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Bukowski for Beginners
Bukowski for Beginners
Paperback      ISBN: 1939994373
Charles Bukowski, poet, novelist, short-story writer, journalist, and cult figure of the dissident and rebellious was born in Germany in 1920 and died in the USA in 1994. During his life he was hailed as "laureate of American lowlife" by Time magazine literary critic Adam Kirsch of The New Yorker wrote: "The secret of Bukowski's appeal...(is that) he combines the confessional poet's promise of intimacy with the largerthan-life aplomb of a pulp-fiction hero." Bukowski was one of the most unconventional writers and cultural critics of the 20th century. He lived an unorthodox, idiosyncratic life and wrote in a style that was unique--one that is impossible to classify or categorize. His work was at times cynical or humorous, but was always brilliant and challenging. His life and work are distinguished not only by a remarkable talent for words, but also by his rejection of the dominant social and cultural values of American society. Bukowski began writing at the age of forty and published forty-five books, six of them novels. He is also considered one of the great literary voices of Los Angeles. In Bukowski For Beginners, playwright Carlos Polimeni evaluates the life and literary achievements of the cult writer whose voice of dissidence and discontent is still heard and appreciated by readers worldwide.
Letters: Summer 1926 : Boris Pasternak, Marina Tsvetayeva, Rainer Maria Rilke
Summer 1926 : Boris Pasternak, Marina Tsvetayeva, Rainer Maria Rilke
Paperback      ISBN: 0940322714
Edited by Yevgeny Pasternak, Yelena Pasternak, and Konstantin M. Azadovsky The summer of 1926 was a time of trouble and uncertainty for each of the three poets whose correspondence is collected in this moving volume. Marina Tsvetayeva was living in exile in France and struggling to get by. Boris Pasternak was in Moscow, trying to come to terms with the new Bolshevik regime. Rainer Maria Rilke, in Switzerland, was dying. Though hardly known to each other, they began to correspond, exchanging a series of searching letters in which every aspect of life and work is discussed with extraordinary intensity and passion. Letters: Summer 1926 takes the reader into the hearts and minds of three of the twentieth century's greatest poets at a moment of maximum emotional and creative pressure.
Sandscript: Selected Poetry 1987-2018
Selected Poetry 1987-2018
Paperback      ISBN: 1945680105
"Oliver's dream of "an open language," which mixes the cadences and inflections of his Andalusian roots with the inventive possibilities of German, reminds us that foreignness is our true condition. He bridges ethnic and non-ethnic German in sandscript, which explores some of the same broken terrain mapped by another brave traveler in the language, Paul Celan, and what he encounters line by line is a self that is at once foreign and familiar: "my poem my word." Here is the work of a man who is 'German and still not German, Spanish and still not Spanish, on the move: Me.' You will find him everywhere." —Christopher Merrill, author of Necessities José F.A. Oliver is considered one of the most important poets of his generation in Germany. He has published more than fourteen volumes of poetry.
Shatter the Bell in My Ear: Selected Poems of Christine Lavant
Shatter the Bell in My Ear
Selected Poems of Christine Lavant
Paperback      ISBN: 0986204986
Poetry. Translated from the German by David Chorlton in a bilingual edition. "Writing sometimes in rhyme, sometimes in free verse, Lavant employed directness in her language. I have chosen more of the free verse poems to translate and when there is rhyme I find it preferable to hold on to tone and meaning than attempting to replicate the echoing sounds. The use of sun and moon and stars would easily become a cliché were it not for the unusual slant in the work. So strong was Lavant's connection to the commonplace elements that moon and stars become symbols illuminating her particular, troubled road to Heaven. Even glancing at first lines in several of the poems here displays this tendency: 'The moon's halo was never so large... I hear the heavy moon approaching... Ever closer to the Milky Way's edge... The moon's signal light.'"—David Chorlton
You Must Change Your Life: The Story of Rainer Maria Rilke and Auguste Rodin
You Must Change Your Life
The Story of Rainer Maria Rilke and Auguste Rodin
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0393245055
Paris, 1902: Renowned sculptor Auguste Rodin has just completed The Thinker. Rainer Maria Rilke is a delicate young visitor from Prague, broke and suffering from a case of writer’s block. When Rilke is commissioned to write a book about Rodin, everything changes. . . . You Must Change Your Life reveals one of the great stories of modern art and literature: Rodin and Rilke’s years together as master and disciple, their heartbreaking rift, and ultimately their moving reconciliation. In her vibrant debut, Rachel Corbett reveals how Rodin’s influence led Rilke to write his most celebrated poems and inspired his beloved Letters to a Young Poet. She captures the dawn of modernism with appearances by Paul Cézanne, Henri Matisse, Lou Andreas-Salomé, George Bernard Shaw, and Jean Cocteau. And she recounts the remarkable friendship of two extraordinary artists whose work continues to reverberate a century later.
