Individual Architects of the 2oth Century
The Louisiana Houses of A. Hays Town
The Louisiana Houses of A. Hays Town
Hardcover      ISBN: 0807123714

A. Hays Town changed the face of the Louisiana house. In a career that includes designing more than five hundred homes, he led architects, builders, and homeowners to embrace the finest elements of Louisiana's architectural past. Almost every home built in Louisiana during the last twenty years is in some way inspired by Town's work.
The Louisiana Houses of A. Hays Town honors his legacy as Louisiana's premier residential architect. Color photographs of numerous homes -- including Town's own -- by Philip Gould combined with an illuminating text by Cyril E. Vetter produce a volume that captures the appeal and beauty of the state's finest architectural tradition.
Born and raised in rural southwest Louisiana, Hays Town graduated from Tulane University with a degree in architecture in 1926 and worked for a firm in Jackson, Mississippi, for many years. He established his own successful commercial practice in Baton Rouge in 1939, but in the 1960s, Town turned to his abiding passion -- residential architecture. Throughout this chapter of his career, he perfected his inimitable style and emerged as one of the most prominent architects in the South.
Town's residential designs are perceptibly influenced by the diverse culture of south Louisiana. His synthesis of the classic Acadian cottage, Spanish courtyards, and exterior French doors with Creole-influenced full-length shutters achieves an original confluence of seemingly disparate yet elegantly balanced themes and forms. Other Town trademarks include pigeonniers, tree alleys, thirteen-foot ceilings, heavy use of such woods as cypress and heart of pine, plantation-style separate structures, and brick floors with a special beeswax finish.
The Louisiana Houses of A. Hays Town illuminates the momentous effect Town has had on the look of Louisiana. Crafted from the perspective of two people, Vetter and Gould, who are not architects but admirers of one man's exceptional talent, this delightful book demonstrates that each Town house is a work of art that fits both person and terrain. At the door of each home, proud owners hang a bronze plaque that says it all: A. Hays Town, Architect.

Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe: Complete Writings 1922-1969
Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe
Complete Writings 1922-1969
Paperback      ISBN: 3869223073

All of Mies van der Rohe's texts in English for the first time Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's writings and lectures are relatively modest in quantity compared with the number of his remarkable buildings that have transformed cities throughout the globe. These writings, like his architecture, have continued to generate interest among different generations of students and scholars. This anthology contains all of his writings and lectures, both well known and never republished. Succinct and speculative, these writings concerning architecture and education - mostly translated from German to English - reveal Mies as an architect who constructed his texts with the same disciplined restraint with which he designed buildings.

The Lyman House and the Work of Frederic P. Lyman: Drawing and Building
The Lyman House and the Work of Frederic P. Lyman
Drawing and Building
Paperback      ISBN: 099754600x
The Lyman House and the Work of Frederic P. Lyman is an account of an inventive and skilled architect practicing in 1960s and '70s Los Angeles. Four years after receiving his master's degree in architecture from Yale University, Frederic Lyman (1927-2005) purchased a lot in Malibu where he was to build his iconic Lyman House. In addition to his own house, he took on several other Los Angeles commissions and accompanied each project with a perspective drawing carefully rendered in colored pencil. Lyman's colors are abstract and expressive rather than naturalistic, allowing the viewer to feel the grain of wood and the weight of rocks in his compositions. While few examples exist of Lyman's built architecture, his work lives on in the exquisite renderings he prepared for every project that entered his office, lovingly documented in this volume.
Making L.A. Modern: Craig Ellwood - Myth, Man, Designer
Making L.A. Modern
Craig Ellwood - Myth, Man, Designer
Hardcover      ISBN: 0847861538
This is the definitive volume on Craig Ellwood, a visionary architect, designer, and tastemaker often called the "California Mies van der Rohe."

Craig Ellwood, "the Cary Grant of architecture," was one of the most visible faces of California mid-century modernism. He was known as much for his exquisitely designed, minimalist structures as he was for his exuberant lifestyle.

This book celebrates and explores the glamour of Ellwood's work, life, myth, and career. Through photographs, primarily of the iconic houses he designed in Southern California during the 1950s and '60s, we see a life of refined decadence, expressed through gorgeous architecture, fast cars, beautiful women, Hollywood style, palm trees, swimming pools, and minimalist design--all in the context of the Southern California postwar building boom.

This volume will appeal to design junkies, architecture buffs, students of modernism, and anyone interested in problem-solving and elegant solutions.

