Manners and Customs
The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals
The Omnivore's Dilemma
A Natural History of Four Meals
Paperback      ISBN: 0143038583
An ecological and anthropological study of eating offers insight into food consumption in the twenty-first century, explaining how an abundance of unlimited food varieties reveals the responsibilities of everyday consumers to protect their health and the environment. By the author of The Botany of Desire. Reprint. 150,000 first printing.
The Stammering Century
The Stammering Century
Paperback      ISBN: 1590175808
Gilbert Seldes's own introduction to The Stammering Century nicely illustrates the range of interest and verve of expression that make it such a fascinating and enduring work of history. Seldes writes: This book is not a record of the major events in American history during the nineteenth century. It is concerned with minor movements, with the cults and manias of that period. Its personages are fanatics, and radicals, and mountebanks. Its intention is to connect these secondary movements and figures with the primary forces of the century, and to supply a background in American history for the cults and manias of our own time: The Prohibitionists and the Pentecostalists; the diet-faddists and the dealers in mail-order Personality; the play censors and the Fundamentalists; the free-lovers and eugenists; the cranks and possibly the saints. Sects, cults, manias, movements, fads, religious excitements, and the relation of each of these to the others and to the orderly progress of America are the subject. Which is a subject, we can safely say, that is as timely today as it was when Seldes wrote in 1928. But Seldes's book is evergreen not just because our own century is still a stammering one. The book lives above all because, whether talking about a great figure like Jonathan Edwards or the celibate sect of Rappites or the messianic murderer Robert Matthews (a.k.a. Matthias), The Stammering Century is a model of exposition and a straight-out delight to read. [CE1]COMP: set this paragraph as extract
At Home: A Short History of Private Life
At Home
A Short History of Private Life
Paperback      ISBN: 0767919394
From one of the most beloved authors of our time—more than six million copies of his books have been sold in this country alone—a fascinating excursion into the history behind the place we call home. “Houses aren’t refuges from history. They are where history ends up.” Bill Bryson and his family live in a Victorian parsonage in a part of England where nothing of any great significance has happened since the Romans decamped. Yet one day, he began to consider how very little he knew about the ordinary things of life as he found it in that comfortable home. To remedy this, he formed the idea of journeying about his house from room to room to “write a history of the world without leaving home.” The bathroom provides the occasion for a history of hygiene; the bedroom, sex, death, and sleep; the kitchen, nutrition and the spice trade; and so on, as Bryson shows how each has fig­ured in the evolution of private life. Whatever happens in the world, he demonstrates, ends up in our house, in the paint and the pipes and the pillows and every item of furniture. Bill Bryson has one of the liveliest, most inquisitive minds on the planet, and he is a master at turning the seemingly isolated or mundane fact into an occasion for the most diverting exposi­tion imaginable. His wit and sheer prose fluency make At Home one of the most entertaining books ever written about private life. From the Hardcover edition.
How to Be Married: What I Learned from Real Women on Five Continents About Building a Happy Marriage
How to Be Married
What I Learned from Real Women on Five Continents About Building a Happy Marriage
Paperback      ISBN: 0451495578
Everyone tells you marriage is hard, but no one tells you what to do about it. At age thirty-four, Jo Piazza got her romantic-comedy ending when she met the man of her dreams on a boat in the Galápagos Islands and was engaged three months later. But before long, Jo found herself riddled with questions. How do you make a marriage work in a world where you no longer need to be married? How does an independent, strong-willed feminist become someone’s partner—all the time? In the tradition of writers such as Nora Ephron and Elizabeth Gilbert, award-winning journalist and nationally bestselling author Jo Piazza writes a provocative memoir of a real first year of marriage that will forever change the way we look at matrimony. A travel editor constantly on the move, Jo journeys to twenty countries on five continents to figure out what modern marriage means. Throughout this stunning, funny, warm, and wise personal narrative, she gleans wisdom from matrilineal tribeswomen, French ladies who lunch, Orthodox Jewish moms, Swedish stay-at-home dads, polygamous warriors, and Dutch prostitutes. Written with refreshing candor, elegant prose, astute reporting, and hilarious insight into the human psyche, How to Be Married offers an honest portrait of an utterly charming couple. When life throws more at them than they ever expected—a terrifying health diagnosis, sick parents to care for, unemployment—they ultimately create a fresh understanding of what it means to be equal partners during the good and bad times. Through their journey, they reveal a framework that will help the rest of us keep our marriages strong, from engagement into the newlywed years and beyond.
