Paper Crafts
Extreme Origami
Extreme Origami
Hardcover      ISBN: 1937994023

Won Park has taken the ancient art of origami to a whole new level. Using American currency, Park transforms dollar bills into creative works of art. He relies on the fibrous quality of the paper to fold, bend and twist hundreds of times per model without tearing. With no cutting and no pasting, Park is able to incorporate the details on the bills into his model designs. His signature koi fish is folded in such a way that the patterns on the dollar bill become the scales on the fish, and even the facial features fall in exactly the right place. His designs include a wide array of vehicles, animals, and mythical creatures. In this book, step-by-step instructions are provided for 20 distinct models that are bound to challenge even the most proficient folders. The challenge includes a Formula 1 race car, a toilet, a butterfly, a koi fish, a scorpion, a sea turtle, a fox, an ox, a marlin, a car, a praying mantis, a dragon, a spider, a stag beetle, a stegosaurus, a bat, Pegasus, a fighter jet, a battle tank, and a pig. All models can be made with either one or two dollar bills. Why worry about the declining value of the U.S. dollar? Follow the instructions in this book, and you can transform your dollars into works of art

Mixed-Media Collage: An Exploration of Contemporary Artists, Methods, and Materials
Mixed-Media Collage
An Exploration of Contemporary Artists, Methods, and Materials
Paperback      ISBN: 1592533167
More than 60 new mixed-media collages by leading mixed-media artists.

Mixed-media collage artists are embracing, unearthing, and reconstructing the flotsam and jetsam of modern life with abandon, integrating discards along with a range of art materials and novel techniques to create compelling, new works. Original, idiosyncratic, and delightful, this catch-as-catch-can approach to making art is inspiring and can have eye-catching results. It can also have its own set of technical challenges. Mixed-Media Collage takes you into the studios of five talented mixed-media artists: Laurinda Bedingfield, Barbara De Pirro, Paula Grasdal, Sharon McCartney, and Teesha Moore. The artists reveal their own step-by-step processes, offer tips on working with unconventional materials, and share their insights on creativity and finding inspiration. A deluxe gallery features forty never-before published mixed-media pieces, complete with detailed descriptions of the work and the materials used to create them.

  • In-depth chapters detailing the work and techniques of Laurinda Bedingfield, Barbara De Pirro, Paula Grasdal, Sharon McCartney, and Teesha Moore
  • Techniques for making faux encaustics out of acrylic gel medium (no hot palette or wax required), adding stitching to paper, layering surfaces, finding inspiration in texts, building shrines and book-page panels out of sew-through interfacing, using simple printmaking techniques to create one-of-a-kind collage materials, building three-dimensional photo collages, and more
  • A special feature by best-selling author Jennifer Crusie, who shares her thoughts on the connections between writing and collage, as well as several previously unpublished assemblages she has used as a tool to plot and edit her books
  • A humorous essay by best-selling author Alisa Kwitney, who shares her thoughts on the connections between writing and collage, and explains why she canAEt use collage as a tool for anything
Air and Space Origami Kit: Realistic Paper Rockets, Spaceships and More! 14 Exciting Origami Models -
Air and Space Origami Kit
Realistic Paper Rockets, Spaceships and More! 14 Exciting Origami Models -
Paperback      ISBN: 0804849242
Fly high with realistic paper models of some of the most astonishing aircraft and spacecraft ever designed

The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum hosts seven million visitors annually--a testament to our enduring fascination with flight. Noted origami artist John Szinger has created this unique collection of paper airplane and rocket models inspired by real life flying machines.

