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10-Fold Origami: Fabulous Paperfolds You Can Make in Just 10 Steps!: Origami Book with 26 Projects: Perfect for Origami Beginners, Chil
10-Fold Origami: Fabulous Paperfolds You Can Make in Just 10 Steps!: Origami Book with 26 Projects
Perfect for Origami Beginners, Chil
Hardcover      ISBN: 0804847886
Complete impressive origami projects in just 10 steps with this beautiful and easy origami book.

10-Fold Origami features a completely original take on a very classic subject in this papercraft book, which features beautiful full-colored illustrations and easy-to-follow diagrams for 26 wide-ranging origami models.

This origami book includes:
  • 96 page, full-color origami book
  • 26 original origami projects
  • Easy-to-follow directions
  • Helpful diagrams and photographs
  • Paper folding basics and tips
A difficulty rating is assigned to each paper crafts project, so you choose how advanced your next piece will be. For a rewarding craft that calms the spirit and sharpens the mind, look no further than 10-fold Origami.

Origami projects include:
  • Pinwheel
  • Sunny Side Up
  • Picture Frame
  • Wedding Ring
  • Goose and Golden Egg
100 Fresh and Fun Handmade Cards: Step-By-Step Instructions for 50 New Designs and 50 Amazing Alternatives
100 Fresh and Fun Handmade Cards
Step-By-Step Instructions for 50 New Designs and 50 Amazing Alternatives
Paperback      ISBN: 1440314993

Swivels, Pop-Ups, Spinners, Shakers, Sliders and More: Handmade Cards Have Never Been So Much Fun

Why settle for just any old greeting card when you can make your loved ones feel even more special with a handmade card? 100 Fresh and Fun Handmade Cards offers fabulous card inspiration and how-tos that are just right. Author Kimber McGray and select contributors share a huge variety of styles and designs with 100 cards: 50 quick and adorable cards for every occasion and 50 interactive or dimensional cards based on the quick card designs.

Inside you'll find:

  • Essential techniques for cardmaking, including easy-to-follow directions for creating card bases, penny sliders and pop-ups.
  • Cards for every occasion, from birthdays and holidays to special occasions and general greetings.
  • Interactive or dimensional cards with parts that pop-up, shake and spin, and an awesome selection of gift card holders.

Let 100 Fresh and Fun Handmade Cards lead the way to greetings that dazzle

100 Papers with Classical Floral Patterns
100 Papers with Classical Floral Patterns
Paperback      ISBN: 4756250378

A collection of 100 writing and crafting papers with European flower designs selected by the well-known Japanese designer Reiko Harajou.

This book is a collection of carefully selected rare and antique European illustrations, from classic botanical art to floral calligraphy and frames. The beauty of the European floral art in the collection makes this book a perfect gift. All 100 pages are removable and each pattern is printed on a variety of textured papers.

100 Papers with Japanese Patterns: Designed by 12 Japanese Artists
100 Papers with Japanese Patterns
Designed by 12 Japanese Artists
Paperback      ISBN: 475624758x

A unique collection of 100 writing and crafting papers (50 sheets set of 2), with both traditional, modern and also Kawaii Japanese designs.

All papers are original designs by 12 popular traditional Japanese paper (Washi) shops and artists. Shiny, glossy, rough, craft, this book is filled with various textured papers. You can use them to write letters, as wrapping paper, craft paper, and so on. Mini origami templates and examples showing how to use these papers are also included.

125 Papercraft Projects: Step-By-Step Papier Mache, Decoupage, Paper Cutting, Collage, Decorative Effects & Paper Construction
125 Papercraft Projects
Step-By-Step Papier Mache, Decoupage, Paper Cutting, Collage, Decorative Effects & Paper Construction
Paperback      ISBN: 1844779076

Inspiring things to make from paper, using varied craft techiques, with 700 step-by-step photographs.

3-D Geometric Origami
3-D Geometric Origami
Paperback      ISBN: 0486288633

This innovative book -- among the first to combine the art of origami with making polyhedra-based models -- shows papercrafters how to create over 60 different polyhedral from origami units. Comprised of modules made of single sheets of paper, the figures offer model builders and math students alike a stimulating entr e into the world of three-dimensional geometric origami.
Origamists are initially introduced to a number of preliminary folds that will aid in constructing a variety of figures. Step-by-step instructions and clearly outlined diagrams then show how to create polyhedral ranging from a relatively simple tetrahedron and cube to such mind-boggling fabrications as the double pentagonal pyramid, a truncated hexadecahedron and the 92-faced snub dodecahedron. You'll also learn to construct these intriguing polyhedral: a stellated icosahedron, an equilateral triangle dodecahedron, and a truncated octahedron.
Graded according to difficulty, these multifaceted projects will not only challenge devotees of the ancient Japanese art of paper folding but will be useful in classroom demonstrations of mathematical principles.

3D Origami: 15 Cute Creatures to Make Using Modular Paper Triangles
3D Origami
15 Cute Creatures to Make Using Modular Paper Triangles
Paperback      ISBN: 1782214097

3D origami is a new and original technique that doesn't require any special skills just a little patience. While traditional Japanese origami is a well-known technique, this clever adaptation uses individual triangular folds to construct impressive, modular designs.

Maria Angela Carlessi shows you how to create a colourful range of animals and creatures. There are 15 projects to choose from including rabbits, owls, squirrels, dogs, cats and even a tortoise. Each project comes with detailed instructions making them easy and fun for papercrafters of all skill levels.
3D Origami Fun!: 25 Fantastic, Foldable Paper Projects
3D Origami Fun!
25 Fantastic, Foldable Paper Projects
Paperback      ISBN: 1440590311

Imaginative 3D origami projects that anyone can make

Do you love the art of paper folding? Well, your favorite pastime goes 3D in this origami guide Inspired by the kawaii style everyone loves, 3D Origami Fun shows you how to up your paper-folding game with twenty-five spectacular projects. From cupcakes to butterflies to sea turtles, each page features detailed explanations and step-by-step photos for constructing eye-catching sculptures using basic folds and origami pieces. Whether you're new to paper crafts or a seasoned pro, this book will teach you how to build a variety of impressive 3D origami projects.

So take out your paper, flex your fingers, and get ready to create dozens of fun origami projects you won't find anywhere else
3D Rubber Stamping
3D Rubber Stamping
Paperback      ISBN: 0715328646

Take stamping to a new level, with pop-ups, pockets, tabs and layers of images that use the latest materials and techniques. The advice in this book ranges from the basic to the more advanced, to inspire stampers to make the most of the unusual 3D designs.

500 Fluorescent Origamis
500 Fluorescent Origamis
Paperback      ISBN: 0228101492

500 Fluorescent Origamis is pocket-sized origami book with 500 pages and basic folding instructions.

Its two companion books are:
500 Irresistible Origamis (9780228101505)
500 Fun Origamis (9780228101482)

Each of these books features 250 double-sided origami papers decorated with original designs and patterns by Mayumi Jezewski. Sixteen pages of basic folding instructions are illustrated and explained with arrows and clear lines -- perfect for beginners.

The Guardian newspaper called origami "2016's craft trend" and reported that sales of origami books have surged as customers look for alternatives to the popular coloring books. Like coloring, origami presents children and adults with a creative meditative challenge away from the screen.

Origami has no age barrier and benefits everyone, from children to the elderly. Studies show that origami activates the whole brain. It develops eye-hand coordination, sequencing skills, attention skills, temporal spatial skills, mathematical reasoning, language skills and patience. It also promotes hand and finger dexterity.

Here are three colorful stocking stuffer-sized books ideal for the holidays.