Kitchen Lithography: Hand Printing at Home: From Buttons and Bags to Postcards and Pillowcases (Easy Techniques for DIY Lithography You Can
Kitchen Lithography: Hand Printing at Home
From Buttons and Bags to Postcards and Pillowcases (Easy Techniques for DIY Lithography You Can
Paperback      ISBN: 161689623x

When printmakers Laura Sofie Hantke and Lucas Grassmann graduated from university, they found themselves without the luxury of a professional print studio. In their search for an easy technique they could implement in their own home, they came across French artist milie Aizier-Brouard's ingenious Kitchen Lithography, which uses aluminum foil, cola, and oil-based crayons as its main materials, and quickly became ardent fans of and experts in the process, which is eco-friendly, inexpensive, and easy to do. In this book, the first on the subject, they share what they've learned through a process of trial and error in an easy-to-follow guide on turning your kitchen into a creative studio. Hand print your own buttons, bags, pillowcases, posters, cards, T-shirts, and labels using simple household ingredients with surprising and bold results.

Louise Bourgeois: An Unfolding Portrait
Louise Bourgeois
An Unfolding Portrait
Hardcover      ISBN: 1633450414

This first thorough survey of Bourgeois' prints and books orients these works within her broader practice

Louise Bourgeois: An Unfolding Portrait explores the prints and books of the celebrated sculptor. This little-known body of work is vast in scope--numbering some 1,200 individual compositions--and highly significant within her larger practice. These works encompass the same themes and motifs that occupied Bourgeois throughout her career, and they are explored here within the context of related sculptures, drawings and early paintings. This investigation sheds light on Bourgeois' creative process overall, most vividly through the evolving print states and variants that led to her final compositions; seeing these sequences unfold is akin to looking over the artist's shoulder as she worked.

Published in conjunction with an exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, this catalog presents more than 270 prints and books, organized thematically, and includes an essay that traces Bourgeois' involvement with these mediums within the broader developments of her life and career. It also emphasizes the collaborative relationships that were so fundamental to these endeavors. Included are interviews with Bourgeois' longtime assistant, a printer she worked with side-by-side at her home/studio on 20th Street in New York and the publisher who, in the last decade of her life, encouraged her to experiment with innovative prints that broke the traditional boundaries of the medium. The volume is rounded out with a chronology and bibliography that focus on prints and illustrated books while also providing general background on Bourgeois' life and art.

Born in Paris in 1911, Louise Bourgeois was raised by parents who ran a tapestry restoration business. She met Robert Goldwater, an American art historian, in Paris and they married and moved to New York in 1938. Early on, Bourgeois focused on painting and printmaking, turning to sculpture only in the later 1940s. In 1982, at 70 years old, Bourgeois finally took center stage with a retrospective at The Museum of Modern Art. She died in New York in 2010, at the age of 98.

--Zachary Small "Artsy"
M. C. Escher Pop-Ups
M. C. Escher Pop-Ups
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500515905

Produced in association with the Escher estate, this book presents some of the artist's most intriguing works in original three-dimensional pop-ups. These marvelous paper constructions allow us to appreciate in new ways the artist's impossible geometry and his themes of infinity and paradox.

The book also features quotes from Escher on the original pieces of art as well as reproductions of a number of his other works.

M.C. Escher 29 Master Prints
M.C. Escher 29 Master Prints
Paperback      ISBN: 0810922681

Twenty-nine woodcuts and lithographs make use of optical illusions and unusual perspectives and are accompanied by the artist's comments.

Making Collagraph Prints
Making Collagraph Prints
Paperback      ISBN: 1785005812

Collagraph printmaking is an accessible and environmentally friendly way of making striking prints with a unique texture. At its simplest it is a method of printing from collaged plates; at its most sophisticated, it is an innovative and exciting experimental medium. This book is a guide to the technique, with step-by-step instructions for creating and printing simple plates for the beginner, as well as tips, ideas, and directions for those with more experience.