Let your imagination soar with 14 original designs, including:
  • A Supersonic Transport, recalling the golden age of commercial hypersonic travel
  • The Space Pod, designed to safely return astronauts to earth through the intense heat of re-entry
  • A graceful Hot Air Balloon--make several to create your own miniature ballooning festival
  • An elusive Flying Saucer--try as they might, the government can't conceal this one
  • A sci-fi inspired Art Deco Rocket with exaggerated fins and sleek lines
  • And many other thrilling origami air and space models
Air and Space Origami Kit contains everything you need to create high quality air and space models:
  • A colorful 64-page step-by-step origami instructions book
  • 14 exciting air and space origami projects
  • 48 sheets of double-sided, custom designed folding paper
  • 185+ Colorful Stickers
Each model comes complete with a set of interesting facts about the vehicle, as well as detailed step-by-step instructions showing you how to fold it. Air and Space Origami Kit is perfect for aspiring astronauts and origami beginners of all ages
Can I Have a Kitten?: Colour, Construct and Play With Your New Furry Friend
Can I Have a Kitten?
Colour, Construct and Play With Your New Furry Friend
Paperback      ISBN: 1781574057

In this lovely collection of constructibles from the illustrator Mina Braun you will be able to make your own delightful kitten come alive in a variety of fun-packed ways. Kuster and his friends are always getting up to mischief and they have the outfits to match their capers. Dress up your kittens, create some finger puppets, and create a cute model of your newest best friend. Instructions and helpful hints are provided throughout, as well as some fun facts about your new furry family. Can I have a kitten? Yes, you can

The Art and Craft of Paper
The Art and Craft of Paper
Paperback      ISBN: 0811807886

Produced in association with the Florentine marbling firm, Il Papiro, this lavishly illustrated introduction to hand-crafted paper reveals how anyone, without special artistic training, can make an irresistible array of elegant paper artifacts, devise an innovative paper sculpture, or bind a handmade book. From basic instructions on pulping, drying, and forming paper sheets, to creating marbled, block-printed, and textured paper, or fashioning decorative coverings for trays, boxes, frames, and screens, The Art and Craft of Paper opens the door to a unique medium for creative self-expression.

Origami Racers: Fold Your Own Racers and Battle Your Friends
Origami Racers
Fold Your Own Racers and Battle Your Friends
Paperback      ISBN: 1631590510

Make 25 paper race cars and jet planes fun for the whole family

Origami Racers is a fun and instructive kit for adults and children which teaches the fine art of origami through folding paper race cars and jet planes. Reminiscent of the original Japanese transformers, each piece of paper included can be folded into a sleek and fast racer pod for either the street or the sky.

Each kit contains a 64-page booklet with folding instructions and full-color photos of finished racers. Make 25 racers out of the 25 sheets of two sided, two-color paper to impress your friends

The Happy Collection: Put a Sticker on It!: 500 Artisanal Stickers for You to Decorate Your World
The Happy Collection: Put a Sticker on It!
500 Artisanal Stickers for You to Decorate Your World
Paperback      ISBN: 163106309x

This collection of 500 stickers come straight from artists' workshops to you These stickers are perfect for decorating folders, accentuating letters, adding flair to scrapbooks, or personalizing gifts. The massive variety means that there's a sticker perfect for any situation, and with such an attractive price point, this is an excellent value.

Oddballs, Wing-Flappers, & Spinners: Great Paper Airplanes
Oddballs, Wing-Flappers, & Spinners
Great Paper Airplanes
Paperback      ISBN: 007067910x

Provides instructions on how to make a variety of unusual paper airplanes.

Business Card Origami
Business Card Origami
Paperback      ISBN: 1623540194

Is your desk overburdened with business cards (yours and/or other people's)? BUSINESS CARD ORIGAMI is here to the rescue with twenty original, witty, and fun origami projects all using one or more business cards. Bad meeting with the boss? Fold a stuffed shirt for him. Tired of your cramped working conditions? Create a business card Cube-icle. From geometric shapes to animals and office-related projects, BUSINESS CARD ORIGAMI will give you the sense of creativity, joy, and accomplishment you always wish you had with your job. Features full-color project photographs as well as step-by-step illustrations for each of the projects.

51 Things to Make With Cardboard Boxes
51 Things to Make With Cardboard Boxes
Hardcover      ISBN: 1609928342
51 Things to Make with Cardboard Boxes transforms cereal boxes into monsters, robots and much more. Perfect activities for parents and children to do together. The 51 projects feature a well-balanced mix of techniques, materials, colors and styles for a range of ages.