Paper Crafts
Bloom: More Than 50 Decorative Papercut Patterns
More Than 50 Decorative Papercut Patterns
Paperback      ISBN: 1786271672
This beautiful book contains more than fifty designs from the best-selling Korean paper-cutting artist Choi Hyang Mee. The intricate designs are inspired by flora and fauna and printed on three different paper stocks. With clear instructions and inspirational ideas for how to use your finished work, you will soon be creating stunning artworks and decorative pieces. • Contains fifty-two beautiful paper-cut templates for you to use as you wish – create stunning cards, framed artworks or ornate decorations • Created by best-selling Korean paper-cutting artist, Choi Hyang Mee • Intricate designs inspired by flora and fauna
Handmade Books for Everyday Adventures: 20 Bookbinding Projects for Explorers, Travelers, and Nature Lovers
Handmade Books for Everyday Adventures
20 Bookbinding Projects for Explorers, Travelers, and Nature Lovers
Hardcover      ISBN: 1611800080
The handmade books presented here are meant to spark outings and offer creative ways for you to explore your personal style and interests: Make treasure hunts even more special with a personalized Treasure Hunt Collection Bag and Notebook. Take notes at the beach with a Waterproof Book made with Tyvek pages. Make a canvas-covered Camping Songbook to take with you to the campsite. In this collection of twenty Japanese bookbinding projects, traditional techniques meet contemporary style, from easy-to-fold accordion books to the intricate Japanese stab-stitch bindings. Book artist Erin Zamrzla makes bookbinding easy and unintimidating. Her clear step-by-step instructions make even the more complicated stitches easy to re-create. Information on the basics of bookbinding—including terminology, tools, and techniques—is included, and many projects encourage the creative use of ordinary and recycled materials. The projects are: Everyday Outings • Grocery List Pad • Lunch Box Notes • Necklace Book • Cross-Stitch Cover • Write Your Own Story Journal Outdoor Play • Treasure Hunt Collection Bag and Notebook • Little League Score Book • Waterproof Book • Bicycle Book • Texture Collector Nature Excursions • Observation Journal • Leaf and Flower Press • Fishing Log • Stargazing Log • Camping Songbook Road Trips • Tiny Tickets Memorabilia Book • Photo Notes • Notes from the Road Postcard Book • Fold-Out Map Booklet • Things to Check Out
Origami Racers: Fold Your Own Racers and Battle Your Friends
Origami Racers
Fold Your Own Racers and Battle Your Friends
Paperback      ISBN: 1631590510
Make 25 paper race cars and jet planesâ??fun for the whole family! Origami Racer is a fun and instructive kit for adults and children which teaches the fine art of origami through folding paper race cars and jet planes. Reminiscent of the original Japanese transformers, each piece of paper included can be folded into a sleek and fast racer pod for either the street or the sky. Each kit contains a 64-page booklet with folding instructions and full-color photos of finished racers. Make 25 racers out of the 25 sheets of two sided, two-color paper to impress your friends!
The Art and Craft of Paper
The Art and Craft of Paper
Paperback      ISBN: 0811807886
Explains how to make paper, decorate paper with a variety of patterns, and use paper to make books and other objects
Business Card Origami
Business Card Origami
Paperback      ISBN: 1623540194
Is your desk overburdened with business cards (yours and/or other people’s)? BUSINESS CARD ORIGAMI is here to the rescue with twenty original, witty, and fun origami projects all using one or more business cards. Bad meeting with the boss? Fold a stuffed shirt for him. Tired of your cramped working conditions? Create a business card Cube-icle. From geometric shapes to animals and office-related projects, BUSINESS CARD ORIGAMI will give you the sense of creativity, joy, and accomplishment you always wish you had with your job. Features full-color project photographs as well as step-by-step illustrations for each of the projects.
Creative Origami and Beyond
Creative Origami and Beyond
Paperback      ISBN: 1633221644
Packed with prompts, tips, exercises, and engaging step-by-step projects, Creative Origami and Beyond takes readers through a dynamic exploration of the traditional art form. A centuries-old art form, origami has taken on new depth in today's art world, influencing trends in fashion, interior design, exhibition art, and more. Creative Origami and Beyond takes this traditional art form to new levels, guiding readers through a dynamic exploration of numerous ways to fold paper. This inspiring, interactive project book demonstrates both traditional and contemporary origami methods - from working with unique materials and creating custom origami papers to crafting amazing works of art. A general introduction to origami and an overview of basic folding techniques sets the foundation for the book, which is divided into six engaging sections, including modular origami, giant origami, tiny origami, wet origami, and more. Each chapter, taught by an expert origami artist, features clever exercises and prompts to inspire and spark creativity, while step-by-step origami projects for creating wall art, jewelry, decorative objects, and more, help turn origami novices to pros. Includes eight pages of patterned origami paper to help get you started.
Make & Give: Simple and Modern Crafts to Brighten Every Day
Make & Give
Simple and Modern Crafts to Brighten Every Day
Hardcover      ISBN: 1611801486
Presents step-by-step, illustrated instructions for thirty-five simple projects covering a wide range of techniques, from sewing to paper cutting to painting, including candy board games, nickname handkerchiefs, and hand-drawn pillows.
Oddballs, Wing-Flappers, & Spinners: Great Paper Airplanes
Oddballs, Wing-Flappers, & Spinners
Great Paper Airplanes
Paperback      ISBN: 007067910x
Provides instructions on how to make a variety of unusual paper airplanes
Papergal!: Unofficial Tribute to Rihanna
Unofficial Tribute to Rihanna
Paperback      ISBN: 0992777771
An unofficial paper-doll book featuring two Rihanna cut-out dolls and many outfits, drawn by artist Mel Elliott. This is a Ri-Ri doll that any of her fans would love: two seperate poses and a large variety of her favourite and most famous outfits to pick from are provided in this book. All you have to do is the cutting! Rihanna is big news wherever she goes, one of the most successful artists ever, and a real pop diva, beloved by millions. This paper doll book is a loving homage to her style.
Papermaking: The Art and Craft of Handmade Paper
The Art and Craft of Handmade Paper
Hardcover      ISBN: 0879301570
Traces the history of paper and writing, shows modern paper production methods, and shows how to make one's own paper making equipment