeakers Association Foundation The typical salesperson today is overwhelmed, with too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. Salespeople need help, and Dave Kahle provides it. Dave Kahle contends that smart time management is not about cramming more activity into each hour, but about achieving greater results in that hour. The content has been honed in hundreds of seminars and refined by the feedback and experiences of thousands of salespeople. The first edition of this book was translatedinto seven languages and made available in 20 countries. Since then, the problem for salespeople has become even more acute, with smart phones and tablets creating a culture of instant communication. Salespeople need assistance in not being seduced by all the digital noise. 11 Secrets of Time Management for Salespeople provides powerful, practical insights and ideas that really work, including hundreds of specific, practical, effective time-management tips from dozens of salespeople who are on the frontlines every day. "--