Mary Bonner: Impressions of a Printmaker
Mary Bonner
Impressions of a Printmaker
Paperback      ISBN: 1595348360
Mary Bonner: Impressions of a Printmaker is the definitive account of the life of an iconic Texas artist known for her delicate etchings and prints of the places and people that make South Texas unique. Mary Bonner begins with the artist's early years in San Antonio and continues through her awakening as an artist at the Woodstock colony in upstate New York in summer 1922 to her years in France under the instruction of master printmaker douard Henri L on. In Paris, Bonner began entering her work in juried exhibitions, and these early Paris prints were met with some acclaim. She came into her own when she began experimenting with a more innovative and modern style, exemplified by Les cowboys, a three-part frieze inspired by memories of her family's ranch in Texas.

After several years of dedicated study in Paris, Bonner began splitting her time between San Antonio and Paris. By 1928 she had begun to take on the causes of art and conservation in San Antonio, devoting less time to her own work. She spent the last years of her life at the family residence in San Antonio and died in 1935 at age forty-eight. Bonner's legacy, both as an accomplished artist and as a steadfast advocate for the arts, lives on, especially in San Antonio.

Mary Bonner is copublished with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Villa Finale. The book will accompany a retrospective of Bonner's work at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio. This edition includes a new preface, an introduction by McNay curator Lyle Williams, and an afterword by Jane Lewis, director of Villa Finale.
A Meticulous Serenity: The Prints of Clinton Adams, 1948-1997: A Catalogue Raisonné
A Meticulous Serenity: The Prints of Clinton Adams, 1948-1997
A Catalogue Raisonné
Hardcover      ISBN: 082634772x

Artist, scholar, writer, and educator, Clinton Adams (1918-2002) was recognized as one of the most important influences on the development of fine-art printmaking in America. He was one of the founders of the renowned Tamarind Institute, instrumental in reviving the art of lithography. Adams was also a prolific printmaker himself. His work was characterized by a mix of traditional representation and modernist abstraction, rendered, as the title of this catalogue suggests, with his incomparably meticulous serenity.

Adams had more than thirty solo exhibitions, and his works are in the collections of major museums all over the country. This catalogue raisonn accounts for all of his work and traces the varieties of techniques and collaborations that make lithography a particularly complex medium to keep track of. It also includes numerous comments from the artist about the genesis of the work, the technical challenges he and his printers faced, and his own assessments of quality and significance. A lively biographical essay recalls Adams's extra-artistic skills as well, reminding us that he was a great administrator and teacher, and a formidable poker player.

Modern Printmaking: A Guide to Traditional and Digital Techniques
Modern Printmaking
A Guide to Traditional and Digital Techniques
Hardcover      ISBN: 1607747596
A fully illustrated instructional printmaking book presenting step-by-step examples alongside representative works from thirty top contemporary printmaking artists.

Printmaking is flourishing in the modern era, appealing to both traditional artists as well as those interested in graphic design and digital techniques. This all-in-one guide is both technical and inspirational, examining the history and contemporary processes of relief, intaglio, lithography, serigraphy, mixed media, digital transfers, and post-digital graphics. Featuring step-by-step examples alongside representative works and profiles of top printmaking artists, this colorful resource
provides a truly fresh look at printmaking today, in all its forms.
Paperback      ISBN: 071366746x

Monoprinting is a printmaking process in which a drawing or painting,
executed on a flat, unworked printing plate or other surface, is
transferred through pressure, to a sheet of paper. Recognised as a spontaneous and exciting process,
the medium is also effective, convenient and does not necessarily
require a press. Only one strong impression can be taken, hence the
term monoprint. In this handbook, the authors show how to push the boundaries of monoprinting with various techniques, showing the unique possibilities and showcasing work from around the world.

Picasso Line Drawings and Prints
Picasso Line Drawings and Prints
Paperback      ISBN: 0486241963
Forty-four drawings from many periods and styles show master 20th-century draughtsman's incredible line: 1905 circus family, portraits of Diaghilev and Balzac, cubist studies, neo-classical nudes, and mythological scenes. Media include lithograph, drypoint, etching, and pen-and-ink.