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Economics General
Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science
Naked Economics
Undressing the Dismal Science
Paperback      ISBN: 0393324869
Naked Economics makes up for all of those Econ 101 lectures you slept through (or avoided) in college, demystifying key concepts, laying bare the truths behind the numbers, and answering those questions you have always been too embarrassed to ask. For all the discussion of Alan Greenspan in the media, does anyone know what the Fed actually does? And what about those blackouts in California? Were they a conspiracy on the part of the power companies? Economics is life. There's no way to understand the important issues without it. Now, with Charles Wheelan's breezy tour, there's no reason to fear this highly relevant subject. With the commonsensical examples and brilliantly acerbic commentary we've come to associate with The Economist, Wheelan brings economics to life. Amazingly, he does so with nary a chart, graph, or mathematical equation in sight--certainly a feat to be witnessed firsthand.

Economics is a crucial subject. There's no way to understand the important issues without it. Now, with Charles Wheelan's breezy tour, there's also no reason to fear it.
The Armchair Economist: Economics and Everyday Life
The Armchair Economist
Economics and Everyday Life
Paperback      ISBN: 1451651732
The extensively revised and updated edition of Steven Landsburg's hugely popular book, The Armchair Economist--"a delightful compendium of quotidian examples illustrating important economic and financial theories" (The Journal of Finance).

In this revised and updated edition of Steven Landsburg's hugely popular book, he applies economic theory to today's most pressing concerns, answering a diverse range of daring questions, such as:

Why are seat belts deadly?
Why do celebrity endorsements sell products?
Why are failed executives paid so much?
Who should bear the cost of oil spills?
Do government deficits matter?
How is workplace safety bad for workers?
What's wrong with the local foods movement?
Which rich people can't be taxed?
Why is rising unemployment sometimes good?
Why do women pay more at the dry cleaner?
Why is life full of disappointments?

Whether these are nagging questions you've always had, or ones you never even thought to ask, this new edition of The Armchair Economist turns the eternal ideas of economic theory into concrete answers that you can use to navigate the challenges of contemporary life.
100 Essay Plans for Economics
100 Essay Plans for Economics
by Jowsey
Paperback      ISBN: 019877592x

The essay plans contained in this text cover the most commonly asked questions on each syllabus area of microeconomics and macroeconomics. The author has used a wealth of experience in teaching and examining in economics to provide a useful manual for all students of the subject. Ernie Jowsey provides clear, practical help both in preparing material and in writing up the final essay. The book has a section providing advice on how to write essays in the subject of economics, and each essay plan is organized according to the same structure for clarity. Most are illustrated with a simple figure. The book functions as a summary of important topics and provides the student with a proactive method of learning and revision. Working through the text can therefore be used as an alternative way of covering the introductory syllabus alongside the economics principles texts. This should make the text a valuable learning aid to students embarking on first year undergraduate economics courses, as well as to those preparing for essay paper examinations in economics.

50 Economics Classics: Your Shortcut to the Most Important Ideas on Capitalism, Finance, and the Global Economy
50 Economics Classics
Your Shortcut to the Most Important Ideas on Capitalism, Finance, and the Global Economy
Paperback      ISBN: 1857886739
Explore the ideas of some of the greatest thinkers in economics. Gain the insights and research of contemporary economists and commentators.


Economics drives the modern world and shapes our lives, but few of us feel we have time to engage with the breadth of ideas in the subject. 50 Economics Classics is the smart person's guide to two centuries of discussion of finance, capitalism and the global economy. From Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations to Thomas Piketty's bestseller Capital in the Twenty-First Century, here are the great reads, seminal ideas and famous texts clarified and illuminated for all.
Accidental Theorist and Other Dispatches from the Dismal Science
Accidental Theorist and Other Dispatches from the Dismal Science
Paperback      ISBN: 0393318877

In this wonderfully cohesive set of sharp and witty essays, Paul Krugman tackles bad economic ideas from across the political spectrum. In plain English, he enlightens us on the Asian crisis, corporate downsizing, and the globalization of the American economy, among other topics. The writing here brilliantly combines the acerbic style and clever analysis that has made Krugman famous. Imagine declaring New York its own country and you get a better picture of our trade balance with China and Hong Kong. Try reducing the economy to the production of hot dogs and buns and you ll understand why common beliefs about the impact of production efficiency on labor demand are wrong. This is a collection that will amuse, provoke, and enlighten, in classic Paul Krugman style. "[Paul Krugman

Adam Smith's Lost Legacy
Adam Smith's Lost Legacy
Hardcover      ISBN: 1403947899

In this accessible book, Gavin Kennedy takes a fresh look at Adam Smith's moral philosophy and its links to his political economy and his lectures on Jurisprudence. The book provides a new analysis of Wealth of Nations, and argues that Adam Smith's intellectual legacy was completely transformed in the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries by economists pursuing different agendas, to create ideas and policies that Smith did not advocate. It also provides a new explanation for the main mysteries about Smith's later life.

Adv in Artificial Intelligence
Adv in Artificial Intelligence
Hardcover      ISBN: 1559381272

Part of a series on advances in artificial intelligence in economics, finance and management, this first volume discusses such topics as: artificial neural systems; the economic theory foundation for neural computing systems; and neural network of managerial judgement; among other topics.

Against Austerity: How We Can Fix the Crisis They Made
Against Austerity
How We Can Fix the Crisis They Made
Paperback      ISBN: 0745333281

Five years into capitalism's deepest crisis, which has led to cuts and economic pain across the world, Against Austerity addresses a puzzling aspect of the current conjuncture: why are the rich still getting away with it? Why is protest so ephemeral? Why does the left appear to be marginal to political life?

In an analysis which challenges our understanding of capitalism, class and ideology, Richard Seymour shows how 'austerity' is just one part of a wider elite plan to radically re-engineer society and everyday life in the interests of profit, consumerism and speculative finance.

But Against Austerity is not a gospel of despair. Seymour argues that once we turn to face the headwinds of this new reality, dispensing with reassuring dogmas, we can forge new collective resistance and alternatives to the current system. Following Brecht, Against Austerity argues that the good old things are over, it's time to confront the bad new ones.
America in Decline
America in Decline
Paperback      ISBN: 0765633914

-This collection gathers 91 essays that appeared in the pages of Challenge from 1973 through 2011.-

Angewandtes Gesundheitsmarketing
Angewandtes Gesundheitsmarketing
German    Paperback      ISBN: 3834940348

Das Gesundheitsmarketing, d.h. die Gesamtheit aller Ma nahmen, die ein Unternehmen ergreifen kann, um gesundheitsbewusste Konsumenten anzusprechen,

gewinnt zunehmend an Bedeutung. Das Buch "Angewandtes Gesundheitsmarketing" zeigt auf, wie gesundheitsbewusste Konsumenten identifiziert werden k nnen und wie sich Kampagnen im Gesundheitsmarketing planen lassen. Aufbauend auf strategischen berlegungen bietet das Buch ganz konkrete Handlungsempfehlungen f r den Unternehmensalltag.