Academic Outlaws: Queer Theory and Cultural Studies in the Academy
Academic Outlaws
Queer Theory and Cultural Studies in the Academy
Paperback      ISBN: 0761906835

Scholarly yet provocatively written, <B>Academic Outlaws</B> presents a discussion of how life in the academic world is experienced by gay men and lesbian women. Using a narrative style that mixes autobiography, case study data and fiction, William G Tierney provides timely insight into the challenges gays and lesbians face in higher education and proposes an alternative process for redefining long-established cultural norms.

Affirmative Dynamic Psychotherapy With Gay Men
Affirmative Dynamic Psychotherapy With Gay Men
Hardcover      ISBN: 1568210019

This text focuses on the technique of affirmative dynamic psychotherapy with gay men. The contributors point out the homophobia and intolerance that creates shame, guilt and other symptoms in homosexual men; and demonstrate that dynamic psychotherapy can be affirming of homosexuality.

AIDS Literature and Gay Identity: The Literature of Loss
AIDS Literature and Gay Identity
The Literature of Loss
Paperback      ISBN: 1138936987

This book discusses the significance of late twentieth century and early twenty first century American fiction written in response to the AIDS crisis and interrogates how sexual identity is depicted and constructed textually. Pearl develops Freudian psychoanalytic theory in a complex account of the ways in which grief is expressed and worked out in literature, showing how key texts from the AIDS crisis by authors such as Edmund White, Michael Cunningham, Eve Sedgwick - and also, later, the archives of The ACT UP Oral History Project - lie both within the tradition of gay writing and a postmodernist poetics. The book demonstrates how literary texts both expose and construct personal identity, how they expose and produce sexual identities, and how gay and queer identities were written onto the page, but also constructed and consolidated by these very texts. Pearl argues that the division between realist and postmodern, and gay and queer, respectively, is determined by whether the experience expressed and accounted is mediated through the psychoanalytic categories of mourning or melancholia, and is marked by a kind of coherence or chaos in the texts themselves. This study presents an important development in scholarly work in gay literary studies, queer theory, and AIDS representation.

Alienated Affections
Alienated Affections
Paperback      ISBN: 0312021585

Essays on gay culture and conundrums.

All I Could Bare: My Life in the Strip Clubs of Gay Washington, D.C.
All I Could Bare
My Life in the Strip Clubs of Gay Washington, D.C.
Paperback      ISBN: 141654206x
Now in paperback, the frank, funny, explicit, and inspiring memoir about how dancing naked in gay clubs in the nation's capital helped a college professor discover his true self.

All I Could Bare is the story of a mild-mannered graduate student who "took the road less clothed," a decision that would change his life forever. In the 1990s, when Washington, D.C.'s gay club scene was notoriously no-holds-barred, Craig Seymour embarked on his incredible journey, all the while trying to keep his newfound vocation a secret from his parents and maintain a relationship with his boyfriend, Seth. Along the way he met some unforgettable characters: the fifty-year-old divorced man who's obsessed with a twenty-one-year-old dancer; the celebrated drag diva who hailed from a small town in rural Virginia; and the many straight guys who were "gay for pay." Seymour gives readers both the highs (money, adoration, camaraderie) and the lows (an ill-fated attempt at prostitution, a humiliating porn audition). Ultimately coming clean about his secret identity, Seymour breaks through taboos and makes his way from booty-baring stripper to Ph.D.-bearing academic, taking a detour into celebrity journalism and memorably crossing paths with Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Mary J. Blige along the way. Hilarious, insightful, and touching, All I Could Bare proves that sometimes the "wrong decision" can lead to the right place.
All-American Boy: A Memoir
All-American Boy
A Memoir
Paperback      ISBN: 0684870479

A compelling memoir offers an account of the relationship between a father and son that received national media attention when Colonel Fred Peck revealed he loved his gay son but did not think he belonged in the military. 35,000 first printing. Tour.

Ambiguity and Sexuality: A Theory of Sexual Identity
Ambiguity and Sexuality
A Theory of Sexual Identity
Hardcover      ISBN: 140398011x

A new account of the formation of sexual identity, coined 'emerged fusion', which avoids the traps of the essentialism versus constructivism debate, and offers a viable third alternative. This book is a theoretical tool that will be useful in sociology, queer studies, and gender studies as a new approach to understanding sexual identity.

An American Obsession: Science, Medicine, and Homosexuality in Modern Society
An American Obsession
Science, Medicine, and Homosexuality in Modern Society
Paperback      ISBN: 0226793672

Drawing on original research from medical texts, psychiatric case histories, pioneering statistical surveys, first-person accounts, legal cases, sensationalist journalism, and legislative debates, Jennifer Terry has written a nuanced and textured history of how the century-old obsession with homosexuality is deeply tied to changing American anxieties about social and sexual order in the modern age.

Terry's overarching argument is compelling: that homosexuality served as a marker of the abnormal against which malleable, tenuous, and often contradictory concepts of the normal were defined. One of the few histories to take into consideration homosexuality in both women and men, Terry's work also stands out in its refusal to erase the agency of people classified as abnormal. She documents the myriad ways that gays, lesbians, and other sexual minorities have coauthored, resisted, and transformed the most powerful and authoritative modern truths about sex. Proposing this history as a useable past, An American Obsession is an indispensable contribution to the study of American cultural history.
Anti-Gay Rights: Assessing Voter Initiatives
Anti-Gay Rights
Assessing Voter Initiatives
Hardcover      ISBN: 0275954617

This book examines anti-gay voter initiatives from both the political science and communication perspectives. In recent years, anti-gay initiatives sponsored by conservative Christian groups have been placed on the ballot in several states. This development provides an opportunity to evaluate the initiative process as a way of resolving public policy questions on this divisive topic. Using examples and data from Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Maine, Missouri, Florida, California, and Washington, the authors discuss the emergence of the new religious right and why anti-gay initiatives are sponsored by conservative Christian groups. Interviews with the leaders of the groups opposing and supporting the anti-gay initiative in Idaho and a listing of the measures themselves are included.

Aroused: Tales of Erotica
Tales of Erotica
Paperback      ISBN: 0758216327
Sean Wolfe Has A Reputation. . .

. . .for writing some of the steamiest, smartest erotica between two covers. Now, the author of the wildly popular Close Contact is back with another collection of stories as literate as they are provocative, written with a voyeuristic intimacy that recalls a XXX-rated Christopher Isherwood. Reflecting the sexual seasons of a gay man's life--spring, summer, fall, and winter--there is something here for every man. . .stories of newfound eroticism as charged as it gets; of men on quests for their deepest desires and sexual selves; of couples looking to keep their sex lives alive and exciting; and of older men fearlessly redefining sensuality. Step inside and discover. . .

A magical gift card that grants a lucky birthday boy three of his deepest, hottest wishes. A substitute teacher who gives a cocky young student private instruction in a bathroom stall. One hot card game between five college buddies that brings all new meaning to "five-card stud." And in one delicious novella, a high-priced call boy experiences everything he can in search of that most elusive high--true love. . .

Confessional. Personal. Deeply erotic. And 100% hot. These twenty-one stories prove that when it comes to hot sex, intense pleasure, wicked fantasy, and deep desire, it's always the right season. . .