Native American Folklore
The Fourth World of the Hopis: The Epic Story of the Hopi Indians as Preserved in Their Legends and Traditions
The Fourth World of the Hopis
The Epic Story of the Hopi Indians as Preserved in Their Legends and Traditions
Paperback      ISBN: 0826310117

Here the noted folklorist brings together traditional accounts of epic events and adventures in the life of Hopi clans and villages, from legendary to historical times. The setting of these various adventures and events is not the Southwest as we know it today, but a vast and largely unpeopled wilderness in which clans and families wandered in search of a final living place, and in search of their collective identity. Notes, a pronunciation guide, and a glossary enhance the reader's appreciation of the text.

Legends and Prophecies of the Quero Apache: Tales for Healing and Renewal
Legends and Prophecies of the Quero Apache
Tales for Healing and Renewal
Paperback      ISBN: 1879181770

The well-guarded cosmology of the Apaches comes to light through the wisdom of these traditional teaching tales.

- Told by the granddaughter of the Apache elder Ten Bears.

- Includes 13 stories of the Tlish Diyan (Apache Snake Clan).

- Provides contemporary insights into these legends to make them relevant to the modern reader.

In a small canyon in the White Mountains of Arizona a young girl sits and listens to her grandfather's stories. They tell of a people known as the Tlish Diyan, or Snake Clan, and how they came to be. She learns the story of her parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts, and an entire lineage that weaves between four leggeds, two leggeds, spirits, ancestors, ritual, adventure, and the creation of the world by Changing Mother and the Giver of All Life. In this way she comes to know and find her place in All Our Relations. This child is Maria Yrac b r , granddaughter of Apache holy man Ten Bears and the hereditary recipient of his philosophy, legends, prophecy, and knowledge.

In the traditional storytelling ways of her ancestors, Maria Yrac b r respectfully weaves her contemporary experience into the tapestry of tales passed down from generations. The legends of the Tlish Diyan she presents in Legends and Prophecies of the Quero Apache relay how sacred universal laws govern our relationship to the natural world, our interaction with nature, and our respect for each other.
Jaguar Woman and the Wisdom of the Butterfly Tree
Jaguar Woman and the Wisdom of the Butterfly Tree
Paperback      ISBN: 0062500236

An account of the ongoing quest for inner knowledge and the power of women as expressed in Native American cultures

Ah Mo: Indian Legends of the Northwest
Ah Mo
Indian Legends of the Northwest
Paperback      ISBN: 0888392443

hese never before published legends were collected by Judge Arthur Griffin and have been passed down through the generations in the Griffin Family. These legends were collected by pioneer merchant and attorney Judge Arthur E. Griffin, beginning in 1884. They have been passed down through five generations of the Griffin family, and now have been edited for publication by Trenholme J. Griffin. The great-grandson of the judge, Trenholme is steeped in the treasury of these delightful stories, and deftly applies the storyteller's free-flowing style. AhMo legends make ideal bedtime stories for children or pleasure-time reading for adults.

American Indian Trickster Tales
American Indian Trickster Tales
Paperback      ISBN: 0140277714

Of all the characters in myths and legends told around the world, it's the wily trickster who provides the real spark in the action, causing trouble wherever he goes. This figure shows up time and again in Native American folklore, where he takes many forms, from the irascible Coyote of the Southwest, to Iktomi, the amorphous spider man of the Lakota tribe. This dazzling collection of American Indian trickster tales, compiled by an eminent anthropologist and a master storyteller, serves as the perfect companion to their previous masterwork, American Indian Myths and Legends.

American Indian Trickster Tales includes more than one hundred stories from sixty tribes--many recorded from living storytellers--which are illustrated with lively and evocative drawings. These entertaining tales can be read aloud and enjoyed by readers of any age, and will entrance folklorists, anthropologists, lovers of Native American literature, and fans of both Joseph Campbell and the Brothers Grimm.

