Urban Planning
The American City: What Works, What Doesn't
The American City
What Works, What Doesn't
3rd Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0071801626
"Now in full color! The third edition of THE standard reference work on urban planning and design features new projects and the latest developments in the industry"--
American Urban Form: A Representative History
American Urban Form
A Representative History
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0262525321
American urban form -- the spaces, places, and boundaries that define city life --has been evolving since the first settlements of colonial days. The changing patterns of houses,buildings, streets, parks, pipes and wires, wharves, railroads, highways, and airports reflectchanging patterns of the social, political, and economic processes that shape the city. In thisbook, Sam Bass Warner and Andrew Whittemore map more than three hundred years of the American citythrough the evolution of urban form. They do this by offering an illustrated history of "theCity" -- a hypothetical city (constructed from the histories of Boston, Philadelphia, and NewYork) that exemplifies the American city's transformation from village to regionalmetropolis. In an engaging text accompanied by Whittemore's detailed, meticulousdrawings, they chart the City's changes. Planning for the future of cities, they remind us, requiresan understanding of the forces that shaped the city's past.
Anglo-American Crossroads: Urban Research and Planning in Britain, 1940-2010
Anglo-American Crossroads
Urban Research and Planning in Britain, 1940-2010
Hardcover      ISBN: 1441141499
In this study of the American influence on British urban development in the period 2040-2010, Clapson (history, Westminster U., England) proceeds through examinations of wartime liaisons involved in strategic management of cities, the influence of American sociology on urban policy thinking and the American philanthropic funding of new urban research centers in Britain during the 1950s and 1960s, the development of the British evolution from localizing neighborhood units during the 1940s to an acceptance of increasing motorization and spatial mobility by the 1960s, the planning and development of the new town of Milton Keynes, British influence on planned new American communities 27 the 1960s, the utilization of American urban sociology's frames of "race relations" for addressing the "inner city" in Britain, and an assessment of the impact of the American-originated New Urbanism as applied in Milton Keynes. Bloomsbury Academic is an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing. Annotation
Anglo-American Crossroads: Urban Planning and Research in Britain, 1940-2010
Anglo-American Crossroads
Urban Planning and Research in Britain, 1940-2010
Paperback      ISBN: 1472575326
The postwar British city was been shaped by many international forces during the last century, but American influences on British urban research and urban planning have been particularly significant. Beginning with debates about reconstruction during the Second World War, Anglo-American Crossroads explores how Americanisation influenced key approaches to town planning, from reconstruction after 1945 to the New Urbanism of the 1990s. Clapson pays particular attention to the relationship between urban sociological research and planning issues since the 1950s. He also addresses the ways in which American developers and planners of new communities looked to the British new towns and garden city movement for inspiration. Using a wide range of sources, from American Foundation Archives to town planning materials and urban sociologies, Anglo-American Crossroads shows that although some things went wrong in translation from the USA to Britain, there were also some important successes within a transatlantic dialogue that was more nuanced than a one-dimensional process of American hegemony.
The Architecture of Community
The Architecture of Community
Paperback      ISBN: 1597265799
Leon Krier is one of the best-known—and most provocative—architects and urban theoreticians in the world. Until now, however, his ideas have circulated mostly among a professional audience of architects, city planners, and academics. In The Architecture of Community, Krier has reconsidered and expanded writing from his 1998 book Architecture: Choice or Fate. Here he refines and updates his thinking on the making of sustainable, humane, and attractive villages, towns, and cities. The book includes drawings, diagrams, and photographs of his built works, which have not been widely seen until now. With three new chapters, The Architecture of Community provides a contemporary road map for designing or completing today’s fragmented communities. Illustrated throughout with Krier’s original drawings, The Architecture of Community explains his theories on classical and vernacular urbanism and architecture, while providing practical design guidelines for creating livable towns. The book contains descriptions and images of the author’s built and unbuilt projects, including the Krier House and Tower in Seaside, Florida, as well as the town of Poundbury in England. Commissioned by the Prince of Wales in 1988, Krier’s design for Poundbury in Dorset has become a reference model for ecological planning and building that can meet contemporary needs.

The Art of Classic Planning: Building Beautiful and Enduring Communities
The Art of Classic Planning
Building Beautiful and Enduring Communities
Hardcover      ISBN: 0674919246
The Asian City: Processes of Development, Characteristics and Planning
The Asian City
Processes of Development, Characteristics and Planning
Hardcover      ISBN: 0792331354
In The Asian City the Asian urbanisation processes, nature and characteristics of the 1990s have been analyzed by countries, by comparing different countries and in an international context. The authors are urban specialists from four continents. This volume has been divided into six parts: Part I Urbanisation in an international context; Part II Comparative urban setting; Part III Urbanisation characteristics by country; Part IV Urban planning; Part V The urban poor, and Part VI Perspectives on urbanization. This work allows the reader to understand Asian urban forms, their evolution, the nature of urbanisation, its impact on economic growth in cities, the living and working conditions of the poor, and urban planning and problems.
Assorted City: Equity, Justice, and Politics in Urban Services Delivery
Assorted City
Equity, Justice, and Politics in Urban Services Delivery
Hardcover      ISBN: 9351501256
Author Suptendu P. Biswas presents students, academics, researchers, policy makers, and professionals working in a wide variety of contexts with an examination of urban services delivery in contemporary Indian cities. The author has organized the ten chapters that make up the main body of his text in three parts devoted to positions and propositions, the politics of distribution of water supply, and the politics of practices, ambiguity, and governmentality in urban planning and city services in contemporary India. The author is an architect, urban designer, educator, and consultant based in India. Annotation
Atlantic City
Atlantic City
Hardcover      ISBN: 1911422197
Back to the Future: New Urbanism and the Rise of Neotraditionalism in Urban Planning
Back to the Future
New Urbanism and the Rise of Neotraditionalism in Urban Planning
Paperback      ISBN: 0761861653
Back to the Future explores new urbanism and urban revitalization within the context of public policy trends such as regional governance and the role of nonprofits. The purpose of this book is to provide students and professionals alike with a context for examining the beginnings of new urbanism, as well as to illustrate how this movement has become a nationwide trend in response to changing demographics and the real estate crisis. The book primarily utilizes comparative case studies within both inner city and suburban areas. While a growing number of articles have been written on both suburban and inner city new urbanist communities, few books have connected new urbanism to its roots in historical preservation communities. This book distinguishes itself from other works by assessing the commonalities between greenfield (suburban) new urbanist development and inner city (redevelopment) projects.