Investment Analysis
Advanced Equity Derivatives: Volatility and Correlation
Advanced Equity Derivatives
Volatility and Correlation
Hardcover      ISBN: 1118750969

In Advanced Equity Derivatives: Volatility and Correlation, S bastien Bossu reviews and explains the advanced concepts used for pricing and hedging equity exotic derivatives. Designed for financial modelers, option traders and sophisticated investors, the content covers the most important theoretical and practical extensions of the Black-Scholes model.

Each chapter includes numerous illustrations and a short selection of problems, covering key topics such as implied volatility surface models, pricing with implied distributions, local volatility models, volatility derivatives, correlation measures, correlation trading, local correlation models and stochastic correlation.

The author has a dual professional and academic background, making Advanced Equity Derivatives: Volatility and Correlation the perfect reference for quantitative researchers and mathematically savvy finance professionals looking to acquire an in-depth understanding of equity exotic derivatives pricing and hedging.

Advanced Swing Trading: Strategies to Predict, Identify, and Trade Future Market Swings
Advanced Swing Trading
Strategies to Predict, Identify, and Trade Future Market Swings
Hardcover      ISBN: 047146256x

Real trading strategies for making a killing in today's volatile markets
Advanced Swing Trading reveals the strategies used by George Soros, Warren Buffett and other high-profile traders to reap whirlwind profits in today's volatile markets. With the demise of day trading, traders are searching for new methods of exploiting the unprecedented volatility of post-9/11 securities markets. The most successful of these methods so far has been swing trading, a powerful technical approach that allows traders to profit from shorter-term price moves, ranging from several days to a couple of months. In Advanced Swing Trading, veteran trader and leading trading coach, John Crane clearly describes his original Action/Reaction swing trading system. With the help of numerous real-world examples, Crane clearly delineates his system and shows readers how to use it to consistently to gain big returns in even the shakiest of markets.
John Crane (Loveland, CO) is the founder of Traders Network, a firm providing brokerage service and educational training products for smart investors. His monthly columns have appeared in Futures Options magazine, and articles about his trading strategies have appeared in Barron's, Consensus, and The Wall Street Journal.

Advances in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Advances in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Hardcover      ISBN: 1559387653

This third volume in the series covers a variety of topics in the field of advances in investment and portfolio management.

Advances in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Volume 4
Advances in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Volume 4
Hardcover      ISBN: 0762301260
Advances in Risk Management
Advances in Risk Management
Hardcover      ISBN: 0230019161

This important new book brings together an edited series of papers about risk management and the latest developments in this field. Covering topics such as Stochastic Volatility, Risk Dynamics, Weather Derivatives and Portfolio Diversification, this fundam

Ahead of the Curve: Nine Simple Ways to Create Wealth by Spotting Stock Trends
Ahead of the Curve
Nine Simple Ways to Create Wealth by Spotting Stock Trends
Paperback      ISBN: 1416546871

Hilary Kramer has built a wildly successful career based on her prescient analyses of the stock market and her savvy financial tips designed for average investors. A longtime presence online, on TV, in newspapers and on radio, Kramer has now

written a book for anyone who is concerned about growing money and wealth--from the long term investor to the short term trader. It is for the millions of people throughout the nation - and now the world - who are increasingly taking their finances into their own hands.
All about Asset Allocation
All about Asset Allocation
Paperback      ISBN: 0071700781


Everything You Need to Know About How To:

  • Implement a smart asset allocation strategy
  • Diversify your investments with stocks, bonds, real estate, and other classes
  • Change your allocation and lock in gains

Trying to outwit the market is a bad gamble. If you're serious about investing for the long run, you have to take a no-nonsense, businesslike approach to your portfolio. In addition to covering all the basics, this new edition of All About Asset Allocation includes timely advice on:

  • Learning which investments work well together and why
  • Selecting the right mutual funds and ETFs
  • Creating an asset allocation that's right for your needs
  • Knowing how and when to change an allocation
  • Understanding target-date mutual funds

"All About Asset Allocation offers advice that is both prudent and practical--keep it simple, diversify, and, above all, keep your expenses low--from an author who both knows how vital asset allocation is to investment success and, most important, works with real people." -- John C. Bogle, founder and former CEO, The Vanguard Group

"With All About Asset Allocation at your side, you'll be executing a sound investment plan, using the best materials and wearing the best safety rope that money can buy." -- William Bernstein, founder and author, The Intelligent Asset Allocator

All about Technical Analysis: The Easy Way to Get Started
All about Technical Analysis
The Easy Way to Get Started
Paperback      ISBN: 0071385118


All About

Wary of trusting their trading fortunes to chance, investors are increasingly turning to the proven tools of technical analysis to help them make better trading and investing decisions. All About Technical Analysis explains what technical analysis is, why so many savvy investors rely on it to help forecast market movements, and how to successfully blend it into an overall investing program.

Almanac of Online Trading
Almanac of Online Trading
Paperback      ISBN: 0071358595

This guide book gives information on online trading, tackling subjects such as: stocks and their symbols and futures, market makers, trade associations for stocks, bonds and futures, online brokerage websites, news agencies, chat rooms and useful software and rules and regulations.

Applied Portfolio Management: How University of Kansas Students Generate Alpha to Beat the Street
Applied Portfolio Management
How University of Kansas Students Generate Alpha to Beat the Street
Hardcover      ISBN: 0470041722

When investment professional Kent McCarthy returned to teach at his alma mater, the University of Kansas, he planted the seeds for the Applied Portfolio Management (APM) program--a course that allows students to manage a real money portfolio, which has compiled a remarkable record of investment success. Now, with this book, you'll discover how to use the concepts covered in this class--from understanding the fundamental drivers of business success to buying at the right price--to enhance your own investment skills.