Artistry in Native American Myths
Artistry in Native American Myths
Paperback      ISBN: 0803277857

This challenging study analyzes nearly forty superb stories, from mythic narratives predating Columbus to contemporary American Indian fiction, representing every traditional Native American culture area. Developing recent ethnopoetic scholarship and drawing on the critical ideas of Mikhail Bakhtin and Pierre Bourdieu, Karl Kroeber reveals how preconceptions deriving from our hypervisual, print-dominated culture distort our understanding of essential functions and forms of oral storytelling. Kroeber demonstrates that myths do not merely preserve tradition but may transform it by performatively reenacting the concealed sociological and psychological conflicts that give rise to social institutions. Showing how the variability of mythic narrative fosters communal self-renewal, Kroeber offers startling insight into Native Americans' perception of animals as "cultured," their creation of visually unrepresentable tricksters by aural imagining, and the rhetorical means through which oral narratives may not only reflect but even redirect political change. By making understandable the forgotten artistry of oral storytelling, Kroeber enables modern readers to appreciate fully the tragic emotions, hilarious ribaldry, and haunting beauty in these astonishing Native American mythic narratives.

Bad Medicine and Good: Tales of the Kiowas
Bad Medicine and Good
Tales of the Kiowas
Paperback      ISBN: 0806129654

One of the great tribes of the Southwest Plains, the Kiowas were militantly defiant toward white intruders in their territory and killed more during seventy-five years of raiding than any other tribe. Now settled in southwestern Oklahoma, they are today one of the most progressive Indian groups in the area. In Bad Medicine and Good, Wilbur Sturtevant Nye collects forty-four stories covering Kiowa history from the 1700s through the 1940s, all gleaned from interviews with Kiowas (who actually took part in the events or recalled them from the accounts of their elders), and from the notes of Captain Hugh L Scott at Fort Sill. They cover such topics as the organization and conduct of a raiding party, the brave deeds of war chiefs, the treatment of white captives, the Grandmother gods, the Kiowa sun dance, and the problems of adjusting to white society.

Breath on the Mirror: Mythic Voices and Visions of the Living Maya
Breath on the Mirror
Mythic Voices and Visions of the Living Maya
Paperback      ISBN: 0826318231

This remarkable book lets readers hear Maya myths as they are told today in the mountains of Guatemala. First published in 1993, Breath on the Mirror is now available only from UNM Press.

"A fascinating literary and anthropological excursion into the mental universe of the modern Quich Maya and their forebears. The stories and myths so compellingly recounted here turn our own world upside-down and remake it in the Maya image. Reading this, one can understand why and how Maya culture has survived five centuries of oppression."--Michael D. Coe, Yale University, author of The Maya

A Brief Guide to Native American Myths and Legends
A Brief Guide to Native American Myths and Legends
Paperback      ISBN: 0762448024

Jon E. Lewis provides new material and commentary alongside Lewis Spence's work from 1914. The chapters cover the history of Native Americans, their language and lifestyle, their culture and religion, and more.

Buried Roots/Indestructible Seeds: The Survival of American Indian Life in Story,
Buried Roots/Indestructible Seeds
The Survival of American Indian Life in Story,
Paperback      ISBN: 0299144445

Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway, one of the world s leading experts on classical sculpture, turns her attention in this volume to the fourth century, a period of transition from the classical Athenian style to an array of styles found simultaneously in the Hellenistic diaspora. Though a period very rich in important monuments, the fourth century has been particularly challenging and vexing to scholars, and Ridgway s is the first comprehensive study of this sculpture in sixty years.
Ridgway s careful summaries of ongoing scholarly debates illustrate how the fourth century fits into the development of Greek sculpture and architecture. Discussing figural sculpture, votive and document reliefs, funerary art, and architectural sculpture from Greece proper to the non-Greek territories of Lykia and Karia in the Anatolian peninsula, she looks at major monuments and categories of monuments, describing each work carefully, puts into perspective problems surrounding interpretation and dating of the sculpture, reviews and evaluates previous scholarship on the subject, and offers her own views.
Ridgway pays particular attention to Greek originals, but also provides valuable chapters on Roman copies, one of the most difficult but critical areas for understanding Greek sculpture. Taking a skeptical stance, Ridgway revisits scholarly attempts to attribute sculptural work to the famous masters of the fourth century: Praxiteles, Skopas, and Lysippos. She undertakes a factual analysis of the extant evidence for and against various attributions, bolstered by a critical reading of ancient literary sources.