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Printing by Hand: A Modern Guide to Printing With Handmade Stamps, Stencils, and Silk Screens
Printing by Hand
A Modern Guide to Printing With Handmade Stamps, Stencils, and Silk Screens
Hardcover      ISBN: 1584796723
A talented designer explains how to create a wide variety of unusual and innovative hand-printed fabrics, furnishings, accessories, and paper crafts by using stencils, master stamps, and screen printing, using step-by-step instructions to teach crafters the fundamentals of hand printing and offering an array of ingenious projects, from screen-printed bed linens to stationery.
500 Kids Art Ideas: Inspiring Projects for Fostering Creativity and Self-Expression
500 Kids Art Ideas
Inspiring Projects for Fostering Creativity and Self-Expression
Paperback      ISBN: 1592539858
Keeping a child engaged and happy can be a tall order, but with 500 Kids Art Ideas, you'll never run out of inspiration! This fun, visual reference features a thousand arts and crafts projects for adults and children to do together. With an emphasis on recycled materials and nature, a wide range of art is covered. From making dolls and edible treats to sculpting and printmaking, everything is simple enough to recreate, but also up to interpretation. Add your own creative twist to make them your own and ask your child to do the same! Not only will you be engaging your children and activating their imagination, but also teaching them critical skills.500 Kids Art Ideas also features purposely open-ended art meant to bring families closer together. You'll be able to connect with your child on a deeper level in no time, letting them know that you can be fun, too!
Drink Laugh Paint: How to Host a Painting Party
Drink Laugh Paint
How to Host a Painting Party
Paperback      ISBN: 1631062832
With Drink Laugh Paint, you and your friends can express your inner artists while also enjoying each other’s company and some wine at the time! Pour some wine, break out the paint, and let The Paint Bar founders Jill Kerner Schon and Jackie Schon guide you through eight beautiful paintings with informative, step-by-step instructions that even non-artists will enjoy. Included in this kit are a list of necessary materials, drink and party theme suggestions, and even postcard invitations so you can spread the word of your off-the-hook paint party. Whether you’re serious about your art or just want to enjoy yourself, the Drink Laugh Paint kit is a wonderful mix of creativity and fun. This kit includes: - 164-page manual on an easel, with step-by-step instructions and full-color photos for 8 wonderful paintings - 32-page booklet containing art-supply suggestions, party and drink ideas, and more - 16 postcards to invite your friends to your party
Tape It & Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities
Tape It & Make It
101 Duct Tape Activities
Paperback      ISBN: 1438001355
For many years a useful item in every household toolbox, duct tape has now taken on a second life as a medium for hobbyists of all ages. This fun-filled book offers dozens of creative ideas and easy-to-follow instructions for making everything from wallets and coin purses to novelty neckties and household decorations out of duct tape. Separate chapters give directions for projects that include-- - Duct Tape Accessories-- wallets, sandals, watch strap and more - Duct Tape Clothing-- apron, necktie, mini skirt, tool belt, and more - Duct Tape Flowers-- roses, iris, water lilies, and more - Duct Tape Animals-- turtle, duck, lion's head, puppy, and more - Megativities-- skyscraper, Rubik's Cube, and more Here's a book of fun for both grownups and kids, and a great way to introduce children to crafting. More than 500 color illustrations.
Tiny World Terrariums: A Step-by-Step Guide to Easily Contained Life
Tiny World Terrariums
A Step-by-Step Guide to Easily Contained Life
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1584799641
Terrariums are a vibrant, unique way to inject a little greenery into any home. In Tiny World Terrariums, authors Katy and Michelle of Brooklyn's celebrated Twig Terrariums offer step-by-step instructions for building your own, from selecting glass containers to layering soil and filtration to adding moss, succulents, and other plants. To give each terrarium a whimsical, personal touch, Katy and Michelle demonstrate how to use tiny figurines and toys to create to-scale scenes, such as a couple at their wedding, a CSI crime scene, and Central Park in springtime. Photos of gorgeous finished terrariums and detailed instructions will empower anyone—whether green-thumbed or not—to create their own Lilliputian worlds.
Applique Your Way: 35 Pretty Sewing Projects and Patterns
Applique Your Way
35 Pretty Sewing Projects and Patterns
Paperback      ISBN: 081186734x
Appliqu Your Way goes beyond traditional quiltwork with 35 sweet stitching projects from crafter extraordinaire Kayte Terry. Master decorative stitches, create original templates, and much more. The book is designed for easy use with a lay-flat Wire-O binding and a handy back pocket that holds pattern and template pieces. No more wrestling with a copy machine to enlarge or shrink! Stitchers will find everything they need to create a Gone Dotty A-line Skirt, a Reverse Appliqu Market Tote, a Felted Faux Bois Scarf, and 30+ more projects ranging from the sublimely simple to the ultra-chic.
The Art of Folding: Creative Forms in Design and Architecture
The Art of Folding
Creative Forms in Design and Architecture
Paperback      ISBN: 8415967772
Beginning with the simplest possible form, this gorgeous book showcases the multiple possibilities folding techniques offer nowadays. It illustrates how folded materials such as paper, plastic and textiles can be applied to very different areas of creation such as fashion, jewellery, interior design or architecture. This insightful and beautifully illustrated volume reveals how folding presents many intriguing challenges for designers, not to mention end results that will wow those who love innovative design.The Art of Folding goes far beyond the boundaries of origami and folded paper, shedding light on a whole range of possibilities and materials. Charles Trebbi is an urban architect, designer, and artist specialized in the infinite possibilities of folding, cutting and assembling all sorts of materials.
The Art of Whimsical Lettering
The Art of Whimsical Lettering
Paperback      ISBN: 1620330741
Offers information on creating stylized fonts and expressive artwork using your personal handwriting skills.
Assembled: Transform Everyday Objects into Robots
Transform Everyday Objects into Robots
Hardcover      ISBN: 1910254541
Assembled features 25 contemporary assemblage art projects by international artists through “before and after
Beasts from Bricks: Amazing Lego Designs for Animals from Around the World: 15 Step-by-step Projects
Beasts from Bricks
Amazing Lego Designs for Animals from Around the World: 15 Step-by-step Projects
Paperback      ISBN: 1631592998
Make your LEGO constructions come alive with Beasts from Bricks! LEGO bricks have fueled the imaginations of aspiring designers and builders for generations. In Beasts from Bricks, LEGO artist and designer Ekow Nimako shows that the popular and iconic toy has an unexpected and innovative use: to re-create nature's fauna in stunning detail. The book presents illustrated step-by-step instructions for building 15 animals from around the world: Africa, Europe, Asia, Antarctica, Oceania, Central/South America, the Caribbean, and North America. Each set of instructions includes entertaining and educational information about the animal's characteristics and habitat. Also included is a bonus gallery of Nimako's more complex, large-scale animal designs.