History of Photography
Fred W. McDarrah: New York Scenes
Fred W. McDarrah
New York Scenes
Hardcover      ISBN: 1419728970

During his 50-year association with the Village Voice, Fred W. McDarrah (1926-2007) covered the city's downtown scenes, producing an unmatched and encyclopedic visual record of people, movements, and events. McDarrah frequented the bars, caf s, and galleries where writers, artists, and musicians gathered, and he was welcome in the apartments and lofts of the city's avant-garde cultural aristocracy. He captured every vital moment, from Jack Kerouac reading poetry, to Bob Dylan hanging out in Sheridan Square, to Andy Warhol filming in the Factory, to the Stonewall Riots. Through his lens, we see the legendary birth of ideas and attitudes that continue to shape the character and allure of New York today.

Instant: The Story of Polaroid
The Story of Polaroid
Hardcover      ISBN: 1616890851

"Instant photography at the push of a button " During the 1960s and '70s, Polaroid was the coolest technology company on earth. Like Apple, it was an innovation machine that cranked out one must-have product after another. Led by its own visionary genius founder, Edwin Land, Polaroid grew from a 1937 garage start-up into a billion-dollar pop-culture phenomenon. Instant tells the remarkable tale of Land's one-of-a-kind invention-from Polaroid's first instant camera to hit the market in 1948, to its meteoric rise in popularity and adoption by artists such as Ansel Adams, Andy Warhol, and Chuck Close, to the company's dramatic decline into bankruptcy in the late '90s and its unlikely resurrection in the digital age. Instant is both an inspiring tale of American ingenuity and a cautionary business tale about the perils of companies that lose their creative edge.

Japan in Early Photographs: The Aimé Humbert Collection at the Museum of Ethnography, Neuchâtel
Japan in Early Photographs
The Aimé Humbert Collection at the Museum of Ethnography, Neuchâtel
Hardcover      ISBN: 3897900270

The Humbert Collection, containing approximately 140 vintage photographs collected between 1863/64 in Japan, is an invaluable account of the Edo-to-Meiji period transition, which shaped the West's image of this insular nationContains some of the earliest photographs by Felice Beato and Shimooka Renj Infrared photographs - a new form of research undertaken by Tokyo University - allow us to read hitherto hidden metadata on the back of the printsPhotographs taken in Japan between the late Edo period and early Meiji periods found their way overseas, and played a major role in forming Westerners' image of Japan. Among these collections, the pictures gathered by the Swiss diplomat Aim Humbert (1819-1900) in the 1860s were crucial in building lasting representations of the island nation: many of these, mainly collected in 1863/64 during a sojourn in Yokohama and Edo, were used as sources for the well-known and largely distributed engravings of his famous book Le Japon illustr , published in Paris in 1870. Belonging to the collection of the MEN, these beautiful and well-preserved photographs are published here for the first time. Presented by Japanese and Swiss scholars before the narrative backdrop of their acquisition and application by foreigners, they offer a striking view of a lost world.

The Extended Moment: Fifty Years of Collecting Photographs at the National Gallery of Canada
The Extended Moment
Fifty Years of Collecting Photographs at the National Gallery of Canada
Hardcover      ISBN: 8874398026

This lavish book showcases the superb photography collection of the National Gallery of Canada, created over the past 50 years. In 1967, when the collection was established, the photography market was in its infancy, allowing the acquisition of works by pioneers of the medium such as Charles N gre, William Henry Fox Talbot, Gustave Le Gray, and Roger Fenton, among others. Today the collection boasts an impressive array of works by world-renowned photographers.

Ann Thomas chronicles the formative years of the collection under its founding curator, James Borcoman. She discusses the role of influential figures in the world of collecting and curating photographs, offering an insider's view of how the key collections entered the museum over the years. John McElhone takes a more technical approach in discussing how the photographic process has evolved, and helps clarify issues related to image appearance and identification.

