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The Complete Photo Guide to Soap Making
The Complete Photo Guide to Soap Making
Paperback      ISBN: 1589239431
Homemade soaps, scrubs, salves, lotions, and other bath and body products have been popping up all over the places from craft fairs to Etsy and it's no surprise why. Soap making is a fun and creative hobby that you can do right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Want to learn how? Look no further. The Complete Photo Guide to Soap Making is an A-Z primer on all things soap making. Written by soap making expert David Fisher, this easy-to-use book will guide you through everything you need to know from necessary ingredients, tools, and safety requirements to soap making methods, including: melt and pour, hand milling, cold process, and hot process. You'll be a pro in no time! Each of the chapters focuses on a specific method, demonstrating basic process, decorative techniques, recipes, and related products such as scrubs, bath bombs, and liquid soaps. You'll also find a section on how to formulate original recipes, plus guidance on storage and ideas for packaging to impress your friends, family, and maybe even customers! So grab your creativity and some great ingredients and let's get started.
Show Me a Story: 40 Craft Projects and Activities to Spark Children's Storytelling
Show Me a Story
40 Craft Projects and Activities to Spark Children's Storytelling
Hardcover      ISBN: 1612121489
Children love to make up stories, and these 40 creative projects and activities encourage them to free their storytelling instincts. Younger children will love making story stones and a storytelling jar, and then will love using them to create stories of their own, while older kids will enjoy word grab bags, story walks, and journaling exercises. For everyone ages 5 to 12, whatever their reading level, this book has everything needed to spark an infinite number of child-created stories.
#HowTwoLive: 36 Seriously Cool How-to Projects on Style, Nail Art, Blogging and More
36 Seriously Cool How-to Projects on Style, Nail Art, Blogging and More
Hardcover      ISBN: 1741174899
Everything a woman just out of her teens needs to know about how to live and how to do it with killer style Kind of like your book bestie, #howtwolive has your back when it comes to learning how to wear clashing prints, plan babin' festival outfits, nail your nail art, and become the next blogging superstar. With 36 how-to projects across topics including nail art, blogging, social media, festivals, style, make-up, beauty, recipes, and more, fashion bloggers Jess and Stef Dadon reveal everything (well, everything fun) a woman needs to know. With bonus sections including quizzes to work out your blogging style, beauty tricks, random food combos, and festival packing lists, this is the perfect present for a late teen, or anyone who has ever wanted to learn how to turn their nails into cupcakes.
1000 Steampunk Creations
1000 Steampunk Creations
Paperback      ISBN: 1592536913
Steampunk is a burgeoning counter-cultural movement; a genre, community, and artform. The Steampunk movement seeks to recapture the spirit of invention, adventure, and craftsmanship reminiscent of early-nineteenth century industrialization, in part, to restore a sense of wonder to a technology-jaded world. Packed with 1,000 color photographs, 1,000 Steampunk Creations features a showcase of stunning jewelry, fashion, accessories, headgear, artwork, home decorations, and curious contraptions.
500 Kids Art Ideas: Inspiring Projects for Fostering Creativity and Self-Expression
500 Kids Art Ideas
Inspiring Projects for Fostering Creativity and Self-Expression
Paperback      ISBN: 1592539858
Keeping a child engaged and happy can be a tall order, but with 500 Kids Art Ideas, you'll never run out of inspiration! This fun, visual reference features a thousand arts and crafts projects for adults and children to do together. With an emphasis on recycled materials and nature, a wide range of art is covered. From making dolls and edible treats to sculpting and printmaking, everything is simple enough to recreate, but also up to interpretation. Add your own creative twist to make them your own and ask your child to do the same! Not only will you be engaging your children and activating their imagination, but also teaching them critical skills.500 Kids Art Ideas also features purposely open-ended art meant to bring families closer together. You'll be able to connect with your child on a deeper level in no time, letting them know that you can be fun, too!
62 Projects to Make With a Dead Computer: And Other Discarded Electronics
62 Projects to Make With a Dead Computer
And Other Discarded Electronics
Paperback      ISBN: 0761152431
Presents step-by-step instructions for repurposing a variety of electronic appliances and equipment, including computers, cell phones, and scanners, into other items.
Applique Your Way: 35 Pretty Sewing Projects and Patterns
Applique Your Way
35 Pretty Sewing Projects and Patterns
Paperback      ISBN: 081186734x
Appliqu Your Way goes beyond traditional quiltwork with 35 sweet stitching projects from crafter extraordinaire Kayte Terry. Master decorative stitches, create original templates, and much more. The book is designed for easy use with a lay-flat Wire-O binding and a handy back pocket that holds pattern and template pieces. No more wrestling with a copy machine to enlarge or shrink! Stitchers will find everything they need to create a Gone Dotty A-line Skirt, a Reverse Appliqu Market Tote, a Felted Faux Bois Scarf, and 30+ more projects ranging from the sublimely simple to the ultra-chic.
The Art of Whimsical Lettering
The Art of Whimsical Lettering
Paperback      ISBN: 1620330741
Offers information on creating stylized fonts and expressive artwork using your personal handwriting skills.
The Artful Year: Celebrating the Seasons & Holidays with Crafts & Recipes
The Artful Year
Celebrating the Seasons & Holidays with Crafts & Recipes
Paperback      ISBN: 1611801494
From the author of The Artful Parent--a year's worth of art projects, seasonal activities, and recipes for simple, family-friendly crafting through the seasons and holidays. Celebrating the seasons and holidays is a wonderful opportunity to embrace creativity together as a family. It's also a fun way to decorate, prepare for, and learn about the holidays we celebrate. InThe Artful Year, you'll find art activites, crafts, recipes, and more to help make each season special. By doing so, your family will create memories and mementos, you'll develop creative growth in your children and yourself, and you'll have lots of fun! The book includes: • Arts and crafts, using the materials, colors, and themes of the season • Decorations to make as a family • Favorite seasonal recipes that are fun for children to help make (and eat) • Ideas for celebrating the holidays together • Suggested reading lists of children's picture books about the seasons and holidays The Artful Year is a fun and active resource for crafting and celebrating around the year!
Assembled: Transform Everyday Objects into Robots
Transform Everyday Objects into Robots
Hardcover      ISBN: 1910254541
Assembled features 25 contemporary assemblage art projects by international artists through “before and after