Paper Crafts
Teach Yourself Origami
Teach Yourself Origami
Paperback      ISBN: 0486483630
Nearly 50 original models by an origami master for folders at every level of experience include a pheasant, octahedron, waterwheel, and many other figures. Includes clear instructions and crisp diagrams.
Tomoko Fuse's Origami Boxes: Beautiful Paper Gift Boxes from Japan's Leading Origami Master
Tomoko Fuse's Origami Boxes
Beautiful Paper Gift Boxes from Japan's Leading Origami Master
Paperback      ISBN: 0804850062
With this origami how-to book, learn how to fold unique gift boxes that are as beautiful as the treasures they hold! Considered the most famous living origami master, Tomoko Fuse is known for her expertise in box-folding and other origami paper craft styles. The simple flat box, or tato, is an excellent introduction to the art of beginner origami and allows readers to "start small," then build to more intricate pieces. Handmade paper boxes are an expression of origami crafts at their very best. Experiment with different thicknesses, textures, and origami paper designs for a true one-of-a-kind presentation. Step-by-step instructions and diagrams guide you from start to finish as you create: - Simple flat boxes—rectangular, triangular, hexagonal and more - Pyramid-shaped boxes and different ways of finishing them off - Modular box tops that look amazing - Window-topped boxes for nesting a special gift - Box tops with flourishes from flat to spiraled - Easy liners for boxes of all shapes and sizes - And a lot more Origami box folding is a relaxing and satisfying craft for all levels of expertise and—with a little practice and this easy origami book—gift-giving will never be the same.
Transfers and Altered Images: With Acrylic Paints, Gels, Mediums, & Pastes
Transfers and Altered Images
With Acrylic Paints, Gels, Mediums, & Pastes
Paperback      ISBN: 1574216538
Exciting techniques, materials, tools and tips to transfer and alter drawings, photos, words and images onto paper, canvas, fabric, board and plastic using acrylic paints, gels, mediums, and pastes.

Trash Origami: 25 Exciting Paper Models You Can Make With Recycled Trash
Trash Origami
25 Exciting Paper Models You Can Make With Recycled Trash
Paperback      ISBN: 4805313528
Two famed origami artists and award-winning authors offer 25 fun and innovative origami projects from their renowned Origamido Studio as well as many of the world's most talented paper-folding designers.

Travel Origami: 24 Fun and Functional Travel Keepsakes
Travel Origami
24 Fun and Functional Travel Keepsakes
Paperback      ISBN: 4805312068
In her new book, Travel Origami, author Cindy Ng shows you how to take the paper souvenirs you collect on your travels and turn them into beautiful and useful folded origami objects that serve as visible mementoes! Use those postcards, street maps, tickets and souvenirs and convert them into artful memories that can last a lifetime. Whether you are a world traveler or a local vacationer, Travel Origami gives you 24 easy-to-fold origami projects that are fun to make and fabulous to display in your home. Foolproof step-by-step instructions show you how to fold your paper collections into special items you can wear, carry, hang on your wall, or give to a traveling companion as a special keepsake. 24 fun and functional travel keepsakes include: - Lampshade - Photo frame - Jewelry - Wreath This book is the perfect way to stretch your adventures into hours of memory-making fun while reminiscing with family and friends.
Travel Origami: 24 Fun and Functional Travel Keepsakes
Travel Origami
24 Fun and Functional Travel Keepsakes
Paperback      ISBN: 080484786x
A unique guide to converting travel memories into beautiful origami objects that will last a lifetime includes 24 easy-to-fold projects
Twisted Fairy Tales Paper Dolls
Twisted Fairy Tales Paper Dolls
Paperback      ISBN: 0486484416
Snow White, Robin Hood, and a host of other fairy tale favorites take on an avant-garde aspect that's closer to renditions by Edward Gorey than Walt Disney. Twenty paper dolls include such reimagined characters as Hansel and Gretel, plus a brownie, pixie, troll, and other magical creatures. A spooky forest backdrop completes the scene.
Uber Origami: Every Origami Project Ever!
Uber Origami
Every Origami Project Ever!
Paperback      ISBN: 1402771843
Includes instructions for creating origami animals, mythical creatures, man and machine, holiday origami, and irregular origami.
Ultimate Origami for Beginners: The Perfect Kit for Beginners - Everything You Need Is in This Box!
Ultimate Origami for Beginners
The Perfect Kit for Beginners - Everything You Need Is in This Box!
Hardcover      ISBN: 480531267x
Make fun and simple paper craft projects with this easy origami kit. Ultimate Origami for Beginners Kit is the perfect paper craft kit for origami beginners and children. World-renowned origami designers and artists Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander have selected paper folding projects from several popular origami categories that include: traditional origami, modern origami, origami flowers, paper airplanes, cute cuddly animals and much more! Use Ultimate Origami for Beginners to craft eye-catching origami for your friends, to beautify your home—or as a wonderful gift for paper craft lovers. All of the folds are simple enough to be origami-for-kids projects and are a great way to learn origami. None of the projects require paint or glue so just unpack the origami paper and start folding right away! This origami kit contains: - A full-colored 62-page origami booklet - Clear step-by-step instructions - Colorful diagrams and photographs - Folding techniques and tips - A DVD with easy-to-follow video tutorials - 62 sheets of durable origami folding papers - Several colors and three different sizes It seems that everywhere we look, people are folding paper origami. While previous generations may have made greeting cards with cranes folded from pretty scraps of paper, the art of origami has advanced to such a degree that we are now seeing it around the world. They grace retail store windows, as clever dollar bill folds displayed in restaurants and even on TV! This delightful array of projects and papers provided in Ultimate Origami for Beginners Kit are sure to get your feet wet, and your fingers folding! Origami Projects include: - Crane's Egg - "Kanji" the Dog - Petallunia Moon Flowers - Scallop - Seahorse - Dollar Yacht - Ninja Jet - And many more…
Ultimate Papercraft Bible: A Complete Reference With Step-by-step Techniques
Ultimate Papercraft Bible
A Complete Reference With Step-by-step Techniques
Paperback      ISBN: 1911163426
Everything you need to know about working with paper in one comprehensive reference! With its step-by-step projects and illustrated techniques, Ultimate Papercraft Bible covers it all, from tools and materials to printing, coloring, and texturing. Learn how to design stunning cards; personalize gifts with handmade envelopes, giftwrap, and boxes; and put together a beautiful scrapbook. Instructions on decorative techniques, papier maché, decoupage, quilling, origami, and more make this book an indispensable guide to all things paper. New in paperback.