Documentary Photo Collections
Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop
Contact High
A Visual History of Hip-Hop
Hardcover      ISBN: 0525573887
A collection of photographic essays on rap and hip-hop legends draws on details from their intimate contact sheets, combining industry legend interviews and essays with rare photo-shoot outtakes to share related insights into the artistry of genre memorabilia.
D.P.R. Korea Grand Tour
D.P.R. Korea Grand Tour
Hardcover      ISBN: 9401443874
Hardcover      ISBN: 1576870766
East of Eden: Photography
East of Eden
Hardcover      ISBN: 9055440647
When the communist regimes collapsed in 1989, and democracy was introduced alongside capitalism, a euphoric enthusiasm prevailed in Eastern Europe which in the course of time, however, became overshadowed by disappointments and moral confusion. In 1996, the affluent society has remained a distant dream to the majority of the population. After two years of traveling in the former communist states of Eastern Europe, MAGNUM-photographer Carl De Keyzer has portrayed this subject in East of Eden. The expressive black and white photographs of daily life scenes in Eastern Europe's major cities and provincial towns, are complemented by thoughts of E.M Cioran, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Eva Hoffman, Ismail Kadare, Ivan Klima, Gyorgy Konrad, Milan Kundera, Dubravka Ugresic.
Edward S. Curtis: Coming to Light
Edward S. Curtis
Coming to Light
Hardcover      ISBN: 0792264045
An intimate biography of the photographer known for his portraits of the American Indians explores the lasting impact of his work, which serves as a bridge between the romantic past and contemporary Native American communities, and details his life, including his impoverished boyhood, rise to success, stint as Teddy Roosevelt's family photographer, and obsession with a project that cost him everything.
Hardcover      ISBN: 8869655814
ENCERRADOS is a voyage lasting ten years, through seventy-four prisons across Latin America; a journey born from the desire to recount a continent through a prisoner's world. Valerio Bispuri's pictures describe in detail and with a great evocative power, the everyday life in the most dangerous prisons, throwing a new light on the on the prisoners, shown here in all their humanity. Valerio Bispuri has been a reporter since 2001; he collaborates with numerous Italian and international magazines, includingL'Espresso, Internazionale, Le Monde, and Stern. He has carried out reportages in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, but it is in Latin America that Valerio worked the longest. He has lived in Buenos Aires for more than a decade.
Grapevine: Photographs
Hardcover      ISBN: 0948797134
The Grey Ghost: New York City Photographs
The Grey Ghost
New York City Photographs
Hardcover      ISBN: 1681980835
In The Grey Ghost: New York City Photographs, Dan Winters turns his eye to New York City, collecting over 100 black-and-white images he created there in the years after moving to New York from California in 1987 at the age of 25. A highly personal collection, The Grey Ghost reveals an artist finding his voice, discovering “that elusive method that informs the manner in which we perceive and interpret our surroundings.
Higher Ground
Higher Ground
Hardcover      ISBN: 9401437726
Infinite Worlds: The People and Places of Space Exploration
Infinite Worlds
The People and Places of Space Exploration
Hardcover      ISBN: 1476738327
A collection of photographs and essays celebrate the people and places involved in American space exploration, including the astronauts, technicians, administrators, engineers, and ground crews at three NASA flight centers.