Individual Painters - 20th Century
Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock
Hardcover      ISBN: 0714861502
Presents an illustrated survey of the life and work of Jackson Pollack, discussing his technique, his volatile personal life, and his influences.
O'Keeffe's O'Keeffes: The Artist's Collection
O'Keeffe's O'Keeffes
The Artist's Collection
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500092990
Complemented by more than one hundred full-color illustrations, this unusual study examines some of the art, including some seventy-five seminal works dating from 1910 through the 1960s, that Georgia O'Keeffe chose to keep for her own collection and discusses the significance of these works in terms of her oeuvre and her role as artist and collector. 15,000 first printing.

This Is Pollock
This Is Pollock
Hardcover      ISBN: 1780673469
Traces the artist's career, discussing his style, how it was used as a political weapon, and the hidden meaning in his paintings.
Life With Picasso
Life With Picasso
Paperback      ISBN: 168137319x
Françoise Gilot's candid memoir remains the most revealing portrait of Picasso written, and gives fascinating insight into the intense and creative life shared by two modern artists. Françoise Gilot was in her early twenties when she met the sixty-one-year-old Pablo Picasso in 1943. Brought up in a well-to-do upper-middle-class family, who had sent her to Cambridge and the Sorbonne and hoped that she would go into law, the young woman defied their wishes and set her sights on being an artist. Her introduction to Picasso led to a friendship, a love affair, and a relationship of ten years, during which Gilot gave birth to Picasso’s two children, Paloma and Claude. Gilot was one of Picasso’s muses; she was also very much her own woman, determined to make herself into the remarkable painter she did indeed become. Life with Picasso is an indispensable record of his thinking about art, as well as an often very funny account of his relationships with other artists and with dealers and hangers-on. It is also about Françoise Gilot. This is a brilliant self-portrait of a young woman of enormous talent and exacting intelligence figuring out who she wants to be.
Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey
Sacred Mirrors
The Visionary Art of Alex Grey
Paperback      ISBN: 0892813148
Surreal paintings combine the detail of anatomical illustrations with the spiritual images of Buddhism
Paperback      ISBN: 1594770174
Transfigurations is the eagerly awaited follow-up to Sacred Mirrors, one of the most successful art books of the 1990s. Grey's luminous paintings of human beings blend scientific detail with the visionary depictions of universal life energy, leading us on the soul's journey from the material world to a vision of our divine self.
Irrational Judgments: Eva Hesse, Sol Lewitt, and 1960s New York
Irrational Judgments
Eva Hesse, Sol Lewitt, and 1960s New York
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300211562
An intimate study of the friendship and creative dialogue between two artists, offering an in-depth understanding of their work and the upheavals of 1960s New York
Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810984962
How did Jackson Pollock become a cult figure for the Beat Generation? And what caused his reputation to continue to soar? This compelling and original Abrams classic, now back in print, locates the artist in the continuum of his times, recreating the social and cultural milieu of New York in the 1940s and 1950s. With extensive knowledge of Pollock’s habits (much of it gained through interviews), his reading, his conversation, and the exhibitions he visited, the author retraces many of the far-flung sources of Pollock’s work. A wealth of comparative photographs that illustrate paintings by artists Pollock admired further explains the work of this complex, tragic, and immeasurably influential figure. Pollock’s big, bold canvases are reproduced in five colors to convey the brilliance of his network of tones, his aluminum paint, and his sparkling collage materials. Six gatefolds show his vast horizontal works without distortion and a chronology provides a summary of the major events of Pollock’s life.
Go Figure!: New Perspectives on Guston
Go Figure!
New Perspectives on Guston
Hardcover      ISBN: 1590178785
In the past few decades, several major exhibitions and scholarly publications have revisited the distinguished career of American painter Philip Guston (1913–1980), a fellow at the American Academy in Rome in 1949 and a resident there in 1960 and again in 1971. Once known as “Abstract Expressionism’s odd-man out,
Alphonse Mucha: The Spirit of Art Nouveau
Alphonse Mucha
The Spirit of Art Nouveau
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300074190
Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) was one of the most important decorative artists working in Paris at the turn of the century. His distinctive and original posters and his decorative panels in le style Mucha became almost synonymous with French Art Nouveau. The admirer and iconographer of Sarah Bernhardt, he was also well known as the creator of familiar advertisements and as a book illustrator. Yet there was much more to Mucha’s achievement than this. At the height of his career as a decorative artist, he became convinced that art should serve ideas, he became chief artistic and cultural adviser to the interwar Czech government, and he completed a major and controversial fresco cycle, the Slav Epic, as well as portraits and large symbolic paintings. This book?the first full-scale treatment of Mucha’s entire oeuvre?includes discussions and reproductions of paintings, posters, panneaux decoratifs, pastels, drawings, and illustrations from throughout his career. In addition, the authors provide essays on Mucha’s Paris years; his association with Sarah Bernhardt; the importance of American patronage on his later work; his graphic and painterly techniques; and the problems connected with the conservation of the large canvases. This lavishly illustrated book is the catalogue for an exhibition of Mucha’s work that will tour the United States, beginning in San Diego in 1998. Published in association with Art Services International, Washington, D.C.