Oral and Folk Literature
Carmina Gadelica: Hymns and Incantations
Carmina Gadelica
Hymns and Incantations
Paperback      ISBN: 0940262509

This unique collection of living spirituality, rising from the depths of Celtic Christianity, represents a hidden, oral tradition of greatest power and beauty, handed down through countless generations of Hebridean peasants. During his travels, Alexander Carmichael would visit the peasants in their huts, spending hours in front of their peat fires while they "intoned in a low, recitative manner" these poems and prayers. This is the most complete anthology of Celtic oral tradition ever assembled.

Nocturnal Poetics: The Arabian Nights in Comparative Context
Nocturnal Poetics
The Arabian Nights in Comparative Context
Hardcover      ISBN: 9774243633
George Sword's Warrior Narratives
George Sword's Warrior Narratives
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 080328439x

The general focus in Lakota oral literary research has been in the study of content rather than process in oral traditions. In a new disclosure of the characteristics of Lakota oral style, Delphine Red Shirt shows how its composition and structure are reflected in the work of George Sword, who composed 245 pages of text in the Lakota language using the English alphabet. What emerges in Sword's Lakota narratives are the formulaic patterns inherent in the Lakota language that are used to tell the narratives, as well as recurring themes and story patterns. Red Shirt's primary conclusion is that this cadence originates from a distinctly Lakota oral tradition.

Red Shirt analyzes historic documents and original texts in Lakota to answer the question: How is Lakota literature defined? Her groundbreaking discernment of the process of composition of Native literature uncovers the epistemological basis of this literature, which provides the object for literary studies, anthropological linguistics, translation studies, and linguistics. Her analysis of Sword's texts can be used to determine whether the origin of any given narrative in Lakota tradition is oral and opens avenues for further research.

Delphine Red Shirt (Oglala Sioux) is a lecturer in Native American studies and in the Special Languages Program (Lakota) at Stanford University. She has a PhD in American Indian studies from the University of Arizona and has previously served as chairperson of the nongovernmental organization committee on the International Decade of the World's Indigenous People. Red Shirt is the author of Bead on an Anthill: A Lakota Childhood (Nebraska, 1997) and Turtle Lung Woman's Granddaughter (Nebraska 2002).

Native American Stories
Native American Stories
Paperback      ISBN: 1555910947

Here is a collection of myths drawn from the native cultures of North America--from the Inuit in the north to the Zuni, Hopi, and Cherokee in the south.

King Vikram and the Vampire: Classic Hindu Tales of Adventure, Magic, and Romance
King Vikram and the Vampire
Classic Hindu Tales of Adventure, Magic, and Romance
Paperback      ISBN: 0892814756

Translated from the original Sanskrit by the noted Victorian Orientalist, Sir Richard Burton, these ancient Indian folk tales influenced such later works as 1001 Arabian Nights and Boccaccio's Decameron. As revealing today as they were in their own time, these stories will entertain and delight modern readers while illuminating the life and customs of classical India. This reprint from the 1893 limited edition contains 34 black-and-white illustrations, including the frontispiece designed especially for that edition.

The Bugarstica: A Bilingual Anthology of the Earliest Extant South Slavic Folk Narrative Song
The Bugarstica
A Bilingual Anthology of the Earliest Extant South Slavic Folk Narrative Song
Hardcover      ISBN: 0252017110
Aesop's Fables: With a Life of Aesop
Aesop's Fables
With a Life of Aesop
Hardcover      ISBN: 0813118123

In 1489 Johan Hurus printed the first collection of fables in Spain, Lavida del Ysopetconsusfabulas hystoriadas. Illustrated with nearly 200 woodcuts, this work quickly became the most-read book in Spain, beloved of both children and adults. Reprinted many times in the next three centuries and carried to the New World, it brought to Spanish letters a cornucopia of Aesopic fables, oriental apologues, and folktales that were borrowed by such writers as Cervantes, Lope de Vega, and especially the fabulists Iriarte and Samaniego. John Keller and Clark Keating now present the first English translation of this important literary work.

The Latin and German lineage of La vida was significant, for it placed Spain in the mainstream of European fable lore. The highly fictitious life of Aesop, the misshapen Greek slave who reached the highest social level, contributed to the development of medieval romance and the picaresque novel. The book is thus important to students of comparative literature, literary history, and the development of the Spanish language.

Of equal value are the woodcuts, which depict the daily life of medieval Europe and contribute to a better understanding of fifteenth-century art history, bookmaking, natural history, and the visualization of narrative. La vida del Ysopet thus constitutes one of the finest concordances of text and illustration in European literary history.

African Oral Literature
African Oral Literature
Paperback      ISBN: 025320710x

". . . its pages come alive with wonderful illustrative material coupled with sensitve and insightful commentary." -Reviews in Anthropology

Allegories of the Wilderness: Ethics and Ambiguity in Kuranko Narratives
Allegories of the Wilderness
Ethics and Ambiguity in Kuranko Narratives
Hardcover      ISBN: 0253304717

" . . . a model of judiciousness and integrative analysis . . . " --Research in African Literatures

Poet and anthropologist Michael Jackson brings to this study of the folktales of the Kuranko people of Sierra Leone a sensitivity to the philosophical nuances of literature.

American Proverbs about Women: A Reference Guide
American Proverbs about Women
A Reference Guide
Hardcover      ISBN: 0313304424

Proverbs supposedly contain the wisdom of the common folk--eternal truths to be passed down through the ages. They are short, often humorous, expressions that teach lessons or give practical advice, and they are perhaps the best indicators of attitudes and beliefs of any form of folklore. Not only reflecting culture, proverbs also perpetuate the cultural dictates of the past, including the fears, prejudices, and misconceptions of their predominately male authors. Because they are generalizations, proverbs sometimes impede accurate observation and analysis and stifle original thought. Like many other traditions and cultural practices, proverbs often promote misleading stereotypes of women. This reference book collects more than 800 American proverbs about women and analyzes their significance.

The volume begins with introductory chapters that explore the relationship between proverbs and culture and the image of women presented in proverbs. The chapters that follow are devoted to particular categories, such as wives and 6 rriage, mothers and daughters, women as property, and old women and grandmothers. Each chapter includes a brief introductory overview and a listing of proverbs relating to the topic. The proverbs were gathered through an extensive review of journal articles, proverb dictionaries, and other literature. In addition to true proverbs, the volume includes some phrases, sayings, and proverbial comparisons. Not included are expressions that contain words like mother or daughter but do not really describe women or comment about them. The book then presents a concluding analysis of how American proverbs portray women, an alphabetical index of proverbs, and an extensive bibliography.