Documentary Photo Collections
Old Havana
Old Havana
Hardcover      ISBN: 8572340734
Uncommon Grace: Reminiscences and Photographs of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis
Uncommon Grace
Reminiscences and Photographs of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis
Hardcover      ISBN: 1565660773

Designed and edited by J.C. Suares, who worked with Jackie on various Doubleday projects, this collection of mostly familiar photographs chronicles her life from childhood and school years through marriages, motherhood, and later years. The text that accompanies the 100 b&w photos is largely perfunctory but there are some worthwhile quotes from friends. More revealing is an introduction by stepsister Nina Auchincloss, who offers an intimate look at a more fun-loving Jackie than the remote, ethereal presence who emerges in many of the photos. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Hardcover      ISBN: 1576870766

An expert and precisely selective journey through the sunshine noir of greater Los Angeles, Jeff Burton's first American publication documents a well-worn but little-known trail from the Hollywood sign to the San Fernando Valley: that of the porn industry in which he works. Burton's images, veritable picnics of fragmented flesh, feature figures assembled in oblique repose, lounging around poolsides, or drifting through the rococo Valley vernacular of rooms for hire. In amongst the fountains and foliage of L.A. are the pussies, pets, and hairless cushions of human flesh that stud Burton's suburban sets. Photographed in voluptuous and lingering detail, Burton's bizarre but serene compositions proffer an exquisitely refracted take on action in "Dreamland." A book to be savored for repeated viewing pleasure.

Portrait of Historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania and the Cumberland Valley
Portrait of Historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania and the Cumberland Valley
Hardcover      ISBN: 0764343149

This photographic tour of Carlisle and its surrounding communities captures the beauty of its architecture, monuments, and gardens throughout the four seasons. More than 200 color images trace the town's founding and the events that shaped it. Meet historical figures with ties to the town, including James Wilson, a signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and athlete Jim Thorpe. Tour St. James Square and the Carlisle Barracks and then visit Carlisle's neighbors in the Cumberland Valley, including Newville, Shippensburg, Boiling Springs, and others. This is a beautiful keepsake and resource guide to be treasured and referenced time and again. If you love history, photography, or nature, then this book is for you.

Higher Ground
Higher Ground
Hardcover      ISBN: 9401437726

- A new title by Carl De Keyzer, member of the Magnum collective- The sequel to his magnum opus, Moments Before the Flood- A disturbing yet brilliant imagining of the consequences of climate change, presented alongside a story by top author Philippe ClaudelIn Moments Before the Flood, Carl De Keyzer portrayed a Europe on the cusp of drowning, flooded due to climate change. In Higher Ground, the flood has already passed. His images show people that have fled to the high mountains, depicting a fictional world of tomorrow. A large portion of the work is irony, but it bears an uncomfortably close semblance to scientific predictions of the future. In 2006, when Keyzer first began working on Moments Before the Flood, there were a lot of doubts about the extent of global warming. Since then however, the effects of this inconvenient truth have increased by an alarming degree. Where it was once presumed that the sea level would rise 37 cm by 2050, now scientists estimate that there will be a 3-to-4-meter raise. Higher Ground explores what the world might look like if this happens, encouraging the reader to think about the impact of climate change. The images were taken in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and Spain. French top author Philippe Claudel wrote a new fictional story especially for this book. Text in English, French, and Dutch.

Ukraine Series
Ukraine Series
Hardcover      ISBN: 3944874358
Leonard Cohen: Almost Young
Leonard Cohen
Almost Young
Hardcover      ISBN: 3829606648

Good-looking, elegant, bright, and charismatic, Leonard Cohen is a living legend of the contemporary rock scene. Our collection of images by famous and unknown photographers portrays the musician from his "incubative" years on the Greek island of Hydra until his most recent concerts.

#1960now: Photographs of Civil Rights Activists and Black Lives Matter Protests (Social Justice Book, Civil Rights Photography B
Photographs of Civil Rights Activists and Black Lives Matter Protests (Social Justice Book, Civil Rights Photography B
Hardcover      ISBN: 145217072x
The fight for equality continues, from 1960 to now. Combining portraits of past and present social justice activists with documentary images from recent protests throughout the United States, #1960Now sheds light on the parallels between the 1960s Civil Rights Movement and the Black Lives Matter movement of today. Shelia Pree Bright's striking black-and-white photographs capture the courage and conviction of '60s elder statesmen and a new generation of activists, offering a powerful reminder that the fight for justice is far from over. #1960Now represents an important new contribution to American protest photography.

