High-Altitude Woman: From Extreme Sports to Indigenous Cultures--Discovering the Power of the Feminine
High-Altitude Woman
From Extreme Sports to Indigenous Cultures--Discovering the Power of the Feminine
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1594774854
"One of the first female extreme athletes reflects on how her feminine strengths led to her success in a male-dominated field"--Provided by publisher.
Dread and Dreams
Dread and Dreams
by Zalmaï
Hardcover      ISBN: 1942084021
Dread and Dreams brings together photographs Zalmaï made between 2008 and 2013 against the backdrop of the fourteen-year US-led invasion of Afghanistan that culminated with the withdrawal of American troops. Through Zalmaï's eyes, "in black-and-white images, spare as a bone but thick with texture, we see an underrepresented Afghanistan" (Photo District News). Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Zalmaï left the country after the Soviet invasion in 1980. He traveled to Lausanne, Switzerland, where he became a Swiss citizen. Following his passion for Photography, which he discovered very early in life, Zalmaï pursued combined studies at both the School of Photography of Lausanne and at the Professional Photography Training Center of Yverdon. In 1989, he began to work as a freelance photographer, traveling around the world from Indonesia to Egypt, from Cuba to the Central African Republic, and eventually returned to Afghanistan, where he continues documenting the ongoing war and plight of the Afghan people. Zalmaï’s work has been published in several magazines and newspapers, [including the New York Times Magazine, Time Magazine, The New Yorker Magazine, Harper's Magazine , Newsweek, La Repubblica and more]. He has worked for a number of International Organizations and NGOs, [including Human Rights Watch, International Committee of the Red Cross, UN Office On Drug and Crime, and the UN Refugee Agency]. Zalmaï’s work has earned him several international awards, the latest being the Visa D'Or from the Visa Pour l'Image International Photojournalism Festival and a grant by Getty Images.
Reckoning at the Frontier
Reckoning at the Frontier
Hardcover      ISBN: 3868285113
Reckoning at the Frontier examines Mexico's struggle with organized crime through the stunning, introspective photographs of renowned photojournalist Eros Hoagland. Focused on the border cities of Tijuana and Ciudad Juárez, Hoagland travels through the harsh deserts and urban mazes of northern Mexico. Part journalistic reportage and part artistic exploration,Reckoning at the Frontier goes beyond drug war crime scene imagery to reveal a parallel narrative about the price of complacency, the power of fear, and the consequences of corruption. Hoagland's long-term work in Mexico has appeared in the New York Times,Der Spiegel, Time magazine, and many others.
Saudade Moon: Brazil Feel
Saudade Moon
Brazil Feel
Hardcover      ISBN: 8898391145
Saudade Moon is a wonderful and immersive journey across Brazil. The images in this book penetrate the heart and soul, the very existence of the country. Photojournalist Paolo Marchetti captures events, landscapes, and people, and sees them in a romantic waywith "saudade": a Portuguese word referring to an emotional state related to nostalgia, melancholy, and bittersweet longing. Through the photographer, who filters reality into his own style, we see Brazil and its people in an unprecedented, remarkable, and penetrating way. The photographs, both individually and combined, create an ephemeral visual poem that agitates the senses and ignites emotion.
The War: A Sicilian Story
The War
A Sicilian Story
Hardcover      ISBN: 8898391269
Coverage of Palermo: street life, politics, murders, and an undeclared war that in the nineties hit an entire city. This book reconstructs a piece of Italian history through memories that will allow a younger generation to know the facts that may no longer be remembered, knowledge that is essential for growth. In a contact print from negatives of pictures taken on March 27, 1992, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino are sitting at the same table. Of the four pictures from that afternoon more than twenty years ago, one has become an icon of an Italy that no longer exists. Capturing a moment in time, as Leonardo Sciascia once put it, can be "a unique photograph, a moment of unrepeatable equilibrium between form and content." Life and death alternately sweetly. Among his negatives there is neither indulgence nor any attempt to evoke pity. They are not part of the baggage he carries while he shoots pictures. Instead, it is news, documenting an event and passing it on for what it is. He shoots. Others can decode, others can attribute meta-linguistic meanings to what is simply a picture.
