Individual Painters - 19th Century
Paperback      ISBN: 1906838798
A portrait of Van Gogh's turbulent stay in Provence
Gustav Klimt: Landscapes
Gustav Klimt
Paperback      ISBN: 3791385445
Now available again, this visually stunning collection of Gustav Klimt's landscape paintings brings to light a lesser-known aspect of the Viennese painter's oeuvre. While Gustav Klimt is largely revered for his opulent, symbolladen portraits of the Viennese bourgeoisie, these works were just one aspect of his artistic expression. His landscapes represent an important facet of his career and are a valuable contribution to the school of European nature painting. For many years the artist travelled to the Austrian and Italian countryside during the summer, where he took advantage of the extraordinary light and spectacular hues to paint and sketch landscapes. Among the most exquisite of Klimt's landscapes are those in which he experimented with composition and style. Accompanied by scholarly essays, the images reproduced in this book comprise all extant landscapes from this brilliant artist, proving that his mastery extends beyond portraiture and revealing themes that appeared throughout his life's work.
This Is Gauguin
This Is Gauguin
Hardcover      ISBN: 178067189x
Paul Gauguin created some of the most advanced art in a brilliant generation of artists – all of whom struggled against the stifling conformity of the late 19th century's artistic mainstream. He created paintings whose radically simplified lines and colors echoed the unschooled art of the rustic and native cultures he loved. After his famously disastrous stay with Vincent van Gogh in southern France, Gauguin escaped European civilization for the Polynesian islands. Immersing himself in the culture, he produced a series of radiant canvases and powerful sculptures – his last great works. From his childhood in Peru to his experiences in Tahiti, the story of Gauguin's life is recounted in authoritative text by an expert on the post-Impressionists, coupled with powerful imagery by an award-winning illustrator.
This Is Cezanne
This Is Cezanne
Hardcover      ISBN: 1780674783
Paul Cézanne challenged convention, and proposed new possibilities for modern art. He was remarkable for his ability to perceive and paint everyday places, people, and things in ways that revealed the multiplicity and beauty of vision, while also unveiling the deep, cohesive structures of the visible world. But the intellectual and emotional difficulties of his achievements were considerable. Mainly self-taught, most of his career was plagued by rejection. The critics, and the public, disliked his paintings and, in 1884, Cézanne declared that Paris, the center of the nineteenth-century art world, had defeated him. Repeatedly, he retreated into self-doubt and bad temper. This book follows Cézanne on his extraordinary artistic journey, focusing on his formative discoveries, made not in the flashy, fashionable metropolis but in provincial and rural France and often in isolation. This title is appropriate for ages 14 and up
Edvard Munch
Edvard Munch
Hardcover      ISBN: 3955886212
Edvard Munch is the most important Scandinavian artist and a pioneer of Expressionism. With him, the existential fear, the loneliness of man, and the unpredictability of his feelings are drawn into art. With a novel and experimental painting technique, Munch demonstrated man's soul-suffering.
Renoir, My Father
Renoir, My Father
Paperback      ISBN: 0940322773
The son of the great French impressionist painter offers readers a loving portrait of his father's life and career spiced with plentiful anecdotes and details of his relationship with other artistic giants such as Monet and CTzanne. Reprint.
Sargent's Women: Four Lives Behind the Canvas
Sargent's Women
Four Lives Behind the Canvas
Paperback      ISBN: 0393356167
In this seductive, multilayered biography, based on original letters and diaries, Donna M. Lucey illuminates four extraordinary women painted by the iconic high-society portraitist John Singer Sargent. With uncanny intuition, Sargent hinted at the mysteries and passions that unfolded in his subjects
Hardcover      ISBN: 3955886743
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec recorded unforgettable images of belle-époque Paris in his paintings, lithographs, and posters. The posters created by the painterand graphic designer for the Moulin Rouge club in Montmartre remain extremely popular to this day. Some 280 reproductions in this volume immerse the reader into the delights and horrors of Toulouse-Lautrec’s world.
Van Gogh: The Life
Van Gogh
The Life
Paperback      ISBN: 0375758976
The Pulitzer Prize-winning team of Jackson Pollock presents an in-depth, accessible profile that has already been praised by Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum as a "definitive biography," drawing on newly available primary sources to provide revisionist assessments of the influential artist's turbulent life and genius works.
Caspar David Friedrich: And Romantic Painting
Caspar David Friedrich
And Romantic Painting
Paperback      ISBN: 2879390923