Almost French: Love and a New Life in Paris
Almost French
Love and a New Life in Paris
Paperback      ISBN: 1592400825
A Sydney journalist recounts her unexpected move to Paris, during which she fell in love and came to cherish the city's charm, fashion, food, paradoxes, and dinner parties. Reprint. 40,000 first printing.
I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced
I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced
Paperback      ISBN: 0307589676
The true story of Yemen's heroic first child bride to win a divorce describes her forced marriage to an abusive husband three times her age, her daring pursuit of the marriage's dissolution and the cultural factors that place girls at risk in Yemeni society. Original.
The Intercultural Mind: Connecting Culture, Cognition, and Global Living
The Intercultural Mind
Connecting Culture, Cognition, and Global Living
Paperback      ISBN: 1941176003
"Exciting new research in neuroscience and cognition is revolutionizing our understanding of human behavior and the mind. The Intercultural Mind is a pioneering look at the new world of cultural neuroscience and how intercultural experiences can change the way we think.It is well known that traveling to a foreign land can teach us as much about ourselves as the culture we're visiting, but we don't really know why this is the case. The Intercultural Mind, with the clarity of thought and intensity of purpose only a rare expert can bring to this subject, tries to find out.Mixing the latest studies of the new science of the mind with the stories of travelers, students, and expatriates, Joseph Shaules explains in straightforward yet passionate language the cultural programming of our unconscious "intuitive mind" and sheds light on the hidden pitfalls of culture shock, bias, ethnocentrism, and cross-cultural misunderstanding. Every traveler, every sojourner, will find the insights in this book to be invaluable.Joseph Shaules, PhD, has been an intercultural trainer and educator for more than twenty-five years and has written several books on intercultural topics. He was a founding member and is a director of the Japan Intercultural Institute and is on the faculty of Keio University in Tokyo"--
Italianissimo: The Quintessential Guide to What Italians Do Best
The Quintessential Guide to What Italians Do Best
Hardcover      ISBN: 1892145545
What is it about Italy that inspires passion, fascination, and utter devotion? This quirky guide to the Italian way of life, with its fifty witty mini-essays on iconic Italian subjects, will answer that question as well as entertain and delight both real and armchair travelers. Topics range from expressive hand gestures to patron saints, pasta, parmesan, shoes, opera, the Vespa, the Fiat 500, gelato, gondolas, and more. History, folklore, superstitions, traditions, and customs are tossed in a delicious sauce that also includes a wealth of factual information for the sophisticated traveler:• why lines, as we know them, are nonexistent in Italy• why a string of coral beads is often seen around a baby’s wrist• what the unlucky number of Italy is (it’s not thirteen, unless seating guests at a table, when it IS thirteen–taking into account the outcome of the Last Supper)• why red underwear begins to appear in shops as the New Year approaches In addition to the lyrical and poetic, Italianissimo provides useful and indispensable information for the traveler: deciphering the quirks of the language (while English has only one word for “you,” in Italy there are three), the best place to find balsamic vinegar (in Modena, of course), the best gelato (in Sicily, where they first invented it using the snow from Mount Etna). There are also recommendations for little-known museums and destinations (the Bodoni museum, the Pinocchio park, legendary coffee bars).This is a new kind of guidebook overflowing with enlightening and hilarious miscellaneous information, filled with luscious graphics and unforgettable photographs that will decode and enrich all trips to Italy–both real and imaginary.
Manners: Always Gracious, Sometimes Irreverent
Always Gracious, Sometimes Irreverent
Hardcover      ISBN: 0743250664
A fashion editor and co-creator of the popular handbag line presents a guide to modern etiquette and social conundrums, covering such areas as table manners, thank-you notes, office gossip, and introductions for a range of environments. 125,000 first printing.
Paris Was Ours: Thirty-Two Writers Reflect on the City of Light
Paris Was Ours
Thirty-Two Writers Reflect on the City of Light
Paperback      ISBN: 1565129539
Collects essays from more than 20 writers--including David Sedaris, Joe Queenan and Diane Johnson--on how they feel about the city of Paris, France. Original.