Weegee: Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum
Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum
Paperback      ISBN: 0892368101
New York in the mid-1950s was a time of detectives, G-men, mobsters, and crime photographers. Weegee (American. b. Austria, 1899-1968) fit this last profile perfectly. Speed Graphic camera in hand, he dashed around the city responding to the police radio, recording accidents, arrests, fires, and murders. This volume in the J. Paul Getty Museum's In Focus series examines approximately fifty of the ninty-five Weegee prints in the collection, surveying his photojournalism as well as additional works that picture life in the Bowery, Greenwich Village, and Harlem. Judith Keller, Associate Curator in the Department of Photographs, provides an introduction to Weegee and commentary on the plates. The photographer was the subject of a colloquium at the Getty Museum on August 27, 2004, where the author was joined by David Featherstone, Michael Hargraves, Weston Naef, Miles Orvell, Ira Richer, Colin Westerbeck, and Cynthia Young in discussing his life and work. This conversation, captured here in an edited transcript, traces Weegee's transition from crime photography to social documentarian, with special attention paid to his publications, including Naked City (1945). William McCleery, in the foreword to that book, calls Weegee "an Artist" with "his own conception of what constitutes beauty." With the issuance of this In Focus installment, readers can again share in Weegee's conception.
Hach Winik
Hach Winik
Hardcover      ISBN: 8498014131
Beautiful and haunting, the images in this photographic chronicle represent 10 years among the Lacandon Mayans in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. What results is an intimate portrait that illuminates very essence of the Hach Winik, or ?Real People,
Learning to Breathe
Learning to Breathe
Paperback      ISBN: 0452295351
An extraordinary spiritual memoir about the will to survive . . . one breath at a time While traveling in Laos on a winding mountain road, the bus that award-winning journalist Alison Wright was riding in collided with a logging truck. As she waited fourteen hours for proper medical care—in excruciating pain, certain she was moments from death—Alison drew upon years of meditation practice and concentrated on every breath as if it would be her last. Despite countless surgeries and a grueling recovery, Alison set herself the goal of achieving a new dream: to one day climb Mount Kilimanjaro—and she reached the summit on her fortieth birthday. Gasping for air once again, she stood at the highest point in Africa, determined to never again take a single breath for granted. Perfect for readers who love spiritual authors traveling abroad, such as Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) and Greg Mortenson (Three Cups of Tea), this memoir is an amazingly inspirational tale of how a life-changing accident transformed one womanÂ's faith.
Steve Mccurry: The Iconic Photographs
Steve Mccurry
The Iconic Photographs
Hardcover      ISBN: 0714856339
American photographer Steve McCurry (b. 1950) is universally recognized as one of today's finest image-makers and has won many of photography's top awards. This special limited-edition monograph brings together the most memorable and beautiful of his images, taken around the world over the last 30 years. McCurry's ability to cross boundaries of language and culture to capture fleeting moments of human experience is unique. With his discerning eye for form and colour, shape and symmetry, he offers us windows into other worlds. Seen at the large scale of this new book, McCurry's images are particularly powerful: reproduced at slightly larger than life size, his portraits have an extraordinary immediacy and impact, while even the smallest details of his spectacular landscapes are clearly visible on the page. In this title, portraits of children, pilgrims and farmers are presented alongside views of ancient temples, busy city streets, dramatic mountain landscapes and quiet scenes of daily life - people are seen fishing, playing, working and praying. The images are presented in an uninterrupted sequence for maximum impact, and all the photographs are shown at either full-page size or as double-page spreads. The extended picture captions are at the back of the book, accompanied by colour thumbnail images for quick identification.

Phaidon, 2011. No. 1165 in a limited edition of 3300. Signed by McCurry on a tipped-in limitation page. Includes print inside an envelope closure on the front pastedown. Lavender cloth with stamped silver titles, in a black cloth slipcase. Slipcase rubbed, bumped, lightly-dust soiled.

Then Palestine
Then Palestine
Hardcover      ISBN: 0893818348
A gripping eyewitness account of the Palestinian plight. Larry Towell, one of the finest photojournalists working today, made seven trips to Palestine between 1993 and 1997 and documented the Arab/Israeli conflict in a powerful series of pictures. Immediate and full of raw feeling, his images bring the viewer into the active center of a bitter struggle. The photographs reveal the tragedy of a society subsumed in violence: a fist clenched around a rock thrusts through the frame, a soldier jerks a small child off the ground by the wrist, a mother covers her face with a photograph of her gun-wielding dead son. I join the foray and run as close as I can. Open-fire regulations sanction shoot-to-kill. We run through the alleys. We hear them behind us. The footsteps are catching up. We hear the weight of guns, boots, and the grunting that stops dead as we turn the corner and take chairs in the assembly of mourners. "A sniper, fifteen meters to my left, crouches into position with a high-powered rifle fixed on me, playing a nerve-wracking game. Others [point] at the motionless old men who continue to ignore them, grieving the death of their boys. Their fighters. Eventually the soldiers tire of the amusement and leave."--from Larry Towell's journals