1001 Photographs You Must See in Your Lifetime
1001 Photographs You Must See in Your Lifetime
Hardcover      ISBN: 078933660x
A new generation, enabled by selfie sticks and social media, is being drawn to photography, and this is the perfect book to inspire and illuminate their appreciation of the full and rich history of this seminal art form and its many genres and techniques. Award-winning photographer, critic, and educator Paul Lowe presents a carefully curated selection of the greatest still images—visually arresting, aesthetically complex, and historically significant—from the medium’s earliest days to the present. Included are photographs from all over the globe, taken by both female and male photographers: famous iconic images, key signature works by notable photographers, and less familiar images that are nevertheless essential viewing. From 1850 to the present, from daguerreotype to digital, this book embraces all genres—documentary, portrait, photojournalistic, and more—as it traces the development of photography to the present day. It is organized chronologically with text that accompanies each photograph providing historical context and technical details. Each work is indexed by artist and by title, making it easy to find specific works and the oeuvres of particular photographers throughout the volume. Whether a gift or a self-purchase, this guide to the history and practice of photography is a must for budding amateurs and experienced practitioners alike.
50 Photo Projects: Ideas to Kick- Start Your Photography
50 Photo Projects
Ideas to Kick- Start Your Photography
Paperback      ISBN: 0715329766
Whether you want to get more from your DSLR or are simply looking for new creative avenues to explore, 50 Photo Projects shows you how to break out of your comfort zone and try something new. Packed with invaluable tips on how to create stunning photographs, Lee Frost provides the bright ideas that will reinvigorate your photography, from inspiration on what to photograph, to inventive projects with vintage, pinhole and toy cameras.
Es La Habana / It's Havana
Es La Habana / It's Havana
Spanish    Hardcover      ISBN: 848939606x
A stunning photographic tour of the people and city of Havana, Cuba, presents hundreds of black-and-white photographs that capture the sights and sounds, culture and history of Havana. (Fine Arts)
Generation Ink: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Generation Ink
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Hardcover      ISBN: 0985136804
Generation Ink features 20-somethings who regard tattoos as mementos of personal freedom. Photographed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, it s a snapshot of a moment in time.
George Eastman: A Biography
George Eastman
A Biography
Hardcover      ISBN: 0801852633
Describes how the photographic entrepreneur employed his technological innovations and marketing skills to dominate the industry, and explores Eastman's personal life and his philanthropic works
Illustrated Dictionary of Photography
Illustrated Dictionary of Photography
Paperback      ISBN: 1584282223
Cataloging everything from historic photographic processes to the latest advances in digital technology, this reference contains nearly 5,000 entries explaining the terms and techniques of photography. An ideal sourcebook for anyone with an interest in photography, entries include words associated with shooting techniques, digital imaging terms, specialized photographic subgenres, the science of photography, and notable photographers. Each entry blends ample cross-references with detailed explanations to provide both professional photographers and amateur photo enthusiasts with an essential resource.
Insta Grammar Cats
Insta Grammar Cats
Paperback      ISBN: 9401436959
Instant Love: How to Make Magic and Memories with Polaroids
Instant Love
How to Make Magic and Memories with Polaroids
Hardcover      ISBN: 0811879267
With instant film once again available, Polaroids and other instant cameras are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. This friendly and informative guide is the essential how-to book for shooting gorgeous instant pictures with personal panache and a touch of romance. Packed with tips on how to shoot with various cameras, details about the different types of film available, advice on compNPNtion and lighting techniques, plus creative projects to transform snapshots into keepsake mementos and portfolios of beautiful images for inspiration, this is the ultimate companion for capturing instant memories.
The Photographic Arts
The Photographic Arts
Hardcover      ISBN: 0877455732
Photography Changes Everything
Photography Changes Everything
Paperback      ISBN: 1597111996
Photography Changes Everything offers a provocative rethinking of photography's impact on our culture and our daily lives. Compiling hundreds of images and responses from leading authorities on photography, it offers a brilliant, reader-friendly exploration of the many ways in which photographs package information and values, demand and hold attention, and shape our knowledge of and experience in the world. The volume draws on the extraordinary visual assets of the Smithsonian Institution's museums, science centers and archives to launch an unprecedented interdisciplinary dialogue on photography's capacity to shape and change our experience of the world. Photography Changes Everything features over 300 images and nearly 100 engaging short texts commissioned from experts, writers, inventors, public figures and others—from Hugh Hefner to John Baldessari, John Waters, Robert Adams, Sandra Phillips and many others. Each story responds to images selected by project contributors. Together they engage readers in a timely exploration of the extent to which our lives have been transformed through our interactions with photographic imagery. Edited by leading photography curator and author Marvin Heiferman, Photography Changes Everything provides a unique opportunity to better understand the history, practice and power of photography at this transitional moment in visual culture.