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Best Tall Buildings: A Global Overview of 2015 Skyscrapers: CTBUH Awards
Best Tall Buildings
A Global Overview of 2015 Skyscrapers: CTBUH Awards
Hardcover      ISBN: 186470652x

- The CTBUH is the primary clearinghouse for data in the field of tall buildings, putting its tremendous resources to work in order to make this more than just an awards book, but a comprehensive survey of the activity in skyscrapers the world over, each year- Readers will gain a better and more varied understanding of the skyscraper typology, why it's important, and where it is innovativeMore than a description of the best tall buildings from around the world, this volume serves as a global overview of tall building construction and activity in a given year, highlighting some of the big achievements in the tall building field, particularly showing where innovation is happening.Tall buildings are oftentimes the subject of admiration only for their sheer height or skyline silhouette, and oftentimes criticized for their poor environmental performance (and not without justification). This book aims to change that impression by showing innovations that are particular to tall buildings, in addition to generally good architectural design and engineering prowess. This ambitious and comprehensive text provides in-depth descriptions of the buildings' design and significance, accompanied by stunning images, detailed drawings, and plans.The CTBUH's Awards series draws from the multi-disciplinary expertise of the practitioners directly involved in bringing these buildings to life. This guide is intended for anyone working on the design and operation of tall buildings at both the building and urban scales.Also available: 100 of the World's Tallest Buildings ISBN 978186470651022 $75.00 Tall Buildings of China ISBN 9781864704129 $80.00Antony Wood has been Executive Director of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat since 2006. Based at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Antony is a Research Professor in the College of Architecture and is also a Visiting Professor of Tall Buildings at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University, Shanghai. He is the author and editor of numerous books and papers in the field, and his PhD explored the multi-disciplinary aspects of skybridge connections between tall buildings. Californian-born Steven Henry received his degree in architecture in May 2008 from the College of Architecture of the Illinois Institute of Technology. In his final years he studied new programmatic uses for high-rise buildings as well as research on how to incorporate sustainable features as an inherent part of the design. Involved with the CTBUH since January 2008, he designed and produced the Council's inaugural awards book titled, Best Tall Buildings 2008: CTBUH International Awards Winning Projects.Among other tasks, he continues to coordinate the council's book publications.

Design for Government
Design for Government
Paperback      ISBN: 0982631200

Part of the Gensler Monograph series, Design for Government surveys the state of public sector buildings. Introduced by Vernon Mays, editor at large at Architect, the book focuses on the leading role that governments take today in setting new and higher standards for design quality in support of goals and mandates for improved productivity, more effective use of non-renewable resources, and the health and welfare of employees.

The book includes 15 case studies that address a representative array of building and facility types. Each documents client intent, design response, key features, and actual or expected performance. The projects covered range in scale from a community's 14,000-square-foot city hall to the largest single workplace of the US federal government. They include specialized facilities like courthouses and courtrooms, as well as airports and convention centers--important public-sector activities in the US and other countries.
David Leventi: Opera
David Leventi
Hardcover      ISBN: 8862083971

In his series Opera, photographer David Leventi (born 1978)--whose work has been widely published in Time, The New York Times Magazine, Cond Nast Traveler and American Photography--captures the interiors of more than 40 opera houses spanning four centuries and four continents. Shot meticulously over five years, Opera presents a typology; each empty hall is seen from the place at center stage where the singers would stand. The large-format camera reveals these temples of music in their wealth of architectural detail and acoustic design; the body of work historically documents landmarks that serve as symbols of their nations' wealth and grandeur, their dedication to the promotion of the arts and to bringing communities together. With its unique concept--the opera house as a lens for cultural survey, a unifying force and tradition across continents--the collection serves as a beautiful tribute to opera.

Thai Hotels
Thai Hotels
Hardcover      ISBN: 1864706406

- This book will satisfy those looking to absorb traditional Thai architecture, and through rich photography and full descriptions of numerous case studies- this book will introduce readers to the most current design ideas for contemporary Thai hotels and resortsThailand's tropical climate and Buddhist philosophies greatly influence the nation s architecture. Its architectural culture is also deeply influenced by countries such as China, India, and other Southeast Asian nations. While Thailand is influenced and has been absorbing the cultural nutrition of these nations, it has also been doing some innovative work, forming its own unique cultural style. This book showcases numerous projects that combine the beauty of the countries ubiquitous tropical forests with extraordinary national symbols that are becoming increasingly popular over the years. The Thai style has gained significant recognition by architects and designers worldwide. The authors show how both authenticity and innovation can combine to work in contemporary design. In the words of the author, "Authenticity is what makes the difference, and understanding and drawing inspiration from the past is what can give Thai heritage design new life. Moreover, traditional Thai architecture sufficiently embodies human-oriented and environmentally friendly notions, demonstrating the natural, unsophisticated, delicate and harmonious characteristics in architectural details."Visut Lohacharoon was born in Bangkok in 1973. He received B.Arch from the School of Architecture at Rangsit University, the first Private University that opened at the Architecture School in Thailand. In 2000 he was awarded a M.Arch from Graduate School of Architecture, Pratt Institute, New York, United States. After returning to Thailand he established the Archiplus Studio Co., Ltd, an architectural design studio in Bangkok. He is also a visiting professor to schools of architecture across Thailand, where he shares and exchanges his design process and theory to the next generation. Since opening the studio in late 2000, his practice has gradually increased to include various projects in many countries across Asia, including China, Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. Clint Nagata sees the symphony of space, form and function that a vacant site invites. Ideas are his currency. Culture shapes his credo. But instinct is his watchword. Nagata has it. He trusts it. As do the rapidly expanding ranks of BLINK's clients, among them legends of luxury like Conrad, Hilton, Regent, Jumeriah, Six Senses, Mandarin Oriental, Marriott, Sheraton and Westin. Nagata has spent two decades at design's cutting edge, testing limits, winning plaudits, pushing room envelopes and exploring space. As his visions have become reality in many of the world's hot spots, he has built up an enviable track record of success, a coterie of contented clients and a growing reputation as a speaker of insight and originality.

