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The Cost of Living: A Working Autobiography
The Cost of Living
A Working Autobiography
Hardcover      ISBN: 163557191x
A searching examination of all the dimensions of love, marriage, mourning, and kinship from two-time Booker Prize finalist Deborah Levy. To strip the wallpaper off the fairy tale of The Family House in which the comfort and happiness of men and children has been the priority is to find behind it an unthanked, unloved, neglected, exhausted woman. The Cost of Living explores the subtle erasure of women's names, spaces, and stories in the modern everyday. In this “living autobiography
You'll Enjoy It When You Get There: The Stories of Elizabeth Taylor
You'll Enjoy It When You Get There
The Stories of Elizabeth Taylor
Paperback      ISBN: 1590177274
Offers a selection of the author's short stories that often deal with everyday English domestic life and its nuanced emotional undercurrents.
Not Just Jane: Rediscovering Seven Amazing Women Writers Who Transformed British Literature
Not Just Jane
Rediscovering Seven Amazing Women Writers Who Transformed British Literature
Paperback      ISBN: 0062394622
Weaving together history, biography and critical analysis, a vastly entertaining volume focuses on the creative contributions and personal stories of seven long-forgotten woman authors, including Charlotte Turner Smith and Mary Elizabeth Braddon, and realizes why, now more than ever, that itÆs vital we remember. Original. 25,000 first printing.
The Heinemann Book of African Women's Writing
The Heinemann Book of African Women's Writing
Paperback      ISBN: 0435906739
A contemporary selection of 22 African women's shortstories that vividly portray the everyday concerns of women's lives.
The "Improper" Feminine
The Women's Sensation Novel and the New Woman Writing
Hardcover      ISBN: 0415049288
The women's sensation novel of the 1860s and the New Woman fiction of the 1890s were two major examples of a perceived feminine invasion of fiction which caused a critical furore in their day. Both genres, with their shocking, `fast' heroines, fired the popular imagination by putting female sexuality on the literary agenda and undermining the `proper feminine' ideal to which nineteenth-century women and fictional heroines were supposed to aspire. By exploring in impressive depth and breadth the material and discursive conditions in which these novels were produced, The `Improper' Feminine draws attention to key gendered interrelationships within the literary and wider cultures of the mid-Victorian and fin-de-diècle periods.
A. S. Byatt: Critical Storytelling
A. S. Byatt
Critical Storytelling
Paperback      ISBN: 0719066530
This comprehensive study of A. S. Byatt’s work spans virtually her entire career and offers insightful readings of all of Byatt’s works of fiction up to and including her Man-Booker-shortlisted novel The Children’s Book (2009). The authors combine an accessible overview of Byatt’s œuvre to date with close critical analysis of all her major works. Uniquely, the book also considers Byatt’s critical writings and journalism, situating her beyond the immediate context of her fiction. The authors argue that Byatt is not only important as a storyteller, but also as an eminent critic and public intellectual. Advancing the concept of "critical storytelling" as a hallmark of Byatt’s project as a writer, the authors retrace Byatt’s wide-ranging engagement with both literary and critical traditions. This results in positioning Byatt in the wider literary landscape. This book has broad appeal, including fellow researchers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, plus general enthusiasts of Byatt’s work.
A. S. Byatt
A. S. Byatt
Paperback      ISBN: 0230275710
A. S. Byatt is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed contemporary writers. This new study provides a lively and detailed exploration of her fiction and non-fiction, and examines Byatt's work in the light of postmodern concerns with language, narrative and self-referentiality. Ideal for students and general readers alike, A. S. Byatt features: - a supporting timeline of key dates - biographical and cultural analysis of key texts such as Possession and the recent The Children's Book- discussion of the full range of Byatt's literary output, including her novels, short stories and critical writings - a survey of selected landmark interviews - a comprehensive overview of the critical reception of Byatt's work.
Agatha Christie: A Mysterious Life
Agatha Christie
A Mysterious Life
Hardcover      ISBN: 1681776537
The award-winning author of The Six offers a portrait of the iconic mystery writer that shares insights into her Edwardian youth, her marriages, her relationship with her daughter and her mysterious 11-day disappearance in 1926.
Agatha Christie: A Mysterious Life
Agatha Christie
A Mysterious Life
Paperback      ISBN: 1643131516
It has been one hundred years since Agatha Christie wrote her first novel and created the formidable Hercule Poirot. A brilliant and award winning biographer, Laura Thompson now turns her sharp eye to Agatha Christie. Arguably the greatest crime writer in the world, Christie's books still sell over four million copies each year
Ambiguous Discourse: Feminist Narratology & British Women Writers
Ambiguous Discourse
Feminist Narratology & British Women Writers
Paperback      ISBN: 080784599x
Carefully melding theory with close readings of texts, the contributors to Ambiguous Discourse explore the role of gender in the struggle for narrative control of specific works by British writers Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, Anita Brookner, Angela Carter, Jeanette Winterson, and Mina Loy. This collection of twelve essays is the first book devoted to feminist narratology--the combination of feminist theory with the study of the structures that underpin all narratives. Until recently, narratology has resisted the advances of feminism in part, as some contributors argue, because theory has replicated past assumptions of male authority and point of view in narrative. Feminist narratology, however, contextualizes the cultural constructions of gender within its study of narrative strategies. Nine of these essays are original, and three have been revised for publication in this volume. The contributors are Melba Cuddy-Keane, Denise Delorey, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Susan Stanford Friedman, Janet Giltrow, Linda Hutcheon, Susan S. Lanser, Alison Lee, Patricia Matson, Kathy Mezei, Christine Roulston, and Robyn Warhol.