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Industrial Buildings Architect
Stansted: Norman Foster and the Architecture of Flight
Norman Foster and the Architecture of Flight
Paperback      ISBN: 187218099x
American Louvre: A History of the Renwick Gallery Building
American Louvre
A History of the Renwick Gallery Building
Paperback      ISBN: 1907804811

American Louvre tells the fascinating story of the first purpose-built art museum in the United States, modelled on its famous namesake in Paris, and is illustrated with a wealth of contextual and contemporary images.

Charles J. Robertson is the deputy director emeritus of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

British Breweries: An Architectural History
British Breweries
An Architectural History
Hardcover      ISBN: 1852851910

I have no pain now, mother dear, But, oh, I am so dry! Connect me to a brewery and leave me there to die.

Breweries were large and striking buildings whose towering presence was often reinforced by their occupation of sites in the middle of towns. They were the flagships of a major industry and generators of some of the great business fortunes. Designing their breweries for architectural grandeur as well as for their function, brewers were well aware of the marketing value of their buildings and used them as advertisements. What is surprising is that so little attention has been paid to breweries, in contrast to other great industrial buildings such as mills and warehouses. Lavishly illustrated, British Breweries covers the whole of their history, from the country house brewhouses of the eighteenth century to the great breweries of Georgian and Victorian England, and to widespread disappearance in the twentieth century.
MVRDV Buildings: Updated Edition
MVRDV Buildings
Updated Edition
by Mvrdv
Hardcover      ISBN: 9462082421

MVRDV is a Rotterdam-based architecture and urban design practice founded in 1993 (its name is an acronym for founding members Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries). In cooperation with Ilka and Andreas Ruby, MVRDV assembled a monographic overview of 20 years of architectural practice, MVRDV Buildings, now available in a new, updated edition. Featuring user testimonies, journalistic articles, and previously unpublished images and drawings, MVRDV Buildings surveys the realized work to date of one of the world's top architecture bureaus. Acclaimed for its visionary research and thought-provoking projects such as Pig City (a high-rise landscape designed to solve lack-of-space problems for the pig meat industry in the Netherlands) and Grand Paris (a proposal to join Paris and its suburbs into a high-density post-Kyoto city by 2030), MVRDV has realized a stunning portfolio of buildings and urban plans. This volume includes MVRDV's famous projects, such as Villa VPRO (Hilversum), WoZoCo (Amsterdam), Balancing Barn (Suffolk, UK) and Edificio Mirador (Madrid), and explores these with a characteristically inquisitive attitude. How do these buildings perform? What is life like in a blue house (in Didden Village, near Rotterdam), on an orange tribune (The Why Factory, situated within a courtyard at Delft University of Technology), in a vertical shopping street (the Gyre Shopping Center in Tokyo) or inside a mountain of books (the Book Mountain library in Spijkenisse)?

Politics and Culture in Wilhelmine Germany: The Case of Industrial Architecture
Politics and Culture in Wilhelmine Germany
The Case of Industrial Architecture
Hardcover      ISBN: 0854969454

A valuable resource for students taking specialist options on Imperial Germany or the origins of modern architecture and design. This original book explores the relationship between politics and culture in turn-of-the-century Germany through the unusual medium of industrial architecture, which for a time brought together the disparate worlds of politics, art and commerce. It focuses on the efforts of reformers to improve the quality and character of the industrial workplace during the period when Germany was overtaking Britain as Europe's leading manufacturing power.

Twentieth Century Industrial Archaeology
Twentieth Century Industrial Archaeology
Paperback      ISBN: 0419246800

This book examines the industrial monuments of twentieth- century Britain. Each chapter takes a specific theme and examines it in the context of the buildings and structure of the twentieth century. The authors are both leading experts in the field, having written widely on various aspects of the subject. In this new and comprehensive survey they respond to the growing interest in twentieth-century architecture and industrial archaeology. The book is well illustrated with superb and unique illustrations drawn from the archives of the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England. It will mark and celebrate the end of the century with a tribute to its remarkable built industrial heritage.

The Works: The Industrial Architecture of the United States
The Works
The Industrial Architecture of the United States
Hardcover      ISBN: 0195090004

This generously illustrated study of factory buildings documents how these factories were designed to meet the multifarious demands of industry, argues that industrial aesthetic ideals were derived from functional engineering principles (what she terms the engineering aesthetic), and
contrasts the factory designs of engineers and architects. As Bradley probes the rationale behind the design of factories, she offers readers a useful typology and clarifying terminology.