Many Masks: A Life of Frank Lloyd Wright
Many Masks
A Life of Frank Lloyd Wright
Paperback      ISBN: 0306808722
"Genius, egotist, mythomaniac, sexual rebel, master of media manipulation, the legendary Wright comes alive in all his cantankerous complexity. . . . A delight from cover to cover."--Kirkus

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) is often described as the greatest of American architects. His works-among them Taliesin North, Taliesin West, Fallingwater, the Johnson Wax buildings, the Guggenheim Museum--earned him a good measure of his fame, but his flamboyant personal life earned him the rest. Here Brendan Gill, a personal friend of Wright and his family, gives us not only the fullest, fairest, and most entertaining account of Wright to date, but also strips away the many masks the architect tirelessly constructed to fascinate his admirers and mislead his detractors. Enriched by hitherto unpublished letters and 300 photographs and drawings, this definitive biography makes Wright, in all his creativity, crankiness, and zest, fairly leap from its pages.
"A synergistic event of first importance in terms of delight and humor and wonder: a graceful and shrewd writer, intoxicated all his life by the most intrusive and permanent of the arts, has unfrozen with words the music of the architecture, both sweet and sour, of the American genius Frank Lloyd Wright."--Kurt Vonnegut
Marcel Breuer: Building Global Institutions
Marcel Breuer
Building Global Institutions
Paperback      ISBN: 3037785195

Marcel Breuer (1902-81) is celebrated as a furniture designer, teacher and architect who changed the American house after his emigration from Hungary to the US in 1937. More recently historians, architects and--with the reopening in New York of the great megalith of his Whitney Museum as the Met Breuer--a larger public are gaining new insights into the cities and large-scale buildings Breuer planned. Often seen as a pioneer of a "Brutalist modernism" of reinforced concrete, Breuer might best be understood through the lens of the changing institutional structures in and for which he worked, a vantage developed in the fresh approaches gathered here in essays by a group of younger scholars. These essays draw on an abundance of newly available documents held in the Breuer Archive at Syracuse University, now accessible online.

Mario Botta: Architecture and Memory
Mario Botta
Architecture and Memory
Paperback      ISBN: 8836627994

The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art in Charlotte, North Carolina, opened its doors to the public in January 2010 and is one of the most inspired and inspiring spaces in the region. Designed by the eminent Swiss architect Mario Botta (born 1943), the museum's architecture displays a sculptural power that connects its appearance to the dynamic art it houses. In 2014, the museum pays homage to its designer with a monographic exhibition on this Swiss master architect, who is internationally renowned for his minimalist style and use of traditional materials such as brick and stone. Botta's buildings respect topographical conditions, regional factors and building materials. This richly illustrated catalogue is published on the occasion of this exhibition. From the diversity of Mario Botta's activity and realized work, it focuses on four key themes: libraries, museums, theaters and religious buildings. These themes express Botta's idea of "spaces of memory." The book also includes essays--including a chapter titled "Encounters" which presents a selection of works and artists that have influenced Botta's thoughts in fundamental ways, and to whom the architect feels indebted--plus a biography, a list of works, a list of personal and group exhibitions and a bibliography.

Mario Buatta: Fifty Years of American Interior Decoration
Mario Buatta
Fifty Years of American Interior Decoration
Hardcover      ISBN: 0847840727

The eagerly anticipated first monograph to celebrate the fifty-years-and-counting career of decorating legend Mario Buatta. Influenced by the understated elegance of Colefax and Fowler and the doyenne of exuberant American decor, Sister Parish, Buatta reinvented the English Country House style stateside for clients such as Henry Ford II, Barbara Walters, Malcolm Forbes, and Mariah Carey, and for Blair House, the President's guest quarters. The designer is acclaimed for his sumptuous rooms that layer fine antiques, confectionary curtains, and sublime colorations, creating an atmosphere of lived-in opulence. This lavishly illustrated survey--filled with images taken for the foremost shelter magazines as well as many unpublished photographs from the designer's own archive--closely follows Buatta's highly documented career from his professional start in the 1950s working for department store B. Altman & Co. and Elisabeth Draper, Inc. to his most recent projects, which include some of the country's finest residences. Buatta shares exclusive insights into his process, his own rules for decorating, and personal stories of his adventures along the way.

Maya Lin: A Biography
Maya Lin
A Biography
Hardcover      ISBN: 0313378533

Many are familiar with the art and architectural design work of Maya Lin, but the compelling details of her personal background are less well known. This book not only focuses upon Lin's substantial achievements throughout her life, but also presents Maya Lin's "prehistory," describing family events in China that led to her parents' flight to the United States.

Author Donald Langmead guides readers through Lin's ancestry and family connections in precommunist China; her childhood and youth in Athens, Ohio; the story behind the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC; her career after 1982 (by decades); and emphasis on environmental conservation. Written for a young adult and general readership, Maya Lin: A Biography provides an up-to-date description of how she became one of the most famous and respected artists in America.

Paperback      ISBN: 1883584752

In the 1920s, the urban theory of Ludwig Hilberseimer (1885-1967) redefined architecture's relationship to the city. His proposal for a high-rise city, where leisure, labor, and circulation would be vertically integrated, both frightened his contemporaries and offered a trenchant critique of the dynamics of the capitalist metropolis. Hilberseimer's Gro stadtarchitektur is presented here for the first time in an English translation. Its propositions encourage us to reconsider mobility, concentration, and the scale of architectural intervention in our own era of urban expansion.