Individual Photographers and their Work
Hardcover      ISBN: 0816650160
A prominent figure in the Twin Cities art scene, Chris Faust marks the essence of the changing Midwestern landscape by documenting common scenes in an uncommon way. Known for his spectacular panoramic work, Faust is also increasingly admired for his unique night photographs, where he quietly unveils a world we never noticed was there and when the darkest hours evoke a mood of mystery and surrealism. The palette of light and shadow heightens our senses by revealing the stillness and ambiguities of the landscape. Nocturnes, a beautiful collection of more than seventy tritone photographs, is a visual record of our world as few ever see it: during the nighttime hours. Emphasizing the passage of time as well as the necessity for change, the images reflect our disappearing rural terrain, abandoned urban streets, and aging industrial spaces, recalling aspects of our culture that are quickly fading into the past. With an affinity for certain old-world practices and tools, Faust works just with ambient light and uses no digital or electronic technology—only classic darkroom processing—allowing all the subtle textures and tones to emerge in his work. Faust’s photographs of the Midwest are shot in a panoramic format with wide, detailed images—spectacular in both their artistry and documentary impact. Chris Faust, a resident of St. Paul, is one of Minnesota’s finest photographers. His award-winning images are widely collected and exhibited throughout the region and the country. Joan Rothfuss is a writer and art historian who was curator of the Walker Art Center for more than seventeen years. She was coeditor of the Walker collection catalogue Bits & Pieces Put Together to Present a Semblance of a Whole.
Bonkers: A Fortnight in London
A Fortnight in London
Hardcover      ISBN: 3869308036
The Essential Marilyn Monroe: Milton H. Greene: 50 Sessions
The Essential Marilyn Monroe
Milton H. Greene: 50 Sessions
Hardcover      ISBN: 1851498672
Cecil Beaton: Portraits & Profiles
Cecil Beaton
Portraits & Profiles
Paperback      ISBN: 0711239215
Cecil Beaton was a fashion, portrait, and war photographer, a diarist, painter, interior designer and an Academy Award-winning stage and costume designer. He is one of the most celebrated portrait photographers of the twentieth century and is renowned for his images of elegance, glamour and style. Cecil Beaton combines Beaton's photographic and pen portraits. Ordered chronologically, these portraits offer insight, beauty, witty observations, and a fascinating glimpse into his world. Featured portraits include: Fred Astaire, Mick Jagger, Marlon Brando, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, and many others Cecil Beaton's life spanned many worlds and these are captured here through his fabulous photographs and incisive pen portraits.
Choice of Weapons
Choice of Weapons
Paperback      ISBN: 0873512022
The noted author/photographer recounts his life and the bitter struggle he has faced, since he was sixteen-years-old, against poverty and racial prejudice
Margaret Bourke-White: Moments in History
Margaret Bourke-White
Moments in History
Hardcover      ISBN: 1938922123
Ralph Eugene Meatyard: The Family Album of Lucybelle Crater and Other Figurative Photographs
Ralph Eugene Meatyard
The Family Album of Lucybelle Crater and Other Figurative Photographs
Hardcover      ISBN: 1891024299
Hardcover      ISBN: 0944092195
America: Really Is the Beautiful
Really Is the Beautiful
Paperback      ISBN: 0802123937
We’re the states who thought of uniting into the best country in the world, and we’re the only country that thought of making the word part of our name. Brazil doesn’t call itself Brazil of America.
Berko: Photographs 1935-1951
Photographs 1935-1951
Hardcover      ISBN: 1888001445