Investment Analysis
Accounting for Value
Accounting for Value
Hardcover      ISBN: 0231151187
Accounting for Value teaches investors and analysts how to handle accounting in evaluating equity investments. The book shows that valuation and accounting are much the same: Valuation is actually a matter of accounting for value. Laying aside many of the tools of modern financeùthe cost-of-capital, the Capital Asset Pricing Model, and discounted cash flow analysisùStephen Penman returns to the common-sense principles that have long guided fundamental investing: Price is what you pay but value is what you get; the risk in investing is the risk of paying too much; anchor on what you know rather than on speculation; and beware of paying too much for speculative growth. Penman puts these ideas in touch with the quantification supplied by accounting, producing practical tools for the intelligent investor. Accounting for value provides protection from paying too much for a stock and clues the investor in to the likely return from buying growth. Strikingly, the analysis finesses the need to calculate a "cost-of-capital;' which often frustrates the application of modern valuation techniques. Accounting for value recasts "value" versus "growth" investing and explains such curiosities as why earnings-to-price and book-to-price ratios predict stock returns. By the end of the book, Penman has the intelligent investor thinking like an intelligent accountant, better equipped to handle the bubbles and crashes of our time. For accounting regulators, Penman also prescribes a formula for intelligent accounting reform, engaging with such controversial issues as fair value accounting.
Active Investment Management: Finding and Harnessing Investment Skill
Active Investment Management
Finding and Harnessing Investment Skill
Hardcover      ISBN: 0470858869
Advanced Equity Derivatives: Volatility and Correlation
Advanced Equity Derivatives
Volatility and Correlation
Hardcover      ISBN: 1118750969
"In Advanced Equity Derivatives: Volatility and Correlation, Sebastien Bossu reviews and explains the advanced concepts used for pricing and hedging equity exotic derivatives. Designed for financial modelers, option traders and sophisticated investors, the content covers the most important theoretical and practical extensions of the Black-Scholes model. Each chapter includes numerous illustrations and a short selection of problems, covering key topics such as implied volatility surface models, pricing with implied distributions, local volatility models, volatility derivatives, correlation measures, correlation trading, local correlation models and stochastic correlation. Volatility and correlation are remarkably connected through the author's proxy formula which he discovered in 2004, and shares in the book. He also reveals a new derivation using linear algebra (included in Chapter 6), and the proxy formula is then exploited in the following chapters for correlation trading and correlation modeling. Theauthor has a dual professional and academic background, making Advanced Equity Derivatives: Volatility and Correlation the perfect reference for quantitative researchers and mathematically savvy finance professionals looking to acquire an in-depth understanding of equity exotic derivatives pricing and hedging"--
Advanced Swing Trading: Strategies to Predict, Identify, and Trade Future Market Swings
Advanced Swing Trading
Strategies to Predict, Identify, and Trade Future Market Swings
Hardcover      ISBN: 047146256x
"Swing trading is one of the hottest–and most effective–tools for today’s active traders, and John Crane brings a fresh new perspective and a true trading edge to this important concept." "We’ve long touted the benefits of this powerful investment strategy at, and John Crane’s new work makes an excellent addition to the body of educational material available on swing trading. His cutting-edge techniques are right on the money." In Advanced Swing Trading, John Crane, a veteran trader and cofounder of Traders Network, discusses his work with Action/Reaction trading theory, and illustrates a whole new way of using time, price, and patterns to predict, identify, and trade future market swings. Chapter by informative chapter, you’ll be introduced to the concepts that encompass this proven method, including Market behavior Reaction swingsSwing trading reaction swingsThe Reaction cycleAction and reaction linesEntering and exiting tradesReversal datesLong-term versus short-term trendsAnd much moreFilled with practical advice from a seasoned veteran, real-world examples, and informative charts and graphs, Advanced Swing Trading provides a comprehensive look at the art of swing trading. This valuable book offers clear, step-by-step guidance that will allow you to apply the swing trading methodology to any portfolio and improve your bottom line
Advances in Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management: In Preparation, Fall, 1997
Advances in Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
In Preparation, Fall, 1997
Hardcover      ISBN: 0762301260
Advances in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Advances in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Hardcover      ISBN: 1559387653
Advances in Risk Management
Advances in Risk Management
Hardcover      ISBN: 0230019161
This book comprises an edited series of papers about risk management and the latest developments in the field. Covering topics such as Stochastic Volatility, Risk Dynamics, Weather Derivatives and Portfolio Diversification, this book will have broad international appeal. It is highly relevany for optimal portfolio allocation for both private and institutional investors worldwide.
Ahead of the Curve: Nine Simple Ways to Create Wealth by Spotting Stock Trends
Ahead of the Curve
Nine Simple Ways to Create Wealth by Spotting Stock Trends
Paperback      ISBN: 1416546871
Hilary Kramer has built a wildly successful career based on her prescient analyses of the stock market and her savvy financial tips designed for average investors. A longtime presence online, on TV, in newspapers and on radio, Kramer has now written a book for anyone who is concerned about growing money and wealth--from the long term investor to the short term trader. It is for the millions of people throughout the nation – and now the world – who are increasingly taking their finances into their own hands.
All About Asset Allocation
All About Asset Allocation
Paperback      ISBN: 0071700781
A brand-new edition of one of our bestselling All About titles! - This is one of the most successful titles in the All About series, with over 20,000 copies sold - Includes a Foreword by William Bernstein - NEW: Material on increasingly popular behavioral finance methods Richard A. Ferri, CFA (Troy, MI), is president and senior portfolio manager of Portfolio Solutions, LLC, adjunct professor of finance at Walsh College in Michigan, and the author of three investing books.
All About Technical Analysis: The Easy Way to Get Started
All About Technical Analysis
The Easy Way to Get Started
Paperback      ISBN: 0071385118
ALL ABOUT . . . SERIES All About TECHNICAL ANALYSIS Wary of trusting their trading fortunes to chance, investors are increasingly turning to the proven tools of technical analysis to help them make better trading and investing decisions. All About Technical Analysis explains what technical analysis is, why so many savvy investors rely on it to help forecast market movements, and how to successfully blend it into an overall investing program.