William Henry Fox Talbot: Dawn of the Photograph
William Henry Fox Talbot
Dawn of the Photograph
Paperback      ISBN: 1785510533

Accompanies an exhibition in the Media Space gallery of the Science Museum, London, in spring 2016 Approximately 30 per cent of the material in the book (by both Talbot and his own circle) is currently unavailable in print or previously unpublished Explores new angles of interpretation, in particular the influences of Talbot's closest circle of friends, and whether photography ever achieved the ambitions that he set out for itPublished to accompany an exhibition at the Science Museum, London, in spring 2016, this catalogue features 100 high-quality reproductions of Talbot's work.Through two introductory essays, the book examines how Talbot's invention of photography in the 1830s, evolved to establish the artistic, scientific and industrial possibilities for photography. As a radically new way of seeing, Talbot set out how the medium of photography had the ability to open up the visual world to a different kind of scrutiny, as well as to reaffirm what was considered to be 'real'. Such experiments make Talbot's practice and thinking all the more complex and lasting but also provocative as he sits between ambitions of art and science through photography, and economic gain. The book furthermore discusses the relationships between a network of photographers who gravitated towards Talbot's process but each of whom took photography into different territory. Assessing their artistic contribution and social legacy, it reflects on how enthusiasm for photography was initially limited to a small close-knit, elite group of people.William Henry Fox Talbot is a testament to Talbot's magical and industrial visions for his invention, that range from the delicate capture of natural specimens to more staged and functional ambitions for photography as means of mass production. It will be of interest to the art enthusiast and general historian of nineteenth-century innovation, as well as to all those curious to learn more about this pioneer of photography."

The Photographic Art: Pictorial Traditions in Britain and America
The Photographic Art
Pictorial Traditions in Britain and America
Paperback      ISBN: 0064301605

Compares British and American photography, shows examples of portraits, still lifes, and landscapes, and discusses themes in photography

Shadow and Substance: Essays on the History of Photography in Honor of Heinz K. Henisch
Shadow and Substance
Essays on the History of Photography in Honor of Heinz K. Henisch
Paperback      ISBN: 0910331014

This volume features about fifty photo historians from fifteen countries offering substantial and previously unpublished essays in honor of Dr. Heinz K. Henisch, the founding editor of the international quarterly History of Photography. The recognized authorities in the field, including Estelle Jussim, Ulrich Keller, Naomi Rosenblum, Mart Haworth-Booth, and others, are represented here and cover a wide range of topics from the earliest daguerreotypes to contemporary photography, with essays on nineteenth century practitioners, photojournalism, and twentieth-century aesthetics.

This meaty collection of fifty-six essays is one no serious library, scholar, or student of photography should be without.

100 Ideas That Changed Photography
100 Ideas That Changed Photography
Paperback      ISBN: 1856697967

This compelling book chronicles the most influential ideas that have shaped photography from the invention of the daguerreotype in the early 19th century up to the digital revolution and beyond. Entertaining and intelligent, it provides a fascinating resource to dip into. Arranged in a broadly chronological order to show the development of photography, the ideas that comprise the book include innovative concepts, cultural and social incidents, technologies, and movements. Each idea is presented through lively text and arresting visuals, and explores when the idea first evolved and its subsequent impact on photography.

American Photography: A Critical History 1945 to the Present
American Photography
A Critical History 1945 to the Present
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810918145

A history of modern American photography surveys major developments in photographic theory, trends, method, and style, as well as the works of noted American photographers, from 1945 to the present.

Antanas Sutkus: In Memoriam
Antanas Sutkus
In Memoriam
Hardcover      ISBN: 3958296408

Lithuanian photographer Antanas Sutkus (born 1939) learned of the mass killing of the Jews during World War II itself, from his grandparents, experiencing shame and guilt for the atrocities committed behind the Vilijampole ghetto gates and the Ninth Fort. In 1988 Sutkus began photographing the Kaunas Jews who had escaped death in concentration camps; In Memoriam presents a selection of these portraits.

As far back as the 14th century, the Jews had been offered protection and support in Lithuania. Over the next 600 years they established their traditions there, with printing workshops and synagogues, libraries and gymnasiums, songs and legends. This vibrant branch of Lithuania's cultural history was violently destroyed when 200,000 Jews were murdered and thrown into pits on forest edges, quarries and death camps. This book is a tribute to these people, and an expression of attempts at understanding, penitence, purification and rebirth.