Documentary Photo Collections
Johnny Cash at Folsom & San Quentin
Johnny Cash at Folsom & San Quentin
Hardcover      ISBN: 1909526568
Leonard Cohen: Almost Young
Leonard Cohen
Almost Young
Hardcover      ISBN: 3829606648
Canadian-born poet Leonard Cohen became a singer-songwriter in the late 1960s. His first studio album "Songs by Leonard Cohen" earned him worldwide fame as an outstanding musician. In September 2014, Leonard Cohen is celebrating his 80th birthday. Our collection of images by famous and unknown photographers portrays the musician from his "incubative" years on the Greek island of Hydra until his most recent concerts. Belonging to the "highest and most influential echelon of songwriters" (Lou Reed), he was inducted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in 2008. Good-looking, elegant, bright, and charismatic, Leonard Cohen is a living legend of the contemporary rock scene.
Los Angeles: Photographs: 1967-2015
Los Angeles
Photographs: 1967-2015
Hardcover      ISBN: 0990790851
Love and Resistance: Out of the Closet into the Stonewall Era
Love and Resistance
Out of the Closet into the Stonewall Era
Hardcover      ISBN: 1324002069
Selected from the New York Public Library archives, a powerful collection featuring the images of two pioneering civil-rights photojournalists captures the energy, humor and humanity of the groundbreaking LGBTQ equality protests that surrounded the Stonewall Riots.
Hardcover      ISBN: 1860460852
Movie Star Chronicles: A Visual History of the World's Greatest Movie Stars
Movie Star Chronicles
A Visual History of the World's Greatest Movie Stars
Paperback      ISBN: 1770855300
Movie Star Chronicles promises to satisfy the curiosity of moviegoers, cinephiles, and the Hollywood-hungry fans that fuel today's entertainment news industry. For film students, it is a practical reference to the most important actors in cinematic history. Entries illustrated with film and television stills and other archival material chart the careers of 320 actors from the era of silent film to today's blockbusters. Expert text gives an entertaining overview and color-coded timelines provide an at-a-glance guide to the actor's career, their roles, movie release dates, earnings and awards. With 576 pages and more than 2,500 illustrations for only $29.95, Movie Star Chronicles is an outstanding value. It includes: - A to Z coverage of 320 movie stars, with extended entries for 100 - 20 feature articles on popular movie trends, including vampires; western heroes; singers turned actors; femmes fatales; saints and sinners; acting dynasties; combat stars; cops and more - 30 lavish double-page photo spreads showing cinema's most influential stars at work and how film has evolved from silent black- and-white to color 3-D - 20 illustrated features on genres and trends, such as Superheroes, Acting Dynasties, Screen Sirens, and Movie Villains - Color-coded timelines showing the arc of an actor's career, including release dates and types of features, such as Criminal, Romantic Drama, and Thriller - Best Actor awards: Oscars, BAFTA, Cesar (France), Goya (Spain), David Di Donatello (Italy), Golden Horse (Asia), Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Sundance. Covering Hollywood, Bollywood and world cinema, Movie Star Chronicles is truly international and comprehensive. Sure to attract a wide readership, it is an essential purchase.
Old Havana
Old Havana
Hardcover      ISBN: 8572340734
Pictures of Longing: Photography and the Norwegian-American Migration
Pictures of Longing
Photography and the Norwegian-American Migration
Paperback      ISBN: 1517901995
Haunting and revealing photographs sent home by Norwegian immigrants in America as visual document and collective expression of the emigrant experience Between 1836 and 1915, in what has been called history’s largest population migration, more than 750,000 Norwegians emigrated to North America. Writing home, the newcomers sent thousands of pictures—America–photographs, as they are called in Norway. In these photographs, the emigrant experience unfolds as framed by thousands of Norwegian transplants in towns, cities, and rural communities across America. Pictures of Longing brings more than 250 America–photographs into focus as a moving account of Norwegian migration in the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, conceived of and crafted by its photographer-authors to shape and reshape their story. To clarify the historic nature and the cultural function of the America-photographs, art historian and photography scholar Sigrid Lien located thousands of the photographs in public and private archives and museums in Norway and the United States. Reading these photographs alongside letters sent home by Norwegian immigrants, Lien provides the first comprehensive account of this collective photographic practice involving “the voice of the many.” Pictures of Longing shows, in fascinating detail, how the photographs, like the accompanying letters, contribute to the cultural grassroots expression of Norwegian migration. They steer us toward multiple, fragmented, and dispersed histories and also complement the existing fabric of established historical narratives, demonstrating photography’s potential to engage with history.
Portrait of Historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania and the Cumberland Valley
Portrait of Historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania and the Cumberland Valley
Hardcover      ISBN: 0764343149
This photographic tour of Carlisle and its surrounding communities captures the beauty of its architecture, monuments, and gardens throughout the four seasons. More than 200 color images trace the town's founding and the events that shaped it. Meet historical figures with ties to the town, including James Wilson, a signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and athlete Jim Thorpe. Tour St. James Square and the Carlisle Barracks and then visit Carlisle's neighbors in the Cumberland Valleym including Newville, Shippensburg, Boiling Springs, and others. This is a beautiful keepsake and resource guide to be treasured and referenced time and again. If you love history, photography, or nature, then this book is for you.
Shake Puppies
Shake Puppies
Hardcover      ISBN: 0062351729
An award-winning photographer and animal trainer showcases adorable side-by-side images of cute puppies in the middle of shaking water off themselves against brightly colored backdrops, in a follow-up to Shake. 100,000 first printing.