19th Century American Novel and Short Story
Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy: The Story of Little Women and Why It Still Matters
Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy
The Story of Little Women and Why It Still Matters
Hardcover      ISBN: 0393254739
A 150th anniversary tribute describes the cultural significance of Alcott's classic, exploring how its relatable themes and depictions of family resilience, community and female resourcefulness have inspired generations of writers.
Moby Dick
Moby Dick
Paperback      ISBN: 0062085646
“Call me Ishmael.” Thus begins one of the most famous journeys in literature—the voyage of the whaling ship Pequod and its embattled, monomaniacal Captain Ahab. Ishmael quickly learns that the Pequod’s captain sails for revenge against the elusive Moby Dick, a sperm whale with a snow-white hump and mottled skin that destroyed Ahab’s former vessel and left him crippled. As the Pequod sails deeper through the nights and into the sea, the divisions between man and nature begin to blur—so do the lines between good and evil, as the fates of the ship’s crewmen become increasingly unclear.... Melville’s classic tale of obsession and the sea, one of the most important and enduring masterworks of nineteenth-century literature, Moby Dick is a riveting drama, exploring rage, hope, destiny, and the deepest questions of moral truth.
Moby Dick: The Illustrated Novel
Moby Dick
The Illustrated Novel
Hardcover      ISBN: 1681778483
Perhaps the greatest of all American novels, Moby Dick is newly presented with sixty inspiring full-page illustrations that bring fresh life and emotional depth to this classic of literature.
Moby-Dick: Or, the Whale
Or, the Whale
Paperback      ISBN: 1626860572
A nineteenth-century tale of life aboard a New England whaling ship whose captain is obsessed with the pursuit of a large white whale.
Novels 1871-1880
Novels 1871-1880
Hardcover      ISBN: 0940450135
Five novels dramatize the interaction of Americans with more sophisticated Europeans
Poe: Poetry and Tales
Poetry and Tales
Hardcover      ISBN: 0940450186
Gathers all of Poe's poetry, tales, short stories, and general essays in chronological order
Sheppard Lee: Written By Himself
Sheppard Lee
Written By Himself
Paperback      ISBN: 1590172299
Originally published in 1836. Sheppard Lee, Written By Himself is a work of dark satire from the early years of the American Republic. Published as an autobiography and praised by Edgar Allan Poe, this is the story of a young idler who goes in search of buried treasure and finds instead the power to transfer his soul into other men's bodies. What follows is one increasingly practiced body snatcher's picaresque journey through early American pursuits of happiness, as each new form Sheppard Lee assumes disappoints him anew while making him want more and more. When Lee's metempsychosis draws him into the marriage market, the money market, and the slave market, Bird's fable of American upward mobility takes a more sinister turn. Lee learns that everything in America, even virtue and vice, are interchangeable; everything is an object and has its price. Looking forward to Melville's The Confidence-Man and beyond that to William Burroughs’s Naked Lunch, this strange and compelling story is a penetrating critique of American life and values as well as a crucial addition to the canon of American literature.
Tales and Sketches
Tales and Sketches
Hardcover      ISBN: 0940450038
Gathers all of Hawthorne's stories, including his retellings of classical myths for children
William Dean Howells Novels 1875-1886: A Foregone Conclusion, a Modern Instance, Indian Summer, the Rise of Silas Lapham
William Dean Howells Novels 1875-1886
A Foregone Conclusion, a Modern Instance, Indian Summer, the Rise of Silas Lapham
Hardcover      ISBN: 0940450046
The great American realist's early novels developed key themes that preoccupied Howells throughout his career
Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman
The Amateur Cracksman
Paperback      ISBN: 1843548542
Features Arthur J Raffles and his sidekick Harry 'Bunny' Masters as they attempt a series of thefts: but will they get away with it?