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Individual and the State
Citizenship, Nationality and Ethnicity: Reconciling Competing Identities
Citizenship, Nationality and Ethnicity
Reconciling Competing Identities
Paperback      ISBN: 0745616208

Most interpretations of ethnicity concentrate either on particular societies or on specific dimensions of 'world society'. This work takes quite a different approach, arguing that variations within and across societies are vital for understanding contemporary dilemmas of ethnicity. The author aims to develop a new analysis of the relation between the nation on the one hand, and ethnicity and citizenship on the other.

Oommen conceives of the nation as a product of a fusion of territory and language. He demonstrates that neither religion nor race determines national identities. As territory is seminal for a nation to emerge and exist, the dissociation between people and their 'homeland' makes them an ethnie. Citizenship is conceptualized both as a status to which nationals and ethnies ought to be entitled and a set of obligations, a role they are expected to play.

Analyses of three historical episodes - colonialism and European expansion, Communist internationalism and the nation-state and its project of cultural unity - are examined to provide the empirical content of the argument.

This book will be essential reading for second-year undergraduates and above in the areas of sociology, anthropology and cultural studies.

Civic Life in the Information Age
Civic Life in the Information Age
Hardcover      ISBN: 1403976341

Defying the general belief that American citizenship is in decline, Sanford claims that Generation X is actually taking positions of civic leadership and authority as Baby Boomers retire. By exploring traditional instruments of social capital, civic culture and political science, she attempts to make us understand this maligned generation better.

Civic Life in the Information Age
Civic Life in the Information Age
Paperback      ISBN: 1137299274

Defying the general belief that American citizenship is in decline, Sanford claims that Generation X is actually taking positions of civic leadership and authority as Baby Boomers retire. By exploring traditional instruments of social capital, civic culture and political science, she attempts to make us understand this maligned generation better.

The Condition of Citizenship
The Condition of Citizenship
Hardcover      ISBN: 0803988818

This innovative volume explores ways in which the idea of citizenship can be seen as a unifying concept in understanding contemporary social change and social problems.

The book outlines traditional linkages between citizenship and public participation, national identity and social welfare, and shows the relevance of citizenship for a range of rising issues extending from global change through gender to the environment. The areas investigated include: the challenge of internationalization to the nation state and to national identities; the contested nature of citizenship in relation to poverty, work and welfare; the implications of gender inequality; and the potential for new conceptions of citizenship in response to cultur

Confidential Information Sources: Public and Private
Confidential Information Sources
Public and Private
Hardcover      ISBN: 0750690186

This edition includes the effects of massive computerization on the collection, storage, and reporting of personal data. For investigations and back-ground checks of any type, this outstanding volume tells how to hire reliable employees, sell to solvent customers, and purchase from reliable vendors. Carroll also examines troubling issues of ethics, accuracy, and privacy in our age of electronic information transfer.

Constituting Communities: Political Solutions to Cultural Conflict
Constituting Communities
Political Solutions to Cultural Conflict
Hardcover      ISBN: 1403997438

From a cross-disciplinary and conceptual perspective this book discusses the political solutions of constitutional patriotism, republicanism and liberal nationalism to cultural conflict. It places these debates in the context of real national traditions, where all civic language inevitably also reflects 'culture'.

Constitutional Debates on Freedom of Religion: A Documentary History
Constitutional Debates on Freedom of Religion
A Documentary History
Hardcover      ISBN: 0313301409

Debates over the separation or accommodation of religion and government have divided Americans since the founding of our country and continue to echo in governmental chambers today, as people argue sharply and heatedly about the exact meaning and correct applications of First Amendment clauses on religious establishment and free exercise of religion. Students can trace the history and development of these arguments, as well as the reactions to them, through this unique collection of over 70 primary documents. Court cases and other documents bring to life the controversies surrounding the issues. Explanatory introductions to documents aid users in understanding the various arguments put forth, while illuminating the significance of each document.

Patrick and Long trace the origins and changes in the nature of the debates surrounding the issue of freedom of religion using carefully chosen court cases and other documents to reflect the fact that the Court's decision has not always ended public controversy about the relationships between church and state or religion and government. Indeed, especially in recent years, the Court's decisions in some cases have exacerbated old tensions and generated new issues. The focus throughout is on the connection between the U.S. Constitution and freedom of religion. The introductory and explanatory text help readers understand the nature of the conflicts, the issues being litigated, the social and cultural pressures that shaped each debate, and the manner in which the passions of individual government officials, justices, and our presidents affected the development of policies concerning freedom of religion.

Cosmopolitan Citizenship
Cosmopolitan Citizenship
Paperback      ISBN: 1349146250

An original discussion and analysis of the meaning and scope of citizenship. The book examines the concept of citizenship in the light of normative ethical and political arguments as to the possible costs and benefits to political order, community, rights and participation of opting either for a cosmopolitan or a bounded citizenship ideal. As well as putting the concept of cosmopolitan citizenship into question, this book raises fundamental issues as to the adequacy of the current conceptual resources of political and international theory.

Crimes of Obedience: Toward a Social Psychology of Authority and Responsibility
Crimes of Obedience
Toward a Social Psychology of Authority and Responsibility
Paperback      ISBN: 0300048130

Sergeant William Calley's defense of his behavior in the My Lai massacre and the widespread public support for his argument that he was merely obeying orders from a superior and was not personally culpable led Herbert C. Kelman and V. Lee Hamilton to investigate the attitudes toward responsibility and authority that underlie crimes of obedience--not only in military circumstances like My Lai but as manifested in Watergate, the Iran-Contra scandal, and the Kurt Waldheim affair. Their book is an ardent plea for the right and obligation of citizens to resist illegal and immoral orders from above.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Rights and Liberties Under the Law
Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Rights and Liberties Under the Law
Hardcover      ISBN: 1576076024

The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution created one of the nation's most valued freedoms but, at the same time, one of its most persistent controversies. On 184 separate occasions, the Supreme Court attempted to decide what constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

Constitutional scholars Joseph A. Melusky and Judge Keith A. Pesto help readers make sense of the controversy. The authors begin by sketching the context of the debate in a general overview that addresses issues such as excessive bails and fines, and noncapital offenses. But their primary focus is capital punishment. In a detailed, chronologically ordered discussion, they trace the evolving opinion of the nation's highest court from the late 19th century to the present, analyzing issues, arguments, holdings, and outcomes.