Astonishment of Origins: French Sequences
Astonishment of Origins
French Sequences
Hardcover      ISBN: 0915308355
Of Entirety Say the Sentence
Of Entirety Say the Sentence
Hardcover      ISBN: 194069616x
One of the last books by a post-war German lyric poet and Georg Büchner Prize winner is now available in an English translation. Simultaneous. Hardcover available.
Of Entirety Say the Sentence
Of Entirety Say the Sentence
Paperback      ISBN: 1940696178
One of the last books by a post-war German lyric poet and Georg B
Selected Poems
Selected Poems
Paperback      ISBN: 0691036586
This new series brings into modern English a reliable translation of a representative portion of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's vast body of work. This edition, selected from over 140 volumes in German, is the new standard in English, and contains poetry, drama, fiction, memoir, criticism, and scientific writing by the man who is probably the most influential writer in the German language. The executive editors of this collection are Victor Lange of Princeton University, Eric Blackall of Cornell University, and Cyrus Hamlin of Yale University.Princeton University Press is proud to be the distributor of the twelve volumes in hardcover of the originating publisher, Suhrkamp Verlag. In addition, Princeton will issue paperback reprints of these volumes over the next two years, beginning with volumes one through three.Goethe, the founder of the poetry of experience, created a body of poetry that is unsurpassed in lucidity of speech and imagery and in instinct for melody and rhythm. Nonetheless, many of his poems are relatively unknown to English-speaking audiences, partly because of the difficulties they have posed to translators. This volume contains translations, side by side with the German originals, of Goethe's major poems--all prepared by eminent American and English writers, and all attesting to his poetic genius.Goethe's most complex and profound work, Faust was the effort of the great poet's entire lifetime. Written over 60 years, it can be read as a document of Goethe's moral and artistic development. Faust is made available to the English reader in a completely new translation that communicates both its poetic variety and its many levels of tone. The language is present-day English, and Goethe's formal and rhythmic variety is reproduced in all its richness.The reflections on art and literature that Goethe produced throughout his life are the premise and corollary of his work as poet, novelist, and man of science. This volume contains such important essays as "On Gothic Architecture," "On the Laocoon Group," and "Shakespeare: A Tribute." Several works in this collection appear for the first time unabridged and in fresh translations.
Wallless Space
Wallless Space
Hardcover      ISBN: 1933517956
"Meister's work is mesmerizingly succinct and elusive, but also ambitious to a degree almost unheard-of among presently-observed aesthetic moments. Highly recommended."The Huffington Post "Foust and Frederick have done us all a great favor. Meister's poetry could have been lost in the rift of time that he wrote so elegantly about."The Rumpus "A good, interesting collection, in a solid translation. . . . In Time's Rift is a welcome volume and certainly suggests that Meister is a significant poet deserving greater attention."Complete Review Wallless Space is a translation of German poet Ernst Meister's final collection and the last of the informal trilogy which also includesIn Time's Rift (Wave Books, 2012) and Of Entirety Say the Sentence (Wave, forthcoming 2015). Meister's poems are brief but dense, intense but playful; obsessed with mortality and the intersections of the everyday and the infinite. There's nary a Maker, there's nary a witness, there's only Nature, who brings herself about herself, she alone and I'm supposedly lonely in her? Ernst Meister (191179) was born in Hagen, Germany. He was posthumously awarded the most prestigious award for German literature, the Georg Büchner Prize. Graham Foust is the author of several collections of poetry, including To Anacreon in Heaven and Other Poems (Flood Editions, April 2013). He teaches at the University of Denver. Samuel Frederick is the author of Narratives Unsettled: Digression in Robert Walser, Thomas Bernhard, and Adalbert Stifter (Northwestern University Press, 2012). He is an assistant professor of German at the Pennsylvania State University.