Urban Planning
Limits of the City
Limits of the City
Paperback      ISBN: 0920057640
"City air makes people free." With this adage Murray Bookchin begins a remarkable essay on the evolution of urbanism. With a wealth of learning and a depth of passion, Bookchin convincingly argues that there was once a human and progressive tradition of urban life, and that this heritage has reached its "ultimate negation in the modern metropolis".
Eyes on the Street: The Life of Jane Jacobs
Eyes on the Street
The Life of Jane Jacobs
Hardcover      ISBN: 0307961907
Chronicles the life of a noted activist who wrote seven groundbreaking books, including her most famous, The Death and Life of Great American Cities; saved neighborhoods; stopped expressways; was arrested twice; and engaged at home and on the streets in thousands of debatesùall of which she won.
The Sphinx in the City: Urban Life, the Control of Disorder, and Women
The Sphinx in the City
Urban Life, the Control of Disorder, and Women
Paperback      ISBN: 0520078640
Elizabeth Wilson's elegant, provocative, and scholarly study uses fiction, essays, film, and art, as well as history and sociology, to look at some of the world's greatest cities—London, Paris, Moscow, New York, Chicago, Lusaka, and São Paulo—and presents a powerful critique of utopian planning, anti-urbanism, postmodernism, and traditional architecture. For women the city offers freedom, including sexual freedom, but also new dangers. Planners and reformers have repeatedly attempted to regulate women—and the working class and ethnic minorities—by means of grandiose, utopian plans, nearly destroying the richness of urban culture. City centers have become uninhabited business districts, the countryside suburbanized. There is danger without pleasure, consumerism without choice, safety without stimulation. What is needed is a new understanding of city life and Wilson gives us an intriguing introduction to what this might be.
Affordable Housing in the Urban Global South: Seeking Sustainable Solutions
Affordable Housing in the Urban Global South
Seeking Sustainable Solutions
Paperback      ISBN: 0415728932
The global increase in the number of slums calls for policies which improve the conditions of the urban poor, sustainably. This volume provides an extensive overview of current housing policies in Asia, Africa and Latin America and presents the facts and trends of recent housing policies. The chapters provide ideas and tools for pro-poor interventions with respect to the provision of land for housing, building materials, labour, participation and finance. The book looks at the role of the various stakeholders involved in such interventions, including national and local governments, private sector organisations, NGOs and Community-based Organisations.

American Urban Form: A Representative History
American Urban Form
A Representative History
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0262525321
American urban form -- the spaces, places, and boundaries that define city life --has been evolving since the first settlements of colonial days. The changing patterns of houses,buildings, streets, parks, pipes and wires, wharves, railroads, highways, and airports reflectchanging patterns of the social, political, and economic processes that shape the city. In thisbook, Sam Bass Warner and Andrew Whittemore map more than three hundred years of the American citythrough the evolution of urban form. They do this by offering an illustrated history of "theCity" -- a hypothetical city (constructed from the histories of Boston, Philadelphia, and NewYork) that exemplifies the American city's transformation from village to regionalmetropolis. In an engaging text accompanied by Whittemore's detailed, meticulousdrawings, they chart the City's changes. Planning for the future of cities, they remind us, requiresan understanding of the forces that shaped the city's past.
Atlantic City
Atlantic City
Hardcover      ISBN: 1911422197
Becoming an Urban Planner: A Guide to Careers in Planning and Urban Design
Becoming an Urban Planner
A Guide to Careers in Planning and Urban Design
Paperback      ISBN: 0470278633
The essential guide to starting a career in urban planning If you're considering a career in urban planning or urban design, start with this highly visual guide to preparing for and succeeding in the profession. Through fascinating in-depth interviews with fifty of today's top planners, Becoming An Urban Planner gives you an inside view of what it takes to be an urban planner, including an overview of the profession, educational requirements, design specialties from which to choose, the job search, registration requirements, and the many directions in which a career in the field can go. - Richly illustrated with photographs, drawings and sketches. - Career profiles featuring a wide array of specialties and job types, traditional and non-traditional, public and private sector - Fifty of today's top urban planning professionals explain their own career choices, talk about what they do, and offer advice for aspiring planners Answering the question, "What does an urban planner do?", Becoming an Urban Planner is a must have career guide for everyone considering or beginning a career in urban planning.
Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City
Building and Dwelling
Ethics for the City
Hardcover      ISBN: 0374200335
Tracing the anguished relation between how cities are built and how people live in them, from ancient Athens to 21st-century Spain, a renowned thinker, presenting arguments that speak directly to our time, redefines the meaning of city life and forms a bold and original vision for the future of cities.
Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City
Building and Dwelling
Ethics for the City
Paperback      ISBN: 0374538212
A preeminent thinker redefines the meaning of city life and charts a way forward Building and Dwelling is the definitive statement on cities by the renowned public intellectual Richard Sennett. In this sweeping work, he traces the anguished relation between how cities are built and how people live in them, from ancient Athens to twenty-first-century Shanghai. He shows how Paris, Barcelona, and New York City assumed their modern forms; rethinks the reputations of Jane Jacobs, Lewis Mumford, and others; and takes us on a tour of emblematic contemporary locations, from the backstreets of Medell , Colombia, to the Google headquarters in Manhattan. Through it all, he laments that the “closed city”—segregated, regimented, and controlled—has spread from the global North to the exploding urban agglomerations of the global South. As an alternative, he argues for the “open city,” where citizens actively hash out their differences and planners experiment with urban forms that make it easier for residents to cope. Rich with arguments that speak directly to our moment—a time when more humans live in urban spaces than ever before—Building and Dwelling draws on Sennett’s deep learning and intimate engagement with city life to form a bold and original vision for the future of cities.
Building Inclusive Cities: Women's Safety and the Right to the City
Building Inclusive Cities
Women's Safety and the Right to the City
Paperback      ISBN: 0415628164
Building on a growing movement within developing countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia-Pacific, as well as Europe and North America, this book documents cutting edge practice and builds theory around a rights based approach to women’s safety in the context of poverty reduction and social inclusion. Drawing upon two decades of research and grassroots action on safer cities for women and everyone, this book is about the right to an inclusive city. The first part of the book describes the challenges that women face regarding access to essential services, housing security, liveability and mobility. The second part of the book critically examines programs, projects and ideas that are working to make cities safer. Building Inclusive Cities takes a cross-cultural learning perspective from action research occurring throughout the world and translates this research into theoretical conceptualizations to inform the literature on planning and urban management in both developing and developed countries. This book is intended to inspire both thought and action.