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Robert Adams: Our Lives and Our Children: Photographs Taken Near the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant 1979-1983
Robert Adams: Our Lives and Our Children
Photographs Taken Near the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant 1979-1983
Hardcover      ISBN: 3958290973

One day in the early 1970s, Robert Adams (born 1937) and his wife saw from their home a column of smoke rise above the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant, near Denver, Colorado. For an hour they watched the plume grow and experienced a sense of helplessness before what appeared to be a nuclear accident in progress. Ultimately it was announced that the fire was burning outside the plant, but Adams decided to try to picture what stood to be lost in a nuclear catastrophe. He photographed in Denver and its suburbs; the individuals shown were within hazardous proximity to the Rocky Flats Plant. The new Steidl edition of Our Lives and Our Children presents an expanded sequence that retains the potent compactness of the first edition (out of print for nearly three decades).

Small Town Pennsylvania
Small Town Pennsylvania
Hardcover      ISBN: 0764341766

Small towns are the best-kept secret of any state and Pennsylvania is no exception. They have a unique charm, but what do we really know about them? The iconic Liberty Bell is a much-visited tourist attraction, but what about visiting the seven-foot wide Squeeze-In Restaurant in Sunbury or the Chainsaw Carving Rendezvous in Ridgway? Have you met Rose Ribbett, the grape-stomping frog from North East? Travel to Pennsylvania's small towns and get acquainted with the lesser-known, but no less interesting, side of the Keystone State. Along the way, you'll find "Muffler Men," a lighthouse in the forest, jumping fish, roadside art, dazzling views, and much more. Sometimes unconventional, sometimes lighthearted, sometimes irreverent, this photographic journey is both delightful and educational; a must-have keepsake for local residents, tourists, and historians.

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men: Three Tenant Families
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
Three Tenant Families
Paperback      ISBN: 0618127496

A landmark work of American photojournalism "renowned for its fusion of social conscience and artistic radicality" (New York Times)

In the summer of 1936, James Agee and Walker Evans set out on assignment for Fortune magazine to explore the daily lives of sharecroppers in the South. Their journey would prove an extraordinary collaboration and a watershed literary event when, in 1941, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men was first published to enormous critical acclaim. This unsparing record of place, of the people who shaped the land and the rhythm of their lives, is intensely moving and unrelentingly honest, and today--recognized by the New York Public Library as one of the most influential books of the twentieth century--it stands as a poetic tract of its time. With an elegant new design as well as a sixty-four-page photographic prologue featuring archival reproductions of Evans's classic images, this historic edition offers readers a window into a remarkable slice of American history.

This Was Logging: Drama in the Northwest Timber Country
This Was Logging
Drama in the Northwest Timber Country
Paperback      ISBN: 0887400353

"Someday" Big Fred Hewett used to say in his Humboldt Saloon in Aberdeen, Washington, "these pictures will show how the boys used to do it." He knew the day would come when the Pacific Northwest's "Big Woods" would be only a fog-blurred memory and the cry "Logs More Logs " would no longer be heard ringing up and down the skidroads. With the superb views of timber photographer Darius Kinsey, comprising more than 200 pictures made from wet plate celluloid negatives, 11" x 14", and processed by his pioneer wife, Tabitha, author Andrews dramatically presents a panorama of lumbering's great days in these woods from 1890 to 1925. Shown in sharp detail are the first axes, 12-foot crosscut saws, the first oxen and horses, the first donkey engines and "lokeys". Then the story continues into the "highball" days, the high production period with the steel tower skidders and miles of steel rigging.

Deaf Maggie Lee Sayre: Photographs of a River Life
Deaf Maggie Lee Sayre
Photographs of a River Life
Paperback      ISBN: 0878057994
Japan: Caught in Time
Caught in Time
Hardcover      ISBN: 0834803437
The Most Beautiful Villages of Provence
The Most Beautiful Villages of Provence
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500541876

It is in such small communities as those so beautifully photographed by Hugh Palmer that the true spirit of Provence is to be found. Brilliant sunlight slants across jostling terra-cotta roofs, and great plane trees cast velvety shade across ancient squares where the only sound is that of a moss-covered fountain. The Most Beautiful Villages of Provence stunningly evokes the beauty and spirit of Provence, which has drawn visitors to it from ancient times to the present day. Its enduring charm is here celebrated in Palmer's magnificent photographs of such gems as Riez and its fields of lavender or the mysterious cobbled paths of Crestet. These entrancing places, and many others, make this book a lasting tribute to a magical world. Featuring a special listing of hotels, restaurants, festivals, and markets, this book celebrates a part of the world that has entranced millions.
Partial Recall
Partial Recall
Paperback      ISBN: 1565840410

Explorations by 12 native American artists and writers into the images that have our ideas of Indianness, and the complex relationship of photography to identity.

One More River to Cross: An African American Photograph Album
One More River to Cross
An African American Photograph Album
Hardcover      ISBN: 015100191x
Bear Portraits
Bear Portraits
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0316031887

A top celebrity portrait photographer, Jill Greenberg has a unique ability to coax powerful emotions out of her subjects - whether human or animal. Her portraits of bears, collected here for the first time, surprise and engage. We encounter cubs as cute as a child's Teddy, grizzlies that look like they might swallow you whole, and Polar bears seated in Sphinx-like tranquility. Full-grown brown bears, grizzlies, black bears, Polar bears, and bear cubs are photographed on location against a portrait backdrop. The poses and facial expressions are at turns oddly comedic, pensive, terrifying, and sometimes unexpectedly human. Alive with Greenberg's signature lighting and seen through the unique perspective of her lens, these startling bear portraits bring us face to face with our fears and fantasies.