Manners and Customs
Italianissimo: The Quintessential Guide to What Italians Do Best
The Quintessential Guide to What Italians Do Best
Hardcover      ISBN: 1892145545
What is it about Italy that inspires passion, fascination, and utter devotion? This quirky guide to the Italian way of life, with its fifty witty mini-essays on iconic Italian subjects, will answer that question as well as entertain and delight both real and armchair travelers. Topics range from expressive hand gestures to patron saints, pasta, parmesan, shoes, opera, the Vespa, the Fiat 500, gelato, gondolas, and more. History, folklore, superstitions, traditions, and customs are tossed in a delicious sauce that also includes a wealth of factual information for the sophisticated traveler:• why lines, as we know them, are nonexistent in Italy• why a string of coral beads is often seen around a baby’s wrist• what the unlucky number of Italy is (it’s not thirteen, unless seating guests at a table, when it IS thirteen–taking into account the outcome of the Last Supper)• why red underwear begins to appear in shops as the New Year approaches In addition to the lyrical and poetic, Italianissimo provides useful and indispensable information for the traveler: deciphering the quirks of the language (while English has only one word for “you,” in Italy there are three), the best place to find balsamic vinegar (in Modena, of course), the best gelato (in Sicily, where they first invented it using the snow from Mount Etna). There are also recommendations for little-known museums and destinations (the Bodoni museum, the Pinocchio park, legendary coffee bars).This is a new kind of guidebook overflowing with enlightening and hilarious miscellaneous information, filled with luscious graphics and unforgettable photographs that will decode and enrich all trips to Italy–both real and imaginary.
Lake of the Ozarks: My Surreal Summers in a Vanishing America
Lake of the Ozarks
My Surreal Summers in a Vanishing America
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1538729806
"Bill Geist reflects on his coming of age in the American heartland of the Midwest and traces his evolution as a man and a writer, in the summers between high school and college, before he went off to Vietnam and the country went to Hell."--Provided by publisher
Manners: Always Gracious, Sometimes Irreverent
Always Gracious, Sometimes Irreverent
Hardcover      ISBN: 0743250664
A fashion editor and co-creator of the popular handbag line presents a guide to modern etiquette and social conundrums, covering such areas as table manners, thank-you notes, office gossip, and introductions for a range of environments. 125,000 first printing.
Nine Hills to Nambonkaha: Two Years in the Heart of an African Village
Nine Hills to Nambonkaha
Two Years in the Heart of an African Village
Paperback      ISBN: 0312423128
A Peace Corps worker offers a fascinating portrayal of an African village that stands on the brink of modernity, caught between ancient superstitions and the era of the cell phone as they struggle with AIDS and other life-threatening problems. Reprint. 20,000 first printing.
Noodling for Flatheads: Moonshine, Monster Catfish, and Other Southern Comforts
Noodling for Flatheads
Moonshine, Monster Catfish, and Other Southern Comforts
Paperback      ISBN: 0684850117
Burkhard Bilger vividly captures a world that lies outside the familiar images of life in the United States in the twenty-first century in eight superbly crafted essays about little-known corners of the South. It is a world in which grown men catch catfish with their bare hands, crowds of people cheer on chickens as they fight to the death, and a woman moves into a trailer home when her house burns down just so she can continue hunting 350 nights a year.Bilger records the eccentric and sometimes downright bizarre behavior he encounters with humor and wit but nary a whisper of mockery. In essays that combine history, anecdotes, and personal observations, he describes each activity, its origins, its dangers, and its pleasures. But Noodling for Flatheads is much more than a survey of unlikely pastimes. Through lively portraits of the participants, Bilger illuminates the obsessive individualism that is at the heart of the American spirit.
The Perfect Summer: England 1911, Just Before the Storm
The Perfect Summer
England 1911, Just Before the Storm
Hardcover      ISBN: 0802118461
Chronicling four months during 1911, an evocative portrait of an English society on the brink of turbulent change describes such milestones as the crowning of a new king, strikes that paralyzed British industry, and the first London appearance of the Ballets Russes, from the viewpoints of a debutante, a suffragette, a trade unionist, a butler, a politician, the queen, and others. 25,000 first printing.
The Stammering Century
The Stammering Century
Paperback      ISBN: 1590175808
Gilbert Seldes's own introduction to The Stammering Century nicely illustrates the range of interest and verve of expression that make it such a fascinating and enduring work of history. Seldes writes: This book is not a record of the major events in American history during the nineteenth century. It is concerned with minor movements, with the cults and manias of that period. Its personages are fanatics, and radicals, and mountebanks. Its intention is to connect these secondary movements and figures with the primary forces of the century, and to supply a background in American history for the cults and manias of our own time: The Prohibitionists and the Pentecostalists; the diet-faddists and the dealers in mail-order Personality; the play censors and the Fundamentalists; the free-lovers and eugenists; the cranks and possibly the saints. Sects, cults, manias, movements, fads, religious excitements, and the relation of each of these to the others and to the orderly progress of America are the subject. Which is a subject, we can safely say, that is as timely today as it was when Seldes wrote in 1928. But Seldes's book is evergreen not just because our own century is still a stammering one. The book lives above all because, whether talking about a great figure like Jonathan Edwards or the celibate sect of Rappites or the messianic murderer Robert Matthews (a.k.a. Matthias), The Stammering Century is a model of exposition and a straight-out delight to read. [CE1]COMP: set this paragraph as extract
Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty
Survival of the Prettiest
The Science of Beauty
Paperback      ISBN: 0385479425
Appealing to cognitive science and Darwinian theory, a professor of psychology at the Harvard Medical School challenges the radical feminist view that feminine beauty is a harmful myth perpetuated by male chauvinists and Madison Avenue. Reprint. 17,500 first printing.
Tastes of Paradise: A Social History of Spices, Stimulants, and Intoxicants
Tastes of Paradise
A Social History of Spices, Stimulants, and Intoxicants
Paperback      ISBN: 067974438x
Provides the history and anecdotes about what people eat, drink, and inhale for pleasure
Uniforms: Why We Are/What We Wear
Why We Are/What We Wear
Hardcover      ISBN: 0618067469
Presents a series of anecdotes that tell the history and meaning of American uniforms, identifying their cultural significance in terms of how uniforms unite and divide people as well as how they vary throughout the world.