International Territory: The United Nations 1945-95
International Territory
The United Nations 1945-95
Hardcover      ISBN: 1859849016

For half a century, the United Nations building in New York has been the focus of international inspiration. Its podium has seen petitioners for peace, for independence, for justice. Its murals and statuatry express the loftiest ideals. Born of World War II and the struggle against fascism, the UN has been the parent body of many small states, and an arena for the peaceful composition of disputes between the powers.

London, Verso 1994. Hardcover in dustjacket. First Edition. Bound in publisher's light blue cloth with gilt printing on spine. Condition is Very-good in a Very-Good dustjacket. There is a small abrasion of front of jacket and a corresponding one on cover of book neither of which detract much from the appearance of the book. Text by Christopher Hitchens. 104 pages.

Preston Scott Cohen: Taiyuan Museum of Art
Preston Scott Cohen
Taiyuan Museum of Art
Paperback      ISBN: 1939621585

Preston Scott Cohen: Taiyuan Museum of Art is a book about how ideas come to be, evolve, are refined, changed, and are made concrete. Explored through a series of interviews, essays, and exhaustive documentation, the Taiyuan Museum of Art is intimately related to a design process and strategy that has unfolded over the course of Cohen's career, while also indicating shifts in his interests. Critical essays and interviews map out a larger theoretical and intellectual argument for this body of work. Early projects and precedent studies are discussed, focusing on the role of different techniques of representation, development, historical evaluation, and technical execution in the development of both these earlier projects as well as the larger subject of the book. Even further, the book better describes the ideas that generated the project, as described through interviews with the graduate students of the Knowlton School of Architecture, interviews with contemporary critics, and critical commentaries by architects, designers, and colleagues of the Cohen. The design process is described in detail through drawings, diagrams and study models. The ambition of the Source Books series is to offer an alternative to the conventional architectural monograph by documenting the design process in depth, and by providing extensive critical commentary that allows for careful study of the project from conception through execution.

Critical Prison Design: Mas d'Enric Penitentiary by Aib Arquitectes + Estudi PSP Arquitectura
Critical Prison Design
Mas d'Enric Penitentiary by Aib Arquitectes + Estudi PSP Arquitectura
Paperback      ISBN: 0989331776

The newly built Mas d'Enric penitentiary sparks a series of reflections on architecture's role in the problematic subject of prison design. The prison is an uncomfortable institution and its architecture is often subjugated to technocratic criteria. This servility forces the prison out of the socio-cultural realm where it belongs, thus erasing it from public discourse. Mas d'Enric is a new penitentiary that overturns preconceptions and posits architecture as a medium to critically rethink contemporary prison buildings.

The discussion is enriched by contributions from a number of influential architects and architectural theorists, and is complemented by original work in film, photography, literature, sculpture and visual arts.
A Sustainable Bodega and Hotel: Edward P. Bass Distinguished Visiting Architecture Fellowship
A Sustainable Bodega and Hotel
Edward P. Bass Distinguished Visiting Architecture Fellowship
Paperback      ISBN: 1945150068

A Sustainable Bodega and Hotel in Rioja presents the studio of the Yale Edward P. Bass Distinguished Visiting Architecture Fellowship taught by John Spence, entrepreneur and chairman of Karma Resorts worldwide with architect Andy Bow, a senior partner at Foster & Partners in London; environmental engineer Patrick Bellew, principal of Atelier Ten; and Timothy Newton of the Yale faculty. The studio proposed designs for a world-class winery and hotel complex in Rioja, Spain where wineries are both vernacular and exuberant in design.
The students were challenged to address social, economic, and environmental sustainability in a holistic and integrated way. The project resulted in a range of strategies to sustainably harvest, engage local workforce, integrate landscape, and source materials responsibly. The project features attractions and symbiotic food production to facilitate tourist visits. Edited by Henry Chan and Nina Rappaport the book is designed by and is distributed by Actar D.

Hollywood on Main Street: The Movie House Paintings of Davis Cone
Hollywood on Main Street
The Movie House Paintings of Davis Cone
Hardcover      ISBN: 0879513217
Hardcover      ISBN: 1909399752

Featuring major museums from around the world, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim, the de Young Museum in San Francisco, Milwaukee Art Museum, The New Museum in New York, The Royal Ontario Museum, and the Art Gallery of Ontario This book beautifully illustrates the national and architectural differences between each nation and how they choose to cherish their heritage The Reflections series by ROADS is a visual exploration of the spaces and buildings that mirror the cultures in which they play such a crucial part According to Orham Pamuk, "Real museums are places where Time is converted into Space." In this lavishly illustrated title we investigate these spaces. Since Frank Gehry created the phenomenon that is The Guggenheim in Bilbao, thus transforming the city into a popular tourist destination, there has been a boom in the investment, both creative and financial, in the architecture of museums. They showcase contemporary and experimental architecture at its best. Fully illustrated with exterior and interior photography, Museums encircles the globe and highlights these modern showpieces alongside the timeless splendor of their more classical predecessors. The buildings presented represent a wide range of spatial and architectural concepts, from the modest to the massive, from the subtle to the show-stopping, from white cubes, to freestanding structural buildings, to lavish baroque masterpieces. Text in English, French, German, and Spanish. Also available: Gardens ISBN 9781909399440 Librairies ISBN 9781909399105 Theatres ISBN 9781909399112 Government ISBN 9781909399457