- Puts the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's in direct conversation with Black Lives Matter
- Introduction from Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza
- Builds on the appeal of #1960Now and @sheepreebright on Instagram

Fans of Training School for Negro Girls, Martha Rosler: Irrespective, and Charles White: A Retrospective will love this book.

This book is perfect for:
- Politically engaged folks of all ages
- Fine art photography buffs
- Black Lives Matter and Civil Rights era activists
- Community organizers
101 Tragedies of Enrique Metinides
101 Tragedies of Enrique Metinides
Hardcover      ISBN: 1597112119

"101 Tragedies" is Enrique Metinides' selection of the key 101 images from his half-century of photographing crime scenes and accidents in Mexico for local newspapers and the "notas rojas" (or red pages--for their bloody content) crime press. Alongside each image, extended captions give Metinides' account of the situation depicted--the life and characters of the streets, the criminals, the heroism of emergency workers and the sadness of bereaved families--revealing much of his personality in the process. Thirty of the selected photographs are paired with their original newsprint tearsheets, preserved by Metinides, the typography of which has inspired the design of this book. The images are compiled by Trisha Ziff, a filmmaker and curator who knows Metinides well, and who here contributes an essay about his life, work and personality. The first overview of the photographer in many years, "101 Tragedies" is also the only Metinides monograph comprised of images chosen by the photographer himself, and which offers his own account of his life's work.
Enrique Metinides (born 1934) worked as a crime photographer for more than 50 years, capturing murders, crashes and catastrophes for Mexico's infamous crime magazines. He has won numerous prizes and received recognition from the Presidency of the Republic, journalists' associations, rescue and judicial corps and Kodak of Mexico. In 1997 he received the "Espejo de Luz" (Mirror of Light) Prize, awarded to the country's most outstanding photographer. His work has been shown at numerous international venues, including The Museum of Modern Art and Anton Kern Gallery, New York; Photographers' Gallery, London; and Les Rencontres d'Arles Photographie, Arles, France.

The 1960s: Photographed by David Hurn
The 1960s
Photographed by David Hurn
Hardcover      ISBN: 1909526134

This volume is the first anthology dedicated to David Hurn during one of his most iconic periods of the 1960s. As this collection shows, Hurn has "the eye of a compassionate eagle, the skill to entice the best out of his subjects, and the wit to turn everyday images into an enduring legacy." Hurn's portfolio is a unique blend of celebrity and anonymity, which provides a far more accurate summary of the decade than an anthology of superstar portraits. His rendering of the 1960s encompasses both Hollywood screen idols and East End sun-seekers; headline news, alongside rituals unchanged for centuries. Included are photo essays from the streets of New York, anti-Vietnam protests, the London Soho scene, the French Riviera, Queen Charlotte's Ball and the Isle of Wight Festival in 1969. Also featured are portraits of some of the coolest characters of the age--Michael Caine, Quentin Crisp and Julie Christie--and Hurn's work within the film industry, capturing The Beatles during the filming of A Hard Day's Night, Sean Connery in From Russia With Love and Jane Fonda in Barbarella. This is a magnificent volume, curated with insight and appreciation for a true master of his art.

David Hurn (born 1934) is one of Britain's most respected and important documentary photographers. He was first inspired to a life behind the lens after seeing the warmth and humanity in Henri Cartier-Bresson's photographs of Russian life in 1955. Hurn earned an early reputation as a photographer for his photo essays of the 1956 Hungarian revolution. As a freelance photojournalist, he worked on a series of gritty documentary projects that explored subjects such as strippers and drug addicts in London, while also supplementing his income with fashion shoots. Hurn also worked in the film industry, as a special photographer for films such as El Cid, A Hard Day's Night, From Russia With Love and Barbaralla. In the early 1970s, Hurn moved back to his native Wales, setting up the renowned School of Documentary Photography in Newport. His book On Being a Photographer, written in 1997 with Bill Jay, is one of the most widely read textbooks on photography. Today, Hurn lives and works from his home in Tintern, Wales, while teaching and exhibiting worldwide.