Saudade Moon: Brazil Feel
Saudade Moon
Brazil Feel
Hardcover      ISBN: 8898391145
PHOTOGRAPHERS, LOVERS OF BLACK AND WHITE printing, photo shops, Brazilian associations in America, Brazilian embassies, libraries dedicated to travel, poetry
Hach Winik
Hach Winik
Hardcover      ISBN: 8498014131

Beautiful and haunting, the images in this photographic chronicle represent 10 years among the Lacandon Mayans in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. What results is an intimate portrait thatilluminates very essence of the Hach Winik, or Real People, a tribe struggling to preserve their culture as the modern world encroaches. Also included is the short story Pastor Dowe at Tacate, by Paul Bowles, which describes the experiences of an American missionary in a small Lacandon town."

Steve Mccurry: The Iconic Photographs
Steve Mccurry
The Iconic Photographs
Hardcover      ISBN: 0714856339

American photographer Steve McCurry (b. 1950) is universally recognized as one of today's finest image-makers and has won many of photography's top awards. This special limited-edition monograph brings together the most memorable and beautiful of his images, taken around the world over the last 30 years. McCurry's ability to cross boundaries of language and culture to capture fleeting moments of human experience is unique. With his discerning eye for form and colour, shape and symmetry, he offers us windows into other worlds.

Seen at the large scale of this new book, McCurry's images are particularly powerful: reproduced at slightly larger than life size, his portraits have an extraordinary immediacy and impact, while even the smallest details of his spectacular landscapes are clearly visible on the page. In this title, portraits of children, pilgrims and farmers are presented alongside views of ancient temples, busy city streets, dramatic mountain landscapes and quiet scenes of daily life - people are seen fishing, playing, working and praying. The images are presented in an uninterrupted sequence for maximum impact, and all the photographs are shown at either full-page size or as double-page spreads. The extended picture captions are at the back of the book, accompanied by colour thumbnail images for quick identification.

Phaidon, 2011. No. 1165 in a limited edition of 3300. Signed by McCurry on a tipped-in limitation page. Includes print inside an envelope closure on the front pastedown. Lavender cloth with stamped silver titles, in a black cloth slipcase. Slipcase rubbed, bumped, lightly-dust soiled.

Then Palestine
Then Palestine
Hardcover      ISBN: 0893818348

A gripping eyewitness account of the Palestinian plight.
Larry Towell, one of the finest photojournalists working today, made seven trips to Palestine between 1993 and 1997 and documented the Arab/Israeli conflict in a powerful series of pictures. Immediate and full of raw feeling, his images bring the viewer into the active center of a bitter struggle. The photographs reveal the tragedy of a society subsumed in violence: a fist clenched around a rock thrusts through the frame, a soldier jerks a small child off the ground by the wrist, a mother covers her face with a photograph of her gun-wielding dead son. "A sniper, fifteen meters to my left, crouches into position with a high-powered rifle fixed on me, playing a nerve-wracking game. Others point] at the motionless old men who continue to ignore them, grieving the death of their boys. Their fighters. Eventually the soldiers tire of the amusement and leave."--from Larry Towell's journals

Lewis Hine in Europe: The Lost Photographs
Lewis Hine in Europe
The Lost Photographs
Hardcover      ISBN: 0896597458

Gathers Hine's photographs showing the devastation of World War I in France, Italy, Greece, and Serbia, and explains how he developed the photo essay.

The Bang-Bang Club: Snapshots from a Hidden War
The Bang-Bang Club
Snapshots from a Hidden War
Paperback      ISBN: 0465019781

A gripping story of four remarkable young men--photographers, friends and rivals--who band together for protection in the final, violent days of white rule in South Africa.

At First Sight: Photography and the Smithsonian
At First Sight
Photography and the Smithsonian
Hardcover      ISBN: 1588341550

Photography and the Smithsonian were invented at the same time, and both were instrumental in revealing the modern world to itself. The Smithsonian holds more than 13 million images spanning over 150 years of taking and collecting photographs. This largely unknown body of photography, most never before published, represents nothing less than the Smithsonian's effort, in the name of all Americans, to describe and comprehend the world. the Smithsonian and an exploration of the wonder and power of the photographic image. Open anywhere in these pages to be plunged in the ongoing history of our modernity, and what the Smithsonian deemed important to document and preserve. The book contains photographs that span the medium's history and record science, geography, history, the arts, and cultural events, from the first photographs ever made to digital views beamed back from Mars. The famous, the infamous, and the never-before-seen are here in a remarkable democracy of images: Amelia Earhart, Abraham Lincoln, P.T. Barnum and Tom Thumb, John Brown, Frederick Douglass, Lucille Ball, Greta Garbo, Babe Ruth; the earliest views of the moon and the earliest panoramic view of Damascus; rare Native American photography; views of Asia, Africa, and the American West; photographs of early flight, and more.

Local News: Tabloid Pictures from the Los Angeles Herald Express 1936 - 1961
Local News
Tabloid Pictures from the Los Angeles Herald Express 1936 - 1961
Hardcover      ISBN: 1891024132

"These 92 duotones... Hearken back to the days of whiskey-breathed news hacks and cigar-chamoing shutterbugs leering out from behind weathered Speed Graphics with no. 2 press bulbs and lightsaber flashes.... Good fun at a good price."--Library Journal

10-Mile Radius: Reframing Life on the Path Through Cancer
10-Mile Radius
Reframing Life on the Path Through Cancer
Hardcover      ISBN: 1945572043
How do you find beauty and meaning in the most ordinary things when your life is being pulled away from you by the most extraordinary circumstances?

On May 4, 2013, Cat Gwynn found a sizable lump in her right breast. Ten days later the acclaimed photographer was diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer--a disease long feared. Her mother had succumbed to breast cancer after a five-year battle. Now it was Cat's turn to live with it. This meant sitting with mortality, difficult side effects, and every other uncertainty being thrown her way. As the treatment protocol intensified, her immune system became more compromised, requiring limited exposure to the world around her. Cat mapped it out: her day-to-day existence was now reduced to about a ten-mile radius.

Surrendering to this confined reality, Cat decided to engage in a daily practice of seeking out images with her smartphone that would connect her to the immediacy of life. There was no filtering what she found, only a genuine curiosity to see things as they were and how she chose to frame them. Every thing, detail, and day mattered, all inspiration for mindful expression.

Cat didn't set out to make an art project about her experience with cancer, but over time realized it was a conceptual way to show her quest for well-being and willingness to uncover aspects of the world that are normally overlooked. By being present with deep truth, she was opening herself up to her own healing and reclaiming life in the most profound way.

- - -

Wellness is a state of being, no matter the circumstances you're dealt. 10-Mile Radius is a wake up call. A gratitude practice in motion that moves through limitations and becomes a compass back to one's self.
136: I Am Rohingya
I Am Rohingya
Hardcover      ISBN: 9053308989

Since 2009, Bangladeshi photographer Saiful Huq Omi has been documenting the lives of the Muslim ethnic minority, generally known as the Rohingyas, who live in northern Rakhine State, western Burma. Considered to be one of the most persecuted communities in the world the Rohingyas face every kinds of human rights violation-denial of citizenship, restriction of movement or travel, restriction on education, forced labor, land confiscation, forced eviction, destruction of homes, schools, mosques, religious persecution, ethnic discrimination, restrictions on marriage of Rohingyas, abuse of Rohingya women and elders, rape as a weapon of war, depopulation of Rohingya community, confiscation of residency/citizenship card. To many what is happening to this community in Burma is nothing but